Virginia House of Delegates
2002 Regular Session
S. Vance Wilkins, Jr., Speaker
Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk
Thursday, January 17, 2002
Called to order at 12 m. by S. Vance Wilkins Jr., SpeakerMace placed on Speaker's table by Sergeant at ArmsPrayer offered by The Reverend Darrell K. White, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, AlexandriaDelegate Marshall of Danville led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Salute to the Flag of the Commonwealth of VirginiaAttendance roll call - Quorum presentLeave of Absence granted: Mr. Jones of NorfolkJournal for Wednesday, January 16, 2002, approved bythe Speaker Senate communication receivedSenate bills passed: SBs 4, 39, 68, 108, 157, 197, 231COMMITTEE REPORTS From Health, Welfare and Institutions: HBs 44A, 127A, 146S, 534, 766 (referred), 828A, 1055, 1161, 1164; HJR 166From Transportation: HBs 265, 290AMotion by Mr. Stump to adjourn in memory and honor of L. Anthony Sutin, Thomas Blackwell, and Angela Dales, victims of a shooting at the Appalachian School of Law in Buchanan County, agreed toMotion by Mr. Griffith to recess agreed toHouse recessed at 12:19 p.m. until 1:30 p.m.House reconvened at 1:30 p.m.Motion by Mr. Landes to recess agreed toHouse recessed at 12:31 p.m. until 1:45 p.m.House reconvened at 1:45 p.m.Bills and resolution presented, ordered printed, and referred pursuant to House Rule 37Resolutions presented and laid on Speaker's table pursuant to House Rule 39(a)CALENDARHOUSE BILLS READ THIRD TIME AND PASSEDUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 11 - Passed Block Vote (Y-95 N-0)HB 334 - Passed Block Vote (Y-95 N-0)HB 386 - Passed Block Vote (Y-95 N-0)HOUSE BILLS READ THIRD TIME AND PASSEDREGULAR CALENDARHB 66A - Passed (Y-96 N-1)HB 263A - Passed (Y-90 N-6)HB 190 - Stricken from CalendarHOUSE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 3 - EngrossedHB 10 - EngrossedHB 15A - Committee amendment agreed to, engrossedHB 51 - EngrossedHB 55 - EngrossedHB 73A - Committee amendments agreed to, engrossedHB 153A - Committee amendments agreed to, engrossedHB 173 - EngrossedHB 179 - EngrossedHB 183 - EngrossedHB 217 - EngrossedHB 284 - Moved to Regular CalendarHB 289 - EngrossedHB 302 - EngrossedHB 315A - Committee amendment agreed to, engrossedHB 361 - Moved to Regular CalendarHB 362 - Moved to Regular CalendarHB 395A - Committee amendment agreed to, engrossed, moved to Regular CalendarHB 396 - Passed by for the dayHOUSE BILLS READ SECOND TIMEREGULAR CALENDARHB 101 - Delegate Amundson floor amendment agreed to, engrossedHB 79 - EngrossedHB 19A - Passed by for the dayHB 375 - EngrossedHB 284 - Passed by for the dayHB 361 - Engrossed (Y- 85 N-12)HB 362 - Engrossed (Y-79 N-16)RESOLUTIONSUNCONTESTED CALENDARHJR 5A - Committee amendments agreed to, Agreed to Block Vote (Y-95 N-0)HJR 130 - Agreed to Block Vote (Y-95 N-0)RESOLUTIONREGULAR CALENDARHJR 155 - Agreed to (Y-52 N-43)HOUSE BILLS READ FIRST TIMEUNCONTESTED CALENDARHB 49HB 52HB 53HB 54AHB 72AHB 78HB 98HB 147AHB 165HB 182HB 186AHB 211HB 275HB 276HB 278HB 479HB 588HB 686HB 688SHB 710HB 1114HOUSE BILLS READ FIRST TIMEREGULAR CALENDARHB 85SHB 97HB 115HB 148AHB 474HB 691SENATE BILL READ FIRST TIME AND REFERREDSB 35Motion by Mr. Griffith to adjourn agreed toHouse adjourned at 2:09 p.m. to meet Friday, January 18, 2002, at 12 m.


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