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Crimes and Offenses Generally
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  • HB 15 Student discipline, alternative; assault and battery without bodily injury.
  • HB 17 Grand larceny; increases threshold amount.
  • HB 32 Hate crimes; reporting to State Police.
  • HB 42 Suicide; abolishes common-law crime.
  • HB 43 Firearms; reporting when lost or stolen.
  • HB 65 Individuals released from incarceration for conviction of a felony; tax credits for employing.
  • HB 88 Marijuana field test; evidence at trial.
  • HB 91 Concealed handgun permits; demonstration of competence.
  • HB 95 Female genital mutilation; criminal penalty.
  • SB 1 Firearms; mechanical devices designed to increase rate of fire, penalty.
  • SB 2 Firearms; carrying loaded in public place, etc.
  • SB 24 Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.
  • SB 36 Weekend jail time; replaces provision limiting nonconsecutive days.
  • SB 40 Marijuana; reduced penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute.
  • SB 45 Hate crimes; disability, civil action, penalty.
  • SB 47 Female genital mutilation; increases criminal penalty to Class 2 felony.
  • SB 53 Criminal street gang predicate offenses; penalty.
  • SB 57 Obstructing justice and resisting arrest; fleeing from a law-enforcement officer, penalty.
  • SB 66 Assault and battery against a family member; child witness as a sentencing consideration.
  • SB 79 Firearms; prohibited at certain preschools and child day centers.