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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2008 Session (CD) Carried over from 2008 session but died in committee on or before December 4th

Biofuels Production Incentive Grant Program; producer of non-advanced neat biofuels shall be eligible therefor. Amending  45.1-394. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 2001 (Chapter 19))
Clean Energy Financing Program; locality may authorize contracts to finance by ordinance. Adding  15.2-958.3. (Patron-Deeds, SB 1212 (Chapter 773))
Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Fund; created. Adding 45.1-392.1 and 45.1-392.2; repealing  45.1-392. (Patron-Valentine, HB 2235 (F); Deeds, SB 1215 (F))
Clean fuel vehicle job creation tax credit; adds advanced biofuels. Amending  58.1-439.1. (Patron-Hanger, SB 1357 (Chapter 730))
Coastal Energy Research Consortium; makes certain technical corrections to membership. Amending  67-600 through 67-604. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1346 (Chapter 575))
Constitutional amendment; tax exemptions for buildings constructed or designed to conserve energy and natural resources (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Petersen, SJR 332 (Chapter 778))
Covenants regarding solar power; clarifies community associations may prohibit or restrict installation or use of any solar collection device. Amending  67-701. (Patron-Bouchard, HB 2417 (Chapter 866))
Electric utilities; include in its integrated resource plan to reduce customers’ electricity consumption. Amending  56-597 and 56-599. (Patron-Herring, SB 1440 (F))
Electrical generation; base rates of return for certain types thereof. Amending  56-576, 56-585.1, and 56-585.3. (Patron-Northam, SB 1248 (V))
Electricity; State Corporation Commission to conduct a proceeding to determine appropriate energy conservation and demand response targets that can be accomplished through demand-side management programs, etc., report. Adding  10.1-1307.02. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 2531 (Chapter 752); Wagner, SB 1348 (Chapter 855))
Electricity; State Corporation Commission to conduct proceeding relating to pilot programs which certain customers that generate renewable energy may purchase power from and sell power to participating utilities, report. (Patron-Nutter, HB 2371 (Chapter 816))
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Fund; established. Amending 56-598; adding  56-596.1. (Patron-Plum, HB 2176 (I) See HB2506)
Energy efficiency and demand response goals; every investor-owned utility in State reduce consumption by their retail customers. Amending  56-585.1; adding  56-234.2:1, 56-603, 56-604, and 56-605. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 1296 (F))
Energy Efficiency Commission; established, report. Amending 56-576, 56-585.1, 56-585.3, 56-594, 56-597, 56-598, and 56-599; adding  2.2-2537 through 2.2-2540, 56-585.4, and 56-596.1. (Patron-McEachin, SB 1447 (F))
Energy efficiency in state government; goal of reducing annual cost of nonrenewable energy purchases by each executive branch agency. Adding  2.2-1182, 2.2-1183, and 2.2-1184. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1345 (F))
Energy Efficiency Programs; created. Adding  56-603 through 56-610. (Patron-Petersen, SB 1452 (F))
Energy efficiency programs; investor-owned electric utilities to recover costs of designing, implementing, and operating those decreasing total amount of energy used over time. Amending 56-576, 56-585.1, and 56-585.3. (Patron-Pollard, HB 2506 (Chapter 824))
Energy performance-based contracts; Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy to provide general advice to localities, upon request, to consider pursuit of. Amending  11-34.3. (Patron-Oder, HB 1707 (Chapter 399))
Energy Plan; promotes use of sustainable biofuels made from traditional agricultural crops and other feedstocks grown in State. Amending  67-101 and 67-102. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 2002 (Chapter 411); Hanger, SB 1427 (Chapter 768))
Ethanol production; requests U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to grant temporary waiver from Renewable Fuel Standard under Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HJR 621 (F))
Global warming and energy problems; General Assembly to recognize need to utilize scientific principles to address when considering certain legislation. (Patron-Obenshain, SJR 396 (F))
Green Public Buildings Act; public bodies entering design phase for construction or renovation of a new building greater than 5,000 gross square feet in size, to build to LEED silver or Green Globes two globes standards. Adding  2.2-1182 and 2.2-1183. (Patron-Petersen, SB 1252 (F))
Green Public Buildings Act; public bodies entering phase for construction or renovation of a new building greater than 5,000 gross square feet in size, to build to LEED silver or Green Globes two globes standards. Adding  2.2-1182 and 2.2-1183. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 2387 (F))
Guidelines on recycling and waste reduction activities; requires Board of Education to establish guidelines to be implemented by local school divisions. Adding  22.1-131.1. (Patron-Mathieson, HB 1953 (F))
Home Energy Assistance Program; report on effectiveness of low-income energy assistance programs in meeting needs of low-income Virginians biennially. Amending  63.2-805. (Patron-Puckett, SB 1201 (Chapter 127))
Income tax, state; energy-efficient equipment tax credit. Adding 58.1-339.12. (Patron-Barker, SB 1231 (F))
