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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2009 Session

Bridge and safety funding; prioritization by Transportation Board. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Athey, HB 1288 (C))
Bridge replacement and repair; Transportation Board to award contracts for design-build procurement. Amending  33.1-12. (Patron-Nichols, HB 1301 (C))
Bus rapid transit corridors; joint subcommittee to study establishment thereof in Northern Virginia. (Patron-Watts, HJR 98 (F))
Central Virginia Regional Transportation Authority; created. Adding  15.2-7000 through 15.2-7008. (Patron-Hall, HB 1573 (C))
CHILD WITH AUTISM signs; VDOT to post within an area in which child resides. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Carrico, HB 374 (C))
Community service landscaping program; VDOT Commissioner to establish. Amending  8.01-226.8; adding  33.1-12.2. (Patron-Stuart, SB 153 (Chapter 688))
Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund, Transportation Trust Fund, and Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund (first reference). Adding Section 7-B in Article X. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HJR 48 (C))
Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund, Transportation Trust Fund, Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund, and Priority Transportation Fund (first reference). Adding Section 7-B in Article X. (Patron-Moran, HJR 29 (C); Norment, SJR 91 (C))
Emergency custody or temporary detention order; payment of cost of transportation. Amending  37.2-808 and 37.2-810. (Patron-Tata, HB 765 (F))
Freedom of Information Act; certain audit records of Department of Transportation. Amending  2.2-3705.6. (Patron-Stosch, SB 210 (Chapter 266))
Hampton Roads; joint subcommittee to study transportation network. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HJR 194 (P))
Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia Transportation Authorities; repeals authority to impose fees or taxes. Amending 15.2-4831, 15.2-4838.1, 15.2-4840, 33.1-391.10, 33.1-391.15, 46.2-755.1, 46.2-755.2, 46.2-1167.1, 58.1-540, 58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-625.1, 58.1-802.1, 58.1-1724.3, 58.1-1724.7, 58.1-2402.1, and 58.1-3825.1; adding  33.1-391.14:01. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 724 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; abolishes Authority and taxes, fees, and charges dedicated to financing its operation and programs. Amending  33.1-23.03, 46.2-755.1, 46.2-775.2, 46.2-1167.1, 58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-625.1, 58.1-802.1, 58.1-2402.1, 58.1-3221.3, and sixteenth enactment of Chapter 896, 2007 Acts; repealing  33.1-391.6 through 33.1-391.15, 58.1-1724.3, 58.1-1724.5, 58.1-1724.6, 58.1-1724.7, and fifth, sixth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and nineteenth enactments of Chapter 896, 2007 Acts. (Patron-Gear, HB 829 (F); Oder, HB 1444 (F); Miller, J.C., SB 676 (C))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; changes to taxes and fees that may be imposed. Amending  46.2-1167.1, 58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-625.1, 58.1-802.1, 58.1-1724.3, and 58.1-2402.1. (Patron-Blevins, SB 176 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; establishes certain state taxes and fees with revenues therefrom to be used for transportation purposes. Amending  33.1-391.10, 33.1-391.15, 58.1-603, 58.1-604, 58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-811, 58.1-1724.2, 58.1-1724.3, 58.1-1724.6, 58.1-1724.7, 58.1-2403, and 58.1-2425; adding  33.1-391.16, 46.2-755.3, 46.2-755.4, 46.2-1167.2, 58.1-802.2, and 58.1-2402.2; repealing  46.2-755.1, 46.2-755.2, 46.2-1167.1, 58.1-625.1, 58.1-802.1, and 58.1-2402.1. (Patron-Wagner, SB 798 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; expansion of Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel in list of first tier projects. Amending 33.1-391.10. (Patron-Gear, HB 826 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; power to enter into design-build contracts for construction of projects. Amending 33.1-391.10. (Patron-Miller, Y.B., SB 660 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; procedures to be followed in making legislative requests and recommendations to General Assembly. Amending  33.1-391.15; adding  33.1-391.9:1. (Patron-Oder, HB 1304 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; removes York County and Cities of Hampton and Poquoson from territory. Amending 33.1-391.7, 33.1-391.9, and 33.1-391.10. (Patron-Gear, HB 828 (F))
Highway construction; power exercised by Transportation Commissioner includes construction of sidewalks and lighting therefor. Amending  33.1-89, 33.1-119, and 33.1.205. (Patron-Amundson, HB 618 (C))
Income tax, state; toll payment tax credit. Adding  58.1-339.12. (Patron-Poisson, HB 612 (F); Herring, SB 194 (F))
Mass transit; Department of Rail and Public Transportation to study options and potential improvements for Northern Virginia. (Patron-Barker, SJR 83 (I) See SJR122)
Motor fuels tax; funding for transportation-related alternatives. Amending  45.1-393, 58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706. (Patron-Petersen, SB 445 (C))
Motor fuels tax; funding for transportation-related alternatives. Amending  45.1-393, 58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; repealing  46.2-206.1. (Patron-Petersen, SB 444 (I) See SB1)
Motor fuels tax; funding for transportation-related alternatives. Amending  58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; repealing  46.2-206.1. (Patron-Puckett, SB 411 (I) See SB1)
Motor fuels tax; prohibits Tax Commissioner from compromising and settling without consent of transportation commission of transportation district. Amending  58.1-3, 58.1-105, 58.1-1724, and 58.1-1724.1. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1553 (F))
