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Bill List: Most frequently accessed
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  • HB 5018 Tax reform; changes provis. for pass-thru entities, estate, cig., income, food, record. & sales tax.
  • HB 5001 Budget Bill.
  • SB 5001 Budget Bill.
  • SB 5005 Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998; changes to a Local-Option Program.
  • HB 5002 Retail Sales and Use Tax; eliminates numerous commercial and industrial and media exemptions.
  • HB 5008 Budget bill; general appropriation of funds for July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005.
  • HB 5003 Tax reform; changes in provisions for sales & use, motor fuels taxes, motor veh. registra. fee, etc.
  • SB 5003 RS & UT; eliminates most public service corporation exemptions, reduces tax on certain foods.
  • HB 5005 Motor fuels tax; increased.
  • SB 5004 Budget bill; continuation for twelve months beginning July 1, 2004 & ending June 30, 2005.
  • HB 5004 Tax reform; change in prov. for pass -through entities, state tax, corporate income & cigarette tax.
  • HB 5009 Tax reform; changes in person income, motor fuels, cigarette tax, motor vehicle licensing fees, etc.
  • HB 5006 Cigarettes; tax increased.
  • HB 5007 Motor fuels tax; increased.
  • SB 5002 Campaign fundraising; prohibited during certain legislative sessions.
  • HJ 5002 Legislation; limiting introduction during 2004 Special Session I.
  • HB 5012 Tax reform; changes in provisions of sales & use tax exemp. for public serv. corp., income tax, etc.
  • SB 5007 DUI; punishment for refusal to submit to breath or blood test.
  • HB 5020 Income tax, state; refund of surplus revenues.
  • HB 5019 Income tax, corp.; changes provisions for permissible & impermissible trans. between companies.
  • HB 5010 Retail Sales and Use Tax; increased by state and localities.
  • HB 5015 Retail Sales and Use Tax; increased for education.
  • HB 5016 Cigarettes; tax increased.
  • HB 5017 Retail Sales and Use Tax; increased, reduced on food for human consumption.
  • HB 5014 Cigarettes; tax increased, use for Centr. for Adv. Learning & Research in Danville Fund, & Medicaid.