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  • HB 18 Transient occupancy tax; removes sunset date from Arlington County's authority to impose.
  • HB 22 Water and sewer connections; mandatory in Powhatan County.
  • HB 39 Minimum wage, local alternative; establishes procedure by which wage may be imposed in any locality.
  • HB 55 U.S. Route 501; increases max. speed limit between Town of South Boston & North Carolina state line.
  • HB 60 Goochland County; members to Board of Directors of Goochland County Economic Development Authority.
  • HB 62 Libraries, local and regional; boards not mandatory in Caroline County.
  • HB 64 Local regulation; making of fires.
  • HB 77 Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
  • HB 103 Interstate 95; VDOT to commence project to add additional lanes.
  • SB 12 Conflict of Interests Acts, State & Local Gov't, & General Assembly; post-service restrictions.
  • SB 14 Service of process; county attorney to be served when actions against county officers, etc.
  • SB 26 Nominating party candidates; certain incumbents to determine method.
  • SB 56 Line of Duty Act; eligible dependents.
  • SB 63 Firearms; control of possession, etc., by localities at lawful demonstrations and protests.
  • SB 92 Loudoun County; agreements for treasurer to collect and enforce real & personal property taxes