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Cumulative Index - Last updated 12/19/08
2008 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version or PDF (large file, searchable)    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2009 Session

Income tax, state, and personal property tax; local piggyback imposition. Amending  58.1-540, 58.1-548, and 58.1-3506; repealing  58.1-549. (Patron-Watts, HB 472 (F))
Intangible personal property; classifies certain items thereas. Amending  58.1-1101. (Patron-Purkey, HB 911 (F))
Keep Our Promise Act of 2008; reinstates Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998, report. Amending  58.1-3506.1, 58.1-3523, and 58.1-3912; adding  58.1-3524.1 through 58.1-3524.6 and 58.1-3916.01:1; repealing  58.1-3524. (Patron-Frederick, HB 58 (C))
Personal property tax; extends sunset provision for separate classification for tax purposes. Amending  58.1-3506. (Patron-May, HB 625 (Chapter 26); Herring, SB 192 (Chapter 94))
Personal property tax; separate classification for low-speed vehicles. Amending  58.1-3506. (Patron-Herring, SB 195 (Chapter 143))
Personal property tax; uncollected balances added to delinquent list maintained by Treasurer. Amending  58.1-3924. (Patron-Johnson, HB 869 (Chapter 550))
Real estate and personal property taxes; imposition of tax on property of public service corporations and electric suppliers by certain localities. Amending  58.1-2606. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 1123 (Chapter 642))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions for nonprofit entities exempt from federal income taxes on purchases of tangible personal property. Amending  58.1-609.11. (Patron-Ruff, SB 459 (F))
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