Virginia House of Delegates
2002 Regular Session
S. Vance Wilkins, Jr., Speaker
Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk
Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Called to order at 12 m. by S. Vance Wilkins Jr., SpeakerMace placed on Speaker's table by Sergeant at ArmsPrayer offered by The Reverend James S. Barkett, Pastor, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Lake RidgeDelegate Pollard led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the Commonwealth of VirginiaAttendance roll call - Quorum present Journal for Monday, February 18, 2002, approved by the Speaker Senate communication received House bills passed with Senate amendments: HBs 39, 46, 90, 150, 259, 300, 304, 309, 314, 357, 370, 455, 500, 511, 536House bills passed with Senate substitutes: HBs 107, 183, 924House bill, Senate insists on its substitute and requests Committee of Conference: HB 438House bills passed: HBs 8, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 41, 44, 73, 79, 95, 146, 159, 251, 282, 295, 315, 334, 362, 364, 375, 471, 508, 520, 530, 572, 725, 726, 813, 823, 826, 827, 843, 854, 855, 910, 1065, 1224Senate bill, House amendment agreed to: SB 371Committee reports From Courts of Justice: SBs 290A, 321From General Laws: SBs 38S, 50 (referred), 134, 206A, 646From Health, Welfare and Institutions: SBs 101A, 398, 426A, 573, 595, 601, 629A, 651HB 438 - House accedes to Senate request for Committee of ConferenceResolutions presented and laid on Speaker's table pursuant to House Rule 39(a)CALENDAR SENATE BILLS READ THIRD TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARSB 19 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 24A - Committee amendments agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 94A - Moved to Regular CalendarSB 113A - Committee amendment agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 122 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 158 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 177 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 182 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 184 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 185 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 187 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 188 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 191 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 199 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 208 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 240 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 241 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 242 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 243 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 244 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 271A - Committee amendment agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 300A - Committee amendments agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 308 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 367S - Committee substitute agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 416A - Committee amendments agreed to, Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 450 - Passed Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SB 493A - Moved to Regular CalendarSB 588 - Passed by for the daySENATE BILLS READ THIRD TIMEREGULAR CALENDARSB 12A - Committee amendments agreed to, Passed by for the daySB 76A - Committee amendment agreed to, Passed (Y-98 N-2)SB 99A - Committee amendment agreed to, Passed (Y-96 N-4)SB 183 - Passed (Y-99 N-1)SB 215A - Committee amendments agreed to, Passed (Y-81 N-16)SB 275 - Passed (Y-96 N-4)SB 285 - Passed (Y-97 N-2)SB 363 - Passed (Y-67 N-31)SB 446 - Passed (Y-100 N-0)SB 94A - Committee amendment agreed to, Passed (Y-100 N-0)SB 493A - Committee amendments agreed to, Delegate Byron floor amendment agreed to, Passed (Y-97 N-0)SB 588 - Motion by Delegate Purkey to reconsider vote by which bill was passed by for the day agreed to, passed (Y-99 N-0)HOUSE BILL WITH SENATE AMENDMENTHB 897 - Senate substitute agreed to (Y-99 N-0)RESOLUTIONUNCONTESTED CALENDARSJR 29 - Agreed to Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)SJR 39 - Agreed to Block Vote (Y-100 N-0)RESOLUTIONREGULAR CALENDARHJR 373 - Agreed to (Y-98 N-1)MEMORIAL RESOLUTION ON THE SPEAKER'S TABLESJR 223 - Agreed toCOMMENDING RESOLUTIONS ON THE SPEAKER'S TABLEHJR 396 - Agreed toHJR 397 - Agreed toSENATE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARSB 18SB 21SB 65SB 119SB 209ASB 230SB 236SB 237SB 270SSB 279SB 295ASB 334ASB 342SB 365SB 373SB 442SB 459SB 477SB 544SB 559SENATE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEREGULAR CALENDARSB 246SB 390ASB 457ASB 494SB 562HOUSE BILLS READ FIRST TIMEREGULAR CALENDARHB 29AHB 30ASENATE BILLS READ FIRST TIME AND REFERREDSB 3SB 20SB 44SB 46SB 79SB 81SB 84SB 106SB 111SB 120SB 124SB 136SB 137SB 140SB 150SB 154SB 155SB 180SB 200SB 201SB 218SB 262SB 264SB 310SB 316SB 317SB 322SB 350SB 353SB 355SB 357SB 404SB 415SB 425SB 437SB 439SB 445SB 451SB 460SB 473SB 474SB 482SB 499SB 513SB 520SB 521SB 527SB 535SB 537SB 538SB 541SB 542SB 545SB 546SB 549SB 553SB 555SB 570SB 572SB 586SB 591SB 593SB 594SB 597SB 602SB 604SB 608SB 609SB 612SB 615SB 616SB 624SB 625SB 627SB 633SB 634SB 641SB 644SB 650SB 652SB 653SB 676SB 679SB 683SB 684SB 688SB 689SB 690SB 691SENATE JOINT RESOLUTIONS REFERREDSJR 33SJR 43SJR 58SJR 69SJR 87SJR 102SJR 108SJR 110SJR 111SJR 133SJR 137SJR 139SJR 159SJR 177SJR 216SJR 228SJR 234Motion by Delegate Griffith to adjourn agreed toHouse adjourned at 2:10 p.m. to meet Wednesday, February 20, 2002, upon adjournment sine die of the 2001 Special Session Reconvened Session


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