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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • HB 3202 Transportation funding; authority to certain localities to impose additional fees therefor, report.
  • HJ 611 Science/technology ed. graduate programs at higher educational institutions; joint subcom. to study.
  • HB 1650 Budget Bill.
  • HB 2058 Notaries public; rewrites law to include electronic notarization & details application requirements.
  • SB 829 Photo-monitoring systems; counties and cities may establish to enforce traffic light signals.
  • SJ 180 Constitutional amendment; funds for transportation purposes (first reference).
  • SB 781 Eminent domain; definition of public uses and limitations thereon.
  • SB 840 Electronic voting equipment; requirements and recount procedures.
  • HJ 723 Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public uses (first reference).
  • SJ 332 Discrimination & injustice; General Assembly to acknowledge & express regret for State's role in.
  • SJ 354 Constitutional amendment; exempts certain homeowners from taxation (first reference).
  • SB 1166 Retirement System; benefits for certain state and local public safety officers.
  • SB 1416 Electric utility service; advances scheduled expiration of capped rate period.
  • SB 738 Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment of Minors Act; certain judges, etc. authorized to perform hearings.
  • HB 1681 Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; created.
  • SJ 401 Open-space & Farmlands; Joint Sub. Studying Funding Sources for Purchase of Development Rights.
  • HB 2035 Human papillomavirus vaccine; optional for female students before entering the sixth grade.
  • SB 955 Affordable housing; localities that adopt bonus density in exchange therefor allowed incentives.
  • SJ 372 Health insurance; joint subcommittee to study experience pool for educators, etc.
  • HB 1626 Self defense; person is justified using physical force when person enters dwelling unlawfully.
  • SB 772 Business, professional and occupational and license (BPOL) tax; motor fuels tax exemption.
  • HB 3068 Electric utility service; advances scheduled expiration of capped rate period.
  • SJ 373 Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund, Transportation Trust Fund, etc. (first reference).
  • SB 974 Childhood obesity; Sup. of Public Instruction & Health Commissioner to work together to combat.
  • SB 806 Charitable organizations; those engaged in food distribution to needy are exempt from regulations.