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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2006 Session (CD) Carried over from 2006 session but died in committee on or before December 8th

Abandoned vehicles; removal by property owners. Adding 46.2-1200.2. (Patron-Griffith, HB 1929 (F))
Accident reports; increases amount of property damage reported by law-enforcement officers. Amending  46.2-373. (Patron-Welch, HB 2320 (F))
Accident reports; law-enforcement officers to report use of cell phone was factor in accident. Amending  46.2-373. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1032 (F))
Administrative license suspension; clarification thereof for DUI. Amending  46.2-391.2. (Patron-Bell, HB 2972 (F))
Alcohol to an underage person; person found guilty of shall have his license suspended six months. Amending  4.1-306. (Patron-Moran, HB 2860 (F))
Alcoholic beverage control; refusal to grant and revocation or suspension of licenses. Amending  4.1-222 and 4.1-225. (Patron-Albo, HB 1889 (Chapter 103))
Alcoholic beverages; penalty for possession of open container in motor vehicle. Adding  46.2-800.2. (Patron-Purkey, HB 1676 (F))
All-terrain vehicles; amends statutes relating thereto. Amending 46.2-644.1, 46.2-644.3, and 46.2-1993. (Patron-Williams, SB 746 (F))
All-terrain vehicles and similar vehicles; local regulation for operating near dwellings. Adding  15.2-919.1. (Patron-Watkins, SB 1398 (F))
Antique motor vehicles; corrects erroneous references thereto. Amending  46.2-730. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 288 (CD))
Antique motor vehicles; imposes additional limitations and conditions on certain vehicles. Amending  46.2-730. (Patron-Griffith, HB 1927 (I) See HB2465)
Antique motor vehicles; removes the 250-mile driving limitation therefor. Amending  46.2-730. (Patron-Crockett-Stark, HB 2482 (I) See HB2465)
Antique motor vehicles and antique trailers; license plates therefor. Amending  46.2-730. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 2465 (Chapter 492))
Car tax relief; removes cap on overall amount, and creates Personal Property Tax Relief Fund, report. Amending  30-133, 58.1-3506, 58.1-3523, 58.1-3524, and 58.1-3912; adding  58.1-3524.1 through 58.1-3524.6, 58.1-3535.1, and 58.1-3916.01:1. (Patron-Albo, HB 1894 (F))
Cellular telephones; bans use thereof by drivers of school buses and passenger-carrying commercial vehicles. Adding  46.2-919.1 and 46.2-1088.7. (Patron-Bowling, HB 2912 (F))
Cellular telephones; prohibits use of for those under 18 years old while driving. Amending  46.2-334.01. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1039 (Chapter 777))
Cellular telephones; prohibits use while driving. Adding 46.2-1078.1. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HB 233 (CD))
Certificate for Driving; persons unable to establish legal presence to use for driving purposes. Adding  46.2-344.1. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 1586 (CD))
Child restraint devices; raises booster seat age, prohibits certain in front seat. Amending  46.2-1095 and 46.2-1100. (Patron-Albo, HB 1908 (Chapter 935); O’Brien, SB 1035 (I) See SB1060; Watkins, SB 1060 (Chapter 91))
Child unattended in a car; unlawful for younger than six years. Adding  46.2-116. (Patron-Barlow, HB 2711 (F))
Children; unlawful to leave unattended in vehicle. Adding 46.2-116. (Patron-Albo, HB 2146 (F))
Clean alternative fuel or hybrid passenger-type vehicles; Department of General Services to purchase for state use. Adding  2.2-1176.1. (Patron-Poisson, HB 1809 (F))
Commercial motor vehicles; prohibited from driving in left lane in certain areas. Amending  46.2-803.1. (Patron-Rapp, HB 2597 (F))
Conservators of the peace, special; authorized by locality to use flashing blue lights in vehicles. Amending  18.2-175, 46.2-1022, and 46.2-1023. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2899 (F))
