Virginia House of Delegates
2002 Regular Session
S. Vance Wilkins, Jr., Speaker
Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk
Thursday, January 24, 2002
Called to order at 12 m. by S. Vance Wilkins Jr., SpeakerMace placed on Speaker's table by Sergeant at ArmsPrayer offered by The Reverend Rudolph E. Tucker, Jr., Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church, ManassasDelegate Rust led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the Commonwealth of VirginiaAttendance roll call - Quorum presentLeave of Absence granted: Delegate ReeseJournal for Wednesday, January 23, 2002, approved bythe Speaker Senate communication receivedSenate bills passed: SBs 117, 130, 219, 251, 256, 287, 367, 413, 452, 470Committee Reports From Appropriations: HB 832From Health, Welfare and Institutions: HBs 5A, 625, 665A, 747S (referred), 829, 1062A, 1177 (referred), 1208From Transportation: HBs 128S, 460 (referred), 571S, 987A, 1006, 1060 (referred), 1192, 1242A; HJRs 132A, 160Resolutions presented and laid on Speaker's table pursuant to House Rule 39(a)CALENDARHOUSE BILLS READ THIRD TIME AND PASSEDUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 150A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 1 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 6 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 46 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 86 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 187 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 188A - Moved to Regular CalendarHB 192 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 259 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 261A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 274 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 298 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 310A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 314A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 345A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 469A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 500S - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 589 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 884A - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HB 886 - Passed Block Vote (Y-99 N-0)HOUSE BILLS READ THIRD TIME AND PASSEDREGULAR CALENDARHB 825A - Passed (Y-98 N-0)HB 168A - Passed by for the dayHB 669 - Passed (Y-64 N-35)HB 20A - Passed (Y-94 N-5)HB 108A - Passed (Y-83 N-16), passage reconsidered, passed (Y-85 N-13)HB 193 - Passed (Y-84 N-12)HB 239A - Passed (Y-72 N-27)HB 489 - Passed (Y-99 N-0)HB 67S - Passed (Y-98 N-0)HB 181 - Passed (Y-95 N-4)HB 208 - Passed (Y-98 N-0)HB 188A - Engrossment reconsideredHOUSE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 76S - Passed by for the dayHB 213A - Committee amendments agreed to, engrossedHB 294A - Committee amendment agreed to, engrossedHB 365A - Committee amendments agreed to, engrossedHB 420 - EngrossedHB 487 - EngrossedHB 528S - Committee substitute agreed to, engrossedHB 530S - Committee substitute agreed to, engrossedHB 565 - EngrossedHB 572 - EngrossedHB 670 - EngrossedHB 671 - EngrossedHB 826 - EngrossedHB 827 - EngrossedHB 897 - Engrossed, moved to Regular CalendarHB 1008A - Moved to Regular CalendarHB 1065 - Passed by for the dayHB 1079 - EngrossedHB 1080 - EngrossedHB 1084 - EngrossedHOUSE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEREGULAR CALENDARHB 188A - Delegate Parrish floor amendment agreed to, engrossedHB 696A - Committee amendments agreed to, Delegate Darner floor amendment agreed to, EngrossedHB 107A - Committee amendments agreed to, Delegate Marshall of Prince William floor amendment agreed to, motion by Delegate Woodrum to refer to Committee on Appropriations rejected, engrossedHB 151 - Engrossed (Y-66 N-32)HB 455A - Committee amendments agreed to, engrossedHB 1008A - Committee amendments agreed to, Delegate Watts floor amendment agreed to, engrossedRESOLUTIONSUNCONTESTED CALENDARHJR 172 - Agreed To Block Vote (Y-96 N-0)HJR 235A - Committee amendment agreed to, Agreed To Block Vote (Y-96 N-0)SENATE BILL READ SECOND TIMEREGULAR CALENDARSB 254HOUSE BILLS READ FIRST TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 22AHB 34HB 40HB 62SHB 63HB 65HB 89SHB 91SHB 114HB 218HB 237SHB 286AHB 301SHB 407AHB 444HB 486AHB 501AHB 598HB 653AHB 692AHB 695HB 761AHB 794AHB 870HB 880AHB 905SHB 919AHB 938HB 1239HOUSE BILLS READ FIRST TIMEREGULAR CALENDARHB 50AHB 113HB 138AHB 336AHB 357HB 445HB 497SHB 564SHB 646HB 773AHB 939AHB 941SMotion by Mr. Griffith to adjourn agreed toHouse adjourned at 1:44 p.m. to meet Friday, January 25, 2002, at 12 m.


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