Income tax, state; energy-efficient equipment tax credit. Adding 58.1-439.12:03. (Patron-Caputo, HB 2573 (F))
Income tax, state; energy-efficient equipment tax credit. Amending  58.1-322. (Patron-Caputo, HB 2572 (F))
Income tax, state; green jobs tax credit. Adding  58.1-439.12:03. (Patron-Petersen, SB 1125 (F))
Income tax, state; Renewable Energy Job tax credit. Adding 58.1-439.12:03. (Patron-Englin, HB 2374 (F))
Income tax, state; renewable energy property tax credit. Adding 58.1-331.1 and 58.1-431.1. (Patron-Lucas, SB 1141 (F))
Income tax, state; repeals obsolete code sections for purchasing of machinery and equipment for processing recyclable materials. Amending  58.1-439.7 and 58.1-490; repealing  58.1-331, 58.1-431, 58.1-439.3, and 58.1-439.8. (Patron-Landes, HB 2347 (Chapter 34))
Income tax, state; tax credit for electricity that is produced using solar photovoltaic technology or wind power at commercial clean energy production facility. Adding  58.1-439.12:03. (Patron-Petersen, SB 1124 (F))
Marine Resources Commission; authority to lease subaqueous lands for generating electrical energy from wave or tidal action, currents, etc., and transmit energy from such sources to shore and requires that any leases require a royalty. Amending 28.2-1208. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1350 (Chapter 766))
Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Infrastructure Development Compact; established. Adding  2.2-6000. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1349 (Chapter 316))
Plastic bags; requires that, effective January 1, 2010, certain stores provide on-premises recycling therefor. Adding 10.1-1425.39 through 10.1-1425.42. (Patron-Blevins, SB 971 (F))
Rechargeable battery recycling; authorizes localities to ban disposal of certain in any waste-to-energy or solid waste disposal facility. Adding  10.1-1425.39. (Patron-Plum, HB 2177 (Chapter 365))
Recycling receptacles; state and local governmental entities to increase usage thereof at public places and governmental facilities. (Patron-Vogel, SJR 345 (P))
Recycling reports; a solid waste planning unit shall not be required to submit until July 1, 2012. Amending  10.1-1411. (Patron-Byron, HB 2649 (F))
Renewable energy; definition thereof. Amending  56-576. (Patron-Poindexter, HB 2268 (Chapter 748))
Renewable energy projects; Department of Environmental Quality to develop a permit by rule for construction and operation of certain electrical generation facilities. Amending  56-46.1 and 56-580; adding  10.1-1197.5, 10.1-1197.6, and 10.1-1197.7. (Patron-Puckett, SB 1194 (I) See SB1347)
Renewable energy sources; location of facilities for distribution of electricity, steam, and landfill gas generated therefrom. Amending  56-15, 56-17, and 56-259; adding  67-1100 through 67-1110. (Patron-Hogan, HB 2172 (Chapter 807))
Renewable portfolio standard program; establishes a goal for investor-owned incumbent electric utilities to have 15 percent of their total electric energy sales in base year from renewable energy sources. Amending  56-585.2. (Patron-Bulova, HB 1994 (Chapter 744))
Resources Authority; authorized to finance renewable energy projects and permits localities to lend funds to person of producing renewable energy related equipment, etc. Amending 62.1-198; adding  15.2-950.1. (Patron-Stuart, SB 973 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include solar photovoltaic systems, etc., purchased for installation in or on residential real property. Amending  58.1-602, 58.1-609.1, and 58.1-610. (Patron-Deeds, SB 1216 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exempts solar photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, and wind-powered electrical generators. Amending  58.1-602, 58.1-609.1, and 58.1-610. (Patron-Bouchard, HB 2562 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; removes purchased for noncommercial home or personal use limitation from Energy Star sales tax holiday. Amending  58.1-609.1. (Patron-Englin, HB 794 (CD))
Retention of energy savings by state agencies; established. Adding  2.2-1509.3. (Patron-Hogan, HB 2174 (F))
Small renewable energy projects; Department of Environmental Quality to develop permit by rule for construction and operation thereof. Amending  56-46.1 and 56-580; adding  10.1-1197.5 through 10.1-1197.11. (Patron-Hogan, HB 2175 (Chapter 808); Wagner, SB 1347 (Chapter 854))
Solar energy; optional provisions of subdivision ordinance. Amending  15.2-2242. (Patron-Bouchard, HB 2418 (F))
State energy efficiency program; requires Division of Purchase and Supply to ensure 20 percent of electricity purchased by or for State is sustainable energy. Amending  2.2-4346; adding 2.2-1111.1 and 2.2-1182 through 2.2-1185. (Patron-Petersen, SB 1127 (F))
Television Waste Recycling Act; established. Adding  10.1-1425.27 through 10.1-1425.41. (Patron-Plum, HB 1533 (CD))
Utility-scale energy; joint subcommittee to study generation from offshore winds and feasibility of commercial investment in such projects. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HJR 718 (F))
Virginia Universities Clean Energy Development and Economic Stimulus Foundation; created. Adding  23-299 through 23-302. (Patron-Bell, HB 2404 (F))
Wind energy drying devices; no community association shall prohibit an owner from installing or using on owner’s property. Amending  67-700; adding  67-702. (Patron-Puller, SB 1065 (F))
Zoning; localities shall not require a special use permit for certain small-scale conversion of biomass to alternative fuel. Adding  15.2-2288.01. (Patron-Lohr, HB 2165 (Chapter 363))
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