Motor vehicle repair services; those embraced by Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads Transportation Authorities. Amending 58.1-605. (Patron-Rust, HB 450 (F))
Multicounty/City Transportation District; created. Adding 15.2-4620 through 15.2-4626. (Patron-Crockett-Stark, HB 1565 (F))
Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; changes applicability of certain existing fund distribution. Amending  15.2-4838.1. (Patron-Bulova, HB 393 (F))
Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; refund of certain fees and taxes imposed thereby. (Patron-May, HB 1578 (Chapter 652))
Pedestrian and bicycle advisory committees, regional; VDOT to establish. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 855 (F))
Personal rapid transit pilot program; Secretary of Transportation to consider City of Portsmouth. (Patron-Joannou, HR 4 (F))
Public Procurement Act; procurement of professional services for certain transportation projects. Amending  2.2-4301. (Patron-Albo, HB 944 (Chapter 371))
Public-Private Transportation Act; competitive bidding. Amending 56-573.1. (Patron-Petersen, SB 449 (C))
Public-Private Transportation Act; private entity to pay costs for independent audit of all traffic and cost estimates associated with proposal. Amending  56-560. (Patron-May, HB 627 (Chapter 296))
Public-Private Transportation Act; prohibits private entity from imposing tolls on Interstate 81. Amending  56-565. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 1515 (I) See HB1516; Obenshain, SB 753 (F))
Public-Private Transportation Act; prohibits private entity from imposing tolls on Interstate 81 highways without approval of General Assembly. Amending  33.1-23.03:10 and 56-565. (Patron-Gilbert, HB 1516 (Chapter 602); Obenshain, SB 754 (Chapter 838))
Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; joint subcommittee to study competitive bidding on projects thereunder. (Patron-Watts, HJR 153 (F))
Rapid transit network, regional; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of creating for population centers in major transportation corridors. (Patron-Colgan, SJR 122 (P))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; eliminates exemption for certain fuels with revenue deposited in Transportation Trust Fund. Amending 58.1-609.1, 58.1-609.10, 58.1-638, 58.1-1719, 58.1-1720, 58.1-1724.2, 58.1-1724.3, and 58.1-2261. (Patron-Puller, SB 2 (C))
State entities; Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability to study functions and authorities. (Patron-Bouchard, HJR 157 (F))
Statewide Transportation Plan; VDOT and metropolitan planning organizations to include regional goals and performance measures. Amending  2.2-229 and 33.1-23.03. (Patron-Herring, SB 186 (F))
Statistical information; VDOT to collect and report. Adding 33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Shannon, HB 977 (I) See HB147)
Stop and yield sign posts; Department of Transportation to study feasibility, costs, and benefits of applying retroreflective material thereto. (Patron-Barker, SJR 119 (F))
Three-tiered system of transportation; established. Amending 37.2-808, 37.2-810, 37.2-829, and 37.2-830. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 102 (F))
Traffic signs and markings; VDOT to transfer control to Fairfax County. (Patron-Englin, HB 797 (F))
Transportation Board; naming of highways, etc., and cost of construction. Amending  33.1-12. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 73 (F))
Transportation Commissioner; contracts for grounds keeping, mowing, etc. on highways within Reston. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Plum, HB 347 (F); Howell, SB 71 (F))
Transportation district commissioners; raises per diem. Amending 15.2-4510. (Patron-Spruill, HB 1279 (F))
Transportation entities; joint subcommittee to study functions and authorities of entities with transportation responsibilities. (Patron-Stolle, SJR 92 (P))
Transportation funding; increases motor fuels tax, and repeals certain abusive driver fees. Amending  58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; repealing  46.2-206.1. (Patron-Amundson, HB 490 (F))
Transportation funding; repeals certain abusive driver fees, changes to motor fuels tax rate, etc. Amending  58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; repealing  46.2-206.1 and 58.1-625.1. (Patron-Hanger, SB 469 (I) See SB1)
Transportation Plan; to include quantifiable measures and achievable goals relating to greenhouse gas emissions. Amending  33.1-23.03. (Patron-Whipple, SB 233 (C))
Transportation Plan; to include regional goals and performance measures for each highway construction district. Amending 2.2-229 and 33.1-23.03. (Patron-Fralin, HB 147 (F))
Trucks and combination vehicles; Transportation Board to impose fee for use in maintaining highways. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 185 (F))
Urban transportation service districts; grants towns authority to create. Amending  15.2-2403.1. (Patron-Frederick, HB 1033 (F))
VDOT; authority to account for workforce housing. Adding 33.1-132.01. (Patron-Englin, HB 803 (F))
VDOT; supplying information to and soliciting comments from Reston. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Plum, HB 348 (F))
VDOT; waiver of certain entrance sight-distance requirements. Adding  33.1-223.2:18. (Patron-Nutter, HB 1454 (C))
VDOT logo signs; businesses that cater to recreational vehicle users to use Integrated Directional Sign Program. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 1130 (F))
VDOT regulations; fiber optic facilities. (Patron-May, HB 629 (F))
VDOT regulations; placement of customer service drop cables. (Patron-May, HB 630 (F))
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