In the Senate
May 14, 2012

THE SENATE AGREED TO AMENDMENTS 1-21,22 AS NOTED,23,25,26 AS NOTED,27,31-36, 38-39,43,45,47-48,51,53-57,60-62,66,69-72,74,76-78,80-85 AND 88 AND REJECTED AMENDMENTS 50,68,75 AS NOTED,86 AND 87 TO THE FOLLOWING HOUSE BILL:

H.B. 1301 An Act for all appropriations of the Budget to provide a portion of revenues for the two years ending respectively on the thirtieth day of June, 2013, and the thirtieth day of June, 2014. (HB1301ER)


Susan Clarke Schaar
Clerk of the Senate

Legislative Information System