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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2006 Session (CD) Carried over from 2006 session but died in committee on or before December 8th

Absentee voting; persons with a disability or illness may vote absentee. Amending  24.2-101, 24.2-700, 24.2-701, 24.2-703.1, 24.2-703.2, 24.2-704, 24.2-705, and 24.2-705.1. (Patron-Deeds, SB 986 (F); Whipple, SB 1274 (F))
Adult group homes; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study financial oversight therefor in State. (Patron-Hogan, HJR 710 (F))
Autism; includes if medically diagnosed under definition of “functional and central nervous system disabilities”. Amending 51.5-9.1. (Patron-Shannon, HB 2572 (F))
Condominium Act; allows elderly or disabled tenants in conversion units to assign purchase right. Amending  55-79.94. (Patron-Englin, HB 393 (CD); Englin, HB 2727 (Chapter 665); Whipple, SB 268 (CD); Whipple, SB 968 (Chapter 602))
Conservator; requirements for sale of real estate. Amending 37.2-1023. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 3177 (Chapter 694))
Constitutional amendment; exempts real estate taxes for persons 65 or older, and totally disabled (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Wagner, SJR 386 (I) See SJR354)
Criminal history record information check, national; required for those employees and volunteers providing care to children, elderly, or disabled, penalty. Amending  32.1-126.01, 32.1-162.9:1, 63.2-1720, 63.2-1721, 63.2-1724, and 63.2-1725. (Patron-Hurt, HB 1587 (CD))
Disability Commission; sunset provision is extended. Amending 30-239. (Patron-McQuigg, HB 2051 (Chapter 459))
Disabled parking placards; issuance by physician assistant, podiatrist, chiropractor, or nurse practitioner. Amending 46.2-731, 46.2-739, 46.2-1240, and 46.2-1241. (Patron-Blevins, SB 993 (Chapter 715))
Disabled persons; authorizes Department of Forestry, et al., to adopt regulations that allow increased access to hunting, etc. Adding  10.1-1153.1 and 29.1-508.2. (Patron-Ruff, SB 1076 (F))
Disabled veteran; definition thereof. Amending  46.2-100. (Patron-Plum, HB 1512 (CD))
Disabled veterans, special; certification of businesses owned thereby. Amending  2.2-2001 and 2.2-4310. (Patron-Wagner, SB 727 (CD))
Economic Development for Virginians with Disabilities Grant Program, and Fund; created. Adding  51.5-116 through 51.5-119. (Patron-Hanger, SB 1216 (F))
Electronic voting equipment; requires localities to provide access thereto to disabled voters. Amending  24.2-613, 24.2-625, 24.2-626, 24.2-627, 24.2-629, 24.2-633, 24.2-639, 24.2-640, 24.2-641, 24.2-657, 24.2-659, 24.2-669, 24.2-801, 24.2-801.1, and 24.2-802; adding  24.2-626.1; repealing  24.2-628. (Patron-Englin, HB 2734 (I) See HB2707)
Golf carts; persons with disabled parking placards to cross public highways. Amending  46.2-916.3. (Patron-Putney, HB 1832 (F))
Hunting and fishing license, lifetime; allows resident disabled veterans to purchase. Amending  29.1-302. (Patron-Barlow, HB 3169 (F))
Incapacitated adults; increases penalties for certain crimes against. Amending  18.2-369. (Patron-Cline, HB 2459 (Chapter 653); O’Brien, SB 1025 (Chapter 562))
Income tax, state; tax credit for home accessibility features for disabled. Amending  58.1-339.7. (Patron-Eisenberg, HB 1721 (I) See HB2498)
Income tax, state; tax credit for home accessibility features for military disabled. Amending  58.1-339.7. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 3026 (I) See HB2498)
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; burden of persuasion on school division in administrative hearing. Amending 22.1-214. (Patron-Ticer, SB 241 (CD))
Line of Duty Act; definition of disabled person to include local employee. Amending  9.1-400. (Patron-Callahan, HB 2006 (F); Sickles, HB 2823 (F); Saslaw, SB 1010 (F); Quayle, SB 1157 (F))
Medical assistance services; state plan to include provision for medically needy aged and disabled individuals. Amending 32.1-325. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 1325 (F))
Persons under disability; shall not include an incarcerated person. Amending  53.1-221. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 2647 (Chapter 508))
Prisoners; create a system for identifying prisoners with learning disabilities. Amending  22.1-344.1. (Patron-Reid, HB 2625 (Chapter 125))
Real estate tax; deferral of tax for certain elderly and disabled. Amending  58.1-3211. (Patron-Watts, HB 2283 (F))
Real estate tax; exemption for elderly and disabled. Amending 58.1-3210. (Patron-Spruill, HB 2909 (F); Quayle, SB 1424 (F))
Real estate tax; exemptions for elderly and disabled, indexing income limits. Amending  58.1-3211. (Patron-Gear, HB 2641 (F))
Real estate tax; increases income limit for elderly and disabled taxpayers. Amending  58.1-3211. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 1744 (Chapter 60))
Real estate tax; increases income limit for elderly and disabled taxpayers in certain cities and counties. Amending  58.1-3211. (Patron-Stosch, SB 788 (Chapter 587))
Real estate tax; relief for elderly, and permanently and totally disabled. Amending  58.1-3210, 58.1-3213, and 58.1-3215; adding  58.1-3211.1. (Patron-Herring, SB 1265 (Chapter 357))
Scholarship for Disabled Students Program; created. Adding 22.1-335.1 through 22.1-335.8. (Patron-Stosch, SB 545 (CD))
Schools for Students with Disabilities Fund; established. Amending  63.2-2000, 63.2-2002, 63.2-2003, and 63.2-2006; adding 22.1-335.1. (Patron-Stosch, SB 757 (F))
Students with disabilities; provides due process procedures therefor. Amending  22.1-214. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 1962 (Chapter 33); Lambert, SB 847 (Chapter 52))
Students with Disabilities Tuition Assistance Grant Program; created. Adding  22.1-335.1 through 22.1-335.8. (Patron-Stosch, SB 759 (F); Stosch, SB 1419 (F))
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