Constitutional amendment; excludes privately owned motor vehicles from property taxation (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Rust, HJR 34 (CD); Rust, HJR 655 (F))
Constitutional amendment; excludes privately owned motor vehicles used for nonbusiness purposes (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Cole, HJR 586 (F))
Constitutional amendment; excludes vehicles owned or leased by any member of armed forces in active military conflict from property taxation (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 104 (CD))
Constitutional amendment; excludes vehicles owned or leased by any member of armed forces in military conflict from property taxation (first reference). Amending Section 6 of Article X. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 340 (Chapter 842))
Data recorders; personal property of vehicle owner. Adding 46.2-1088.6. (Patron-Gear, HB 891 (CD))
Dealer’s license plates; allowable uses thereof. Amending 46.2-1550. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1142 (F))
Dealer’s license plates; repeals prohibition on use thereof on trailers. Amending  46.2-1992.44. (Patron-Lohr, HB 1983 (F))
Disabled parking placards; issuance by physician assistant, podiatrist, chiropractor, or nurse practitioner. Amending 46.2-731, 46.2-739, 46.2-1240, and 46.2-1241. (Patron-Blevins, SB 993 (Chapter 715))
Disabled veteran; definition thereof. Amending  46.2-100. (Patron-Plum, HB 1512 (CD))
Display of local license, decals, etc.; exempts certain public service companies therefrom. Amending  46.2-752. (Patron-Saxman, HB 2793 (Chapter 213))
DMV; assessment of fees on certain drivers. Adding  46.2-206.1. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 1196 (F))
DMV; exempts federal, state, and local officials from fees charged for obtaining data from records. Amending  46.2-208 and 46.2-214. (Patron-Rapp, HB 1930 (Chapter 447))
DMV; to develop and distribute materials for parents of certain minors. Adding  46.2-335.3. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1043 (F))
DMV driver record abstracts; copies thereof are one-half normal charge for volunteer drivers for Faith in Action. Amending 46.2-208. (Patron-Sherwood, HB 2027 (Chapter 188); Potts, SB 1153 (Chapter 79))
DMV fees; assessment thereof on certain drivers. Adding 46.2-206.1. (Patron-Rust, HB 2257 (I) See HB2376; Rust, HB 2376 (F))
DMV fees; to impose transaction in customer service centers if can be done electronically, exceptions. Adding  46.2-214.2 and 46.2-328.2. (Patron-McDougle, SB 1337 (F))
DMV fees; to impose transaction in customer service centers if does not involve driver’s license. Adding  46.2-214.2 and 46.2-328.2. (Patron-Saxman, HB 3149 (F))
Driver improvement clinics; use of fees. Amending  46.2-490. (Patron-Brink, HB 1765 (Chapter 180))
Driver training programs; joint subcommittee to study revision of curriculum therefor. (Patron-O’Brien, SJR 378 (P))
Driver training school and instructor; changes terms, and requires passing of DMV course. Amending  22.1-205, 46.2-324.1, 46.2-325, 46.2-334, 46.2-335, 46.2-490.8, 46.2-1700, 46.2-1701, 46.2-1701.2, 46.2-1701.3, 46.2-1702, 46.2-1705, and 46.2-1707. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2702 (F))
Driver’s license; driving after forfeiture of licensure for DUI conviction, penalty. Amending  18.2-272. (Patron-Albo, HB 1890 (Chapter 258))
Driver’s license; issued to operate a motorcycle. Amending 46.2-325, 46.2-328, 46.2-332, 46.2-337, and 46.2-1190.2. (Patron-BaCote, HB 2177 (Chapter 190))
Driver’s license; makes violation of various restrictions primary offense for those under 19 years old. Amending  46.2-334.01. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1040 (F))
Driver’s license; notice of revocation. Amending  18.2-272. (Patron-Watts, HB 2289 (F); Herring, SB 1262 (F))
Driver’s license; removes certain provision for suspension thereof. Amending  46.2-395. (Patron-Rapp, HB 2594 (Chapter 327))
Driver’s license; suspension thereof for failure to pay jail fees. Amending  46.2-395. (Patron-Miller, P.J., HB 2183 (F))
