Friday, January 12, l996

Called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Thomas W. Moss, Jr., Speaker

Mace placed on Speaker's Table by Sergeant at Arms

Prayer offered by Rev. George A. Williams, Chief Deputy Clerk of the House
  of Delegates

Attendance Roll Call - Quorum Present

Leaves of Absence granted:  Mr. Almand
                            Mr. DeBoer
                            Mr. Fisher
                            Mr. Howell
                            Mr. Marshall
                            Mr. McClure
                            Mr. Mims
                            Mr. Purkey
                            Mr. Putney
                            Mr. Robinson

Journal for Thursday, January 11, 1996, approved by the Speaker

Message from Senate:  Senate organized

Senate Communication received:  (SN10111)
  House Joint Resolutions agreed to:  HJR 2, 10

Bills and Resolution presented, ordered printed, and referred pursuant to
  House Rule 37:  See January 15 Calendar

Resolutions presented and laid on Speaker's Table pursuant to
  House Rule 39 (a):  See January 15 Calendar


H.J.R. 4
H.J.R. 9

Messrs. Diamonstein, Dickinson, Mrs. Keating, Messrs. Thomas and Guest
  appointed Committee from House to notify Governor the General Assembly is
  duly organized.


  Van Landingham, Dickinson, Heilig, Croshaw, Thomas, Melvin, Stump,
  Cunningham, Armstrong, Behm, Grayson, Davies, Tate, Callahan, Dillard,
  Watkins, Wilkins, Rollison, Ingram, Marshall, Sherwood, Putney.

COURTS OF JUSTICE Almand, Cranwell, Reynolds, Moore, Johnson, Jones (of Norfolk), Davies, Brickley, Melvin, Bennett, Armstrong, Deeds, Watts, McEachin, Moran, Baker, Howell, Forbes, Mims, Cantor, McClure, McDonnell. EDUCATION Councill, Diamonstein, Van Yahres, Van Landingham, Cooper, Reynolds, Bennett, Christian, Puller, Connally, Jackson, Hull, Dillard, Tata, O'Brien, Rhodes, Wagner, Hamilton, Baker, Griffith, Sherwood, Landes. GENERAL LAWS Diamonstein, Almand, Woodrum, Robinson, DeBoer, Moore, Grayson, Phillips, Croshaw, Armstrong, Barlow, Watts, Wilkins, Reid, Harris, Cantor, McClure, O'Brien, Wagner, Albo, Fisher, Hamilton. TRANSPORTATION Robinson, Dickinson, Grayson, Moore, Abbitt, Clement, Stump, Darner, Puller, Crittenden, Jones (of Richmond City), Tate, Guest, Harris, Rollison, Wardrup, Reid, Nelms, Katzen, Ruff, May, Drake. FINANCE Cranwell, Brickley, DeBoer, Grayson, Johnson, Barlow, Melvin, Puller, Almand, Van Yahres, Cooper, Abbitt, Stump, Jones (of Norfolk), Scott, Parrish, Howell, Purkey, Rhodes, Dillard, Watkins, Crouch. APPROPRIATIONS Dickinson, Diamonstein, Hall, Thomas, Councill, Heilig, Van Landingham, Clement, Plum, Croshaw, Robinson, Cunningham, Christian, Jackson, Phillips, Woodrum, Murphy, Callahan, Harris, Bloxom, Guest, Putney. COUNTIES, CITIES AND TOWNS Hall, Cranwell, Keating, Cooper, Stump, Scott, Hull, Crittenden, Darner, Jones (of Richmond City), Spruill, Tate, Morgan, Ingram, Marshall, McDonnell, Way, Orrock, Dudley, May, Bryant, Weatherholtz. CORPORATIONS, INSURANCE AND BANKING Heilig, Keating, Plum, Woodrum, Murphy, Bennett, Robinson, Deeds, Jones (of Norfolk), Hall, Reynolds, Johnson, Scott, Shuler, Barlow, Callahan, Morgan, Hargrove, Watkins, Tata, Parrish, Forbes. HEALTH, WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS Brickley, DeBoer, Melvin, Cunningham, Van Yahres, Cooper, Darner, Davies, Connally, Behm, Spruill, Moran, Hamilton, Purkey, Baker, Crouch, Fisher, Orrock, McDonnell, Mims, Nixon, Rhodes. CONSERVATION AND NATURAL RESOURCES Thomas, Councill, Brickley, Plum, Christian, Clement, Connally, Puller, Grayson, Phillips, Deeds, Behm, Guest, Parrish, Cox, Crouch, Reid, Way, Albo, Kilgore, Ruff, Landes. AGRICULTURE Van Yahres, Councill, Jackson, Johnson, Deeds, Armstrong, Barlow, Van Landingham, Cooper, Davies, Shuler, McEachin, Bloxom, Watkins, Wardrup, Griffith, Kilgore, Ruff, Orrock, Bryant, Weatherholtz, Putney. LABOR AND COMMERCE Murphy, Abbitt, Christian, Croshaw, Hull, Crittenden, Jones (of Richmond City), Shuler, Spruill, Watts, McEachin, Moran, Bloxom, Hargrove, Tata, Purkey, Nelms, Parrish, Katzen, Nixon, Cox, Drake. CLAIMS Woodrum, Melvin, Phillips, Bennett, Darner, DeBoer, Jones (of Norfolk), Spruill, Cantor, Marshall, Wagner, Wardrup, Nixon, Drake, Landes. CHESAPEAKE AND ITS TRIBUTARIES Jones (of Norfolk), Murphy, Darner, Crittenden, Behm, Moore, Watts, Moran, Bloxom, Morgan, Dillard, Cox, Fisher, Harris, Howell. MINING AND MINERAL RESOURCES Abbitt, Clement, Stump, Hall, Shuler, Bennett, Armstrong, Tate, Ingram, O'Brien, Mims, Way, Kilgore, Hargrove, Bryant. MILITIA AND POLICE Keating, Almand, Reynolds, Christian, Jackson, Cunningham, Robinson, Connally, Scott, Hull, Jones (of Richmond City), McEachin, Rollison, Forbes, McClure, Wilkins, Morgan, Tata, Griffith, Katzen, Sherwood, Weatherholtz. RULES Moss, Diamonstein, Cranwell, Heilig, Dickinson, Thomas, Keating, Councill, Callahan, Guest. NOMINATIONS AND CONFIRMATIONS Plum, Reynolds, Davies, Croshaw, Nelms, Albo, Dudley. INTERSTATE COOPERATION DeBoer, Connally, Puller, Dudley, May. Motion by Mr. Cranwell to adjourn agreed to House adjourned at 10:40 a.m. to meet Monday, January 15, 1996, at 12 m.

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