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Appomattox State Scenic River; increases length of portion thereof that has been designated as scenic river. Amending  10.1-409. (Patron-Ingram, HB 1281 (C))
Blackwater River; designates portion thereof as component of State Scenic Rivers System. Adding  10.1-418.6. (Patron-Tyler, HB 136 (I) See HB951; Barlow, HB 890 (I) See HB951; Jones, HB 951 (Chapter 308); Lucas, SB 17 (Chapter 139); Quayle, SB 94 (I) See SB17)
Boating safety education course; exempts person from taking if have in past possessed valid operator’s license issued by U.S. Coast Guard. Amending  29.1-735.2. (Patron-Carrico, HB 74 (F))
Concealed handgun permit; waives fee for certain designated boarding team members of United States Coast Guard. Amending 18.2-308. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 637 (Chapter 754))
Crabmeat or shellfish; requires any person who operates an establishment for processing thereof to have a permit from State Health Commissioner. Amending  28.2-1206 and 62.1-44.15:6; adding  28.2-803.1, 28.2-803.2, and 28.2-827. (Patron-Quayle, SB 447 (F))
Dam safety; requirements of Soil and Water Conservation Board’s Impounding Structure Regulations. Amending  10.1-605. (Patron-Houck, SB 276 (Chapter 249))
Dam safety; Soil and Water Conservation Board to establish an incremental damage analysis procedure that permits for an impounding structure. Amending  10.1-605, 10.1-607.1, and 10.1-609. (Patron-Toscano, HB 438 (Chapter 270))
Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund; authorizes Director of Department of Conservation and Recreation, et al. to award grants to local governments and private entities for dam break analysis, etc. Amending 10.1-603.18, 10.1-603.19, and 10.1-613.5. (Patron-Sherwood, HB 1320 (Chapter 13))
Filled subaqueous land; person who purchases lands to pay cost of preparing and recording transfer documents. Amending 28.2-1200.1. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 194 (F))
Groundwater withdrawal permit fees; increases maximum amount that State Water Control Board can charge. Amending  62.1-44.15:6. (Patron-Morgan, HB 1137 (F))
Hampton Roads Maritime Association; changes name to Virginia Maritime Association. Amending  28.2-110, 28.2-111, and 62.1-132.11:2. (Patron-Blevins, SB 726 (Chapter 815))
Harvell Dam; exempts part of Appomattox River located in City of Petersburg from fish passageway requirements. Amending 29.1-532. (Patron-Dance, HB 795 (C))
Hughes River; designates portion thereof as component of State Scenic Rivers System. Adding  10.1-418.6. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 503 (Chapter 232))
Jordan River; designates portion thereof as component of State Scenic Rivers System. Adding  10.1-418.6. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 501 (Chapter 231))
Nutrient Offset Fund; established. Amending  62.1-44.19:15 and 62.1-44.19:18; adding  10.1-2128.2. (Patron-Hanger, SB 708 (F))
Nutrient trading; allows wastewater treatment facilities on Eastern Shore to acquire nitrogen and phosphorus credits from facilities in Potomac and Rappahannock tributaries. Amending 62.1-44.19:18. (Patron-Lewis, HB 1290 (Chapter 11))
Offshore drilling; portion of royalties to be deposited in Transportation Trust Fund and programs to clean up Chesapeake Bay. Adding  67-301. (Patron-Comstock, HB 900 (I) See HB756)
Onsite sewage systems; prohibits Department of Health from issuing permits that are located in a wetland. Amending  15.2-2157 and 32.1-163.6. (Patron-Pollard, HB 132 (F))
Oyster restoration projects; authorizes Resources Authority to finance. Amending  62.1-198 and 62.1-199. (Patron-Hanger, SB 345 (Chapter 42))
Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit; owner of sewage facility shall demonstrate he has acquired waste load allocations sufficient to offset his delivered total nitrogen and total phosphorus loads. Amending  62.1-44.19:14 and 62.1-44.19:15. (Patron-Morgan, HB 1135 (Chapter 288))
Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee; removes cap on reappointments for nonlegislative citizen members thereof. Amending  62.1-69.34. (Patron-Wright, HB 4 (Chapter 394); Ruff, SB 317 (Chapter 729))
Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails, Inc.; Board of Corrections is authorized to sell and convey certain state-owned real property in Town of Lawrenceville. (Patron-Tyler, HB 1302 (Chapter 647))
Roy D. Smith, III Memorial Bridge; designating as Island Ford Road bridge over Shenandoah River in City of Harrisonburg. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 506 (F))
Russell Fork River; designates portion thereof as component of State Scenic Rivers System. Adding  10.1-411.2. (Patron-Phillips, HB 1180 (Chapter 290))
Sewage sludge; localities located in karst regions to prohibit application within their boundaries. Adding  62.1-44.19:3.01. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 1340 (C))
Sewage sludge; Water Control Board to notify owners of land of proposed land application site. Amending  62.1-44.19:3. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 508 (C))
State Water Supply Plan Advisory Committee; established. Adding 62.1-44.38:2. (Patron-Ticer, SB 569 (Chapter 174))
State-owned submerged lands; Institute of Marine Science to study management options on seaside of State’s Eastern Shore. (Patron-Lewis, HJR 74 (F))
Surface water and groundwaters; Water Control Board to impose penalty when failure to report water withdrawal. Amending 62.1-44.38. (Patron-Bulova, HB 696 (C))
Virginia Defective Drywall Correction and Restoration Assistance Fund; created. Amending  62.1-198 and 62.1-199; adding 36-156.1 and 36-156.2. (Patron-Oder, HB 46 (Chapter 820))
Virginia Infrastructure Project Loan Fund; created. Amending 62.1-198 and 62.1-199; adding  15.2-2430 through 15.2-2440. (Patron-May, HB 672 (Chapter 724))
Virginia ports; Governor may enter into lease, concession agreement, or similar type of agreement that transfers to a nongovernmental entity possession or control. Amending 62.1-132.19. (Patron-Miller, J.C., SB 140 (F))
Virginia ports; requires approval of both Governor and General Assembly before any change in ownership. Amending  62.1-132.19. (Patron-Purkey, HB 121 (F))
Virginia ports; requires approval of General Assembly before any sale or lease is permitted. Amending  62.1-132.19. (Patron-Saslaw, SB 605 (I) See SB140)
Virginia Resources Authority; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-Hanger, SJR 77 (P))
Water Facilities Revolving Fund; loans for stormwater runoff control best management practices. Amending  62.1-229.3; adding  62.1-229.4. (Patron-Bulova, HB 1221 (Chapter 644))
Water Protection Permit; Water Control Board to consider whether proposed activity is in accordance with state water resources plan. Amending  62.1-44.15:20. (Patron-Bulova, HB 697 (F))
Wetlands and stream mitigation; prohibits localities from regulating location of projects. Amending  62.1-44.15:20. (Patron-Rust, HB 515 (Chapter 233))
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