Driver’s license, commercial; fee for failing to attend scheduled skills test appointment. Amending  46.2-332. (Patron-May, HB 3028 (Chapter 223))
Driver’s license expiration; extension thereof to certain persons in service to U.S. government serving outside of country. Amending  46.2-221.2. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1704 (Chapter 249); Marsden, HB 2665 (I) See HB1704; Cuccinelli, SB 816 (Chapter 589))
Driver’s license numbers; nonissuance of license to persons with bona fide religious objections thereto. Amending  20-60.3, 32.1-292.2, 46.2-340, 46.2-342, 46.2-894, 46.2-1110, 46.2-1190.4, 63.2-1250, and 63.2-1916. (Patron-Johnson, HB 3092 (F); Wampler, SB 1315 (F))
Driver’s license, restricted; allows judge to issue to person for purpose of driving to religious services. Amending  18.2-271.1. (Patron-Hogan, HB 2249 (F))
Driver’s license, restricted; person, designated by court, may drive in pursuit of health care services for person residing in household. Amending  18.2-271.1. (Patron-Deeds, SB 886 (Chapter 553))
Driver’s license, restricted; person may drive in pursuit of health care services for person residing in household. Amending 18.2-271.1. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 2266 (Chapter 194))
Driver’s license, restricted; voluntary revocation. Amending 18.2-271.1. (Patron-Albo, HB 1892 (F))
Driver’s licenses; allows persons who use bioptic telescopic lenses to receive motorcycle classification. Amending  46.2-312, 46.2-328, 46.2-332, 46.2-337, 46.2-1190.3, 46.2-1190.4, and 46.2-1191. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 764 (F))
Driver’s licenses; DMV not to issue to persons convicted of driving under influence unless have proof of motor vehicle insurance. Amending  46.2-316. (Patron-Iaquinto, HB 2518 (Chapter 496))
Driver’s licenses; first-time applicants prove they completed an approved driver education program. Amending  46.2-323, 46.2-324.1, 46.2-334, and 46.2-335.2. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2700 (F))
Driver’s licenses; first-time applicants to prove they completed an approved driver education program. Amending  46.2-323, 46.2-334, and 46.2-335.2. (Patron-Hugo, HB 1246 (CD))
Driver’s licenses; operating vehicle with suspended license, penalty. Amending  46.2-301 and 46.2-302. (Patron-Stolle, SB 392 (CD))
Driver’s licenses and special identification cards; no more than five emergency contact persons can be listed. Amending 46.2-342 and 46.2-345. (Patron-Englin, HB 2733 (F))
Driver’s licenses, etc.; persons 25 years old or older must not show age of person to whom they are issued. Amending 46.2-335, 46.2-342, and 46.2-345. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 1119 (F))
Driver’s licenses, provisional; allows holder thereof to drive between certain hours to or from residence where babysitting. Amending  46.2-334.01. (Patron-Barlow, HB 2715 (F))
Driver’s licenses, provisional; prohibits use of cell phones for person under 18 years old. Amending  46.2-334.01. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 1124 (I) See SB1039)
Driver’s permits, temporary; 90-day limitation does not apply to first-time drivers pending presentation in court ceremony. Amending  46.2-344. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2701 (F))
Driving under influence of alcohol; increases penalty if eluding police. Amending  46.2-817. (Patron-Cox, HB 1987 (F))
Driving under influence of alcohol; person convicted thereof three times in 10 years shall be permanently revoked. Amending 46.2-391. (Patron-Cline, HB 2454 (F))
Driving under influence of alcohol; suspension of driver’s license pending appeal of conviction. Amending  46.2-389. (Patron-Toscano, HB 1686 (F))
Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs; term inference replaces presumption relating to alleged offense. Amending 18.2-269, 29.1-738.3, and 46.2-341.27. (Patron-Moran, HB 1204 (CD); Norment, SB 471 (CD))
