SB 25 Drug Control Act; dispensing drugs without a prescription.
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Summary as introduced:
Dispensing drugs without a prescription. Authorizes a pharmacist to dispense up to a five-day supply of a Schedule VI drug to an individual who has been displaced from his residence by a natural or man-made disaster; has had his supply of the drug lost, destroyed, or otherwise rendered unusable as a consequence of the disaster; and is unable to tell the pharmacist the identity of the prescriber or his regular pharmacist or pharmacy. The bill also requires the individual to present evidence sufficient to establish, among other things, that the individual had been in lawful possession of the drug pursuant to a prescription provided to another pharmacist and that his health would be in danger without the benefits of the drug. Before prescribing the drug, the pharmacist is required to determine with a reasonable degree of certainty that the requested drug and dosage level are consistent with the drug and its dosage level that had been prescribed to the individual at the time of his displacement from his residence. During the period for which the drug has been dispensed, the pharmacist is required to diligently attempt to ascertain the identity of the prescriber and the identity of the pharmacist or pharmacy in possession of the prescriber's prescription. Upon obtaining such information, the pharmacist is required to take such additional reasonable action as will permit the individual to obtain a new or renewal prescription and resume obtaining the drug pursuant to his prescription.

Full text:
11/20/17  Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18100522D  pdf | impact statement

11/20/17  Senate: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18100522D
11/20/17  Senate: Referred to Committee on Education and Health
01/22/18  Senate: Assigned Education sub: Health Professions
01/25/18  Senate: Stricken at request of patron in Education and Health (15-Y 0-N)