Driving without a license; enhanced penalties for persons convicted multiple times. Amending  46.2-300. (Patron-Cline, HB 2453 (I) See HB3122)
Driving without a license; enhanced penalty for persons convicted of second offense. Amending  46.2-300. (Patron-Rust, HB 3122 (Chapter 532))
Drug test; use of synthetic urine to defeat. Adding 46.2-341.18:2. (Patron-Fralin, HB 3023 (Chapter 422))
Fuel-efficient vehicles and transportation funding; joint subcommittee to study. (Patron-Wagner, SJR 385 (P))
Golf carts; persons with disabled parking placards to cross public highways. Amending  46.2-916.3. (Patron-Putney, HB 1832 (F))
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; created. Amending 58.1-2403; adding  33.1-391.6 through 33.1-391.17, 46.2-332.1, 46.2-755.1, 46.2-755.2, 46.2-1167.1, 58.1-609.14, 58.1-802.1, 58.1-2402.1, and 58.1-3221.2. (Patron-Stolle, SB 1415 (I) See SB1417)
Headlights; use when operating windshield wipers. Amending 46.2-1030. (Patron-McQuigg, HB 2054 (F))
High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; extends sunset provision for vehicles bearing clean special fuel vehicle license plates. Amending  33.1-46.2. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2132 (Chapter 317); Plum, HB 3057 (I) See HB2132)
Ignition interlock; installation in vehicle, and loss of restricted license. Amending  18.2-270.1. (Patron-Iaquinto, HB 3098 (Chapter 686))
Improper driving; charged as traffic infraction when degree of culpability is slight. Adding  46.2-869.1. (Patron-McQuigg, HB 2052 (F))
Incident management; VDOT vehicles are exempt from certain provisions. Amending  46.2-891 and 46.2-920.1. (Patron-Valentine, HB 2163 (Chapter 189); Wagner, SB 1144 (Chapter 918))
Income tax, state; bicyclists’ tax credits for businesses and individuals. Adding  58.1-339.12 and 58.1-339.13. (Patron-Suit, HB 1826 (F))
Income tax, state; dedicates portion of car tax to localities. Amending  30-133, 46.2-623, 58.1-320, 58.1-3506, 58.1-3506.1, and 58.1-3912; adding  58.1-3667; repealing  15.2-1636.20, 58.1-3523 through 58.1-3536, and 58.1-3916.01. (Patron-Rust, HB 306 (CD); Rust, HB 2262 (F))
Inoperable vehicles; prohibits imposition of local vehicle license taxes and fees thereon. Amending  46.2-755. (Patron-Gear, HB 2640 (Chapter 296))
Insurance; prohibits insurers from setting rates based on credit history. Amending  38.2-2114, 38.2-2115, 38.2-2126, 38.2-2212, 38.2-2213, and 38.2-2234. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2887 (F))
Insurance; unfair claims settlement practices. Amending  38.2-510. (Patron-Nixon, HB 3035 (F))
Juveniles; guilty of a violation driving without a license. Amending  16.1-278.8 and 16.1-278.9. (Patron-Herring, SB 1248 (F))
Law-enforcement escorts; shall be considered emergency vehicles and exempt from obeying certain regulations. Amending  46.2-920. (Patron-Eisenberg, HB 2084 (Chapter 860); Ticer, SB 924 (Chapter 908))
Law-enforcement officer; uniform requirement for arrests for speeding. Amending  46.2-882. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1772 (F))
Law-enforcement personnel; to provide fire/rescue officer in charge at accident scene DMV vehicle information. Amending  46.2-208. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 2003 (F))
Learner’s permits; required driving hours for holders. Amending 46.2-335. (Patron-Lohr, HB 1655 (F))
License plate or decal; unlawful possession thereof. Amending 46.2-613. (Patron-Hurt, HB 2773 (F))
License plates; eliminates requiring two. Amending  46.2-711 and 46.2-715. (Patron-Dance, HB 2902 (F))
License plates, special; eliminates fee for members of Department of Virginia Military Order of Purple Heart. Amending  46.2-742. (Patron-Wright, HB 1410 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance for all branches of armed forces. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Shannon, HB 990 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance for supporters of 9-1-1 communications professionals. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1392 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Bide-A-Wee Golf Course in City of Portsmouth. (Patron-Lucas, SB 1422 (F))
License plates, special; issuance honoring Robert E. Lee. (Patron-Ruff, SB 803 (Chapter 235))
License plates, special; issuance of Purple Heart plates free of charge to certain members. Amending  46.2-742. (Patron-Wright, HB 2794 (F))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: DIG WITH CARE. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SB 1358 (F))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: DRIVING AMERICA’S FUTURE. (Patron-Watts, HB 2285 (F))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: PROFESSIONAL AUTO RACING and number 3. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 53 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 52 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. (Patron-Orrock, HB 72 (CD); Cox, HB 1388 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: VIRGINIA RECYCLES. (Patron-Poisson, HB 1806 (F))
License plates, special; issuance of those bearing Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 1750 (F))
License plates, special; issuance of those promoting brain tumor awareness. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 1751 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to certain veterans. Amending 46.2-743. (Patron-Hull, HB 3203 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to civilian employees of Department of Army. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Frederick, HB 499 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to members of American Poolplayers Association. (Patron-Bell, SB 784 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to members of Del Ray Citizens Association. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 970 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to members of Fraternal Order of Police. (Patron-Miller, SB 1107 (I) See SB1350)
License plates, special; issuance to members of Fraternal Order of Police. Amending  46.2-746.8. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1782 (Chapter 181); Blevins, SB 1350 (Chapter 172))
License plates, special; issuance to members of U.S. Coast Guard. (Patron-Joannou, HB 2787 (Chapter 669))
License plates, special; issuance to registered nurses. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 1964 (Chapter 184))
License plates, special; issuance to residents and supporters of Bay Creek community. (Patron-Lewis, HB 196 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to retired members of United States Navy and Coast Guard. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Frederick, HB 498 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to spouses and parents of certain deceased military veterans. (Patron-Amundson, HB 605 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. (Patron-Griffith, HB 2421 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Boy Scouts of America. (Patron-Phillips, HB 642 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of childhood cancer awareness. (Patron-Landes, HB 920 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of National D-Day Memorial Foundation. (Patron-Putney, HB 1831 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of National Multiple Sclerosis Society. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 611 (CD))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. (Patron-Dudley, HB 2375 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Virginia Museum of Natural History. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 733 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to veterans of U.S. military operations since September 11, 2001, in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Patron-Orrock, HB 335 (CD))
License plates, special; repeal of various 2006 authorizations. (Patron-Landes, HB 2536 (Chapter 201))
License plates, special; those convicted of DUI to use yellow license plates. Amending  18.2-270; adding  46.2-726.1. (Patron-Spruill, HB 2907 (F))
Line of Duty Disability Benefits Fund; expenses related to certain traffic incidents credited thereto. Amending  15.2-1716. (Patron-Callahan, HB 2007 (F); Sickles, HB 2822 (F))
Littering; dumping or disposing of trash from motor vehicle, penalty. Amending  33.1-346. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1842 (F))
Littering from motor vehicle; includes cigarette remnants as litter. Amending  33.1-346. (Patron-Fralin, HB 805 (CD))
Local vehicle license taxes and fees; counties to charge additional annual fee. Amending  46.2-752. (Patron-Orrock, HB 3072 (I) See HB2227)
Loitering; prohibited in the rights-of-way of certain highways. Amending  46.2-930. (Patron-Watts, HB 2286 (F))
Marijuana or controlled substances; loss of driver’s license for possession. Amending  18.2-259.1. (Patron-Rapp, HB 2596 (F))
Mopeds; requiring stickers thereon. Amending  46.2-915. (Patron-Carrico, HB 2113 (Chapter 111))
Motor carriers of passengers; insurance based on number thereof by carrier. Amending  46.2-2053. (Patron-Cole, HB 1646 (F))
Motor fuel; failure to pay. Amending  46.2-819.2. (Patron-BaCote, HB 3040 (F))
Motor fuels tax; clarifies refund for taxicabs. Amending 58.1-2259. (Patron-Wardrup, HB 668 (CD))
Motor vehicle; unlawful entry into. Adding  18.2-146.1. (Patron-Bell, HB 2964 (F))
Motor vehicle dealers; termination of franchises. Amending 46.2-1569. (Patron-Welch, HB 2316 (Chapter 837))
Motor vehicle dealers; transfer of dealerships. Amending 46.2-1569. (Patron-Saxman, HB 551 (CD); Saxman, HB 1848 (Chapter 827); Wagner, SB 256 (CD))
Motor vehicle dealers; warranty obligations. Amending  46.2-1571. (Patron-Athey, HB 2409 (Chapter 830))
Motor vehicle equity loans; establishes system for licensing and regulating revolving lines of credit. Amending  6.1-249, 6.1-330.55, and 59.1-200; adding  6.1-480 through 6.1-507. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 2000 (F))
Motor vehicle equity loans; penalties. Amending  6.1-249, 6.1-330.55, 6.1-330.78, and 59.1-200; adding  6.1-474 through 6.1-501. (Patron-Bell, SB 598 (CD))
Motor Vehicle Equity Loans Act; created. Amending  6.1-249, 6.1-330.55, and 59.1-200; adding  6.1-474 through 6.1-501. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1514 (CD))
Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales Tax; local-option to impose retail sales taxes on motor fuels. Amending  33.1-84.1 and 58.1-1719; adding  58.1-1724.2 and 58.1-1724.3. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1026 (F); Cuccinelli, SB 1420 (F))
Motor vehicle insurance; policies on access to recorded data, penalty. Adding  38.2-2215.1. (Patron-Gear, HB 890 (CD))
Motor vehicle insurance; prohibits premiums based on credit history. Amending  38.2-2212, 38.2-2213, and 38.2-2234. (Patron-Frederick, HB 2683 (F))
Motor vehicle insurance; prohibits rate increases as a result of claim due to an accident for which insured was not at fault. Amending  38.2-2212. (Patron-Spruill, HB 2908 (F))
Motor vehicle insurance license tax; revenues dedicated to Priority Transportation Fund. Amending  33.1-23.03:8 and 58.1-2501; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Houck, SB 1201 (F))
Motor vehicle keys; manufacturers to provide means to duplicate for certain models. Adding  46.2-116. (Patron-Purkey, HB 160 (CD))
Motor vehicle liability insurance; increases coverage limits. Amending  46.2-472. (Patron-Hargrove, HB 264 (CD))
Motor vehicle license taxes and fees, local; repeals authority of imposition and collection thereof. Amending  46.2-100, 46.2-102, and 58.1-3995; repealing  46.2-752 through 46.2-756. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1699 (F))
Motor vehicle license taxes and fees, local; restates limitation on amount. Amending  46.2-752. (Patron-Reid, HB 3143 (Chapter 230))
Motor vehicle registration fees; dedicates proceeds to transportation purposes. Amending  46.2-694 and 58.1-2425. (Patron-Callahan, HB 3152 (F))
Motor vehicle repair labor rates; requires State Corporation Commission to conduct quarterly surveys of operators of repair facilities. Adding  38.2-515.1. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 2543 (F))
Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax; basis and rate. Amending 58.1-2401, 58.1-2402, and 58.1-2405. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 2466 (F); Marshall, D.W., HB 2467 (F))
Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax; exempts vehicles with certain EPA fuel efficiency rating. Amending  58.1-2403. (Patron-Englin, HB 974 (CD))
Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax; increase for transportation purposes. Amending  58.1-2402 and 58.1-2425. (Patron-Brink, HB 2071 (F))
Motor vehicle salespersons; sets conditions therefor under which can be licensed if not employed by dealer. Amending  46.2-1521. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 2270 (Chapter 828))
Motor vehicle stops; law-enforcement officer to inform person of reason therefor. Adding  46.2-936.1. (Patron-Marsh, SB 1401 (F))
Motor vehicle title loans; caps rate of interest that may be charged. Amending  6.1-330.78; adding  6.1-330.77:2. (Patron-Morgan, HB 325 (CD); Morgan, HB 1956 (F))
Motor vehicle, T&M vehicle, trailer, etc.; imposing of fees by DMV. Amending  46.2-1530, 46.2-1530.2, 46.2-1930, 46.2-1992.23, and 46.2-1993.23; adding  46.2-1930.1, 46.2-1930.2, 46.2-1992.23:1, 46.2-1992.23:2, 46.2-1993.23:1, and 46.2-1993.23:2. (Patron-Janis, HB 3010 (F))
Motor Vehicle Transaction Recovery Fund; provides criteria for awarding of attorney fees. Amending  46.2-1527.3 and 46.2-1527.5. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1779 (Chapter 826))
Motor vehicles; approaching certain stationary vehicles on highways. Amending  46.2-921.1. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SB 452 (CD))
Motor vehicles; eluding police officer. Amending  46.2-817. (Patron-Peace, HB 1677 (F))
Motor vehicles; establishing gross weight and axle-spacing requirements for certain, fees. Amending  46.2-694.1; adding 46.2-1126.1. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 284 (CD))
Motor vehicles, used; pre-purchase inspection notification of those for sale. Amending  46.2-1529.1. (Patron-Norment, SB 153 (CD))
Motorcycle helmets; exempted from wearing thereof on certain byways and highways. Amending  46.2-910. (Patron-Janis, HB 2585 (F))
Motorcycles; driving two abreast in single lane. Amending 46.2-857. (Patron-Poisson, HB 1808 (F))
Motorcycles; emergency lights on those used by law enforcement. Adding  46.2-1029.3. (Patron-Obenshain, SB 347 (CD))
Motorcycles; free use of VDOT-controlled toll facilities. Amending  33.1-252. (Patron-Reid, HB 3142 (F))
Motorcyclists; training course certified by Motorcycle Safety Foundation for licensure thereof. Amending  46.2-337. (Patron-BaCote, HB 280 (CD))
Motorcyclists; wearing of helmets. Amending  46.2-910. (Patron-Abbitt, HB 3077 (F))
Nonresident motor vehicle operator; service of process on Commissioner of DMV as agent. Amending  8.01-308. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 3126 (F))
Odometer readings; exempts certain vehicles therefrom. Amending 46.2-629. (Patron-Oder, HB 3071 (Chapter 225))
Off-road motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, etc.; operators of certain vehicles within 500 feet of dwelling prohibited. Adding  46.2-911.2. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HB 3073 (F))
Operation of vehicles; consolidates provisions thereto by nonresidents from other states or foreign countries. Amending 46.2-307; repealing  46.2-306. (Patron-Cline, HB 2452 (F))
Overtaking and passing vehicles on certain highways; prohibits travel in left-most lane of any limited access highway except to pass. Amending  46.2-842. (Patron-Rapp, HB 1934 (F))
Overtaking traffic; failure to give way, penalty. Amending 46.2-842.1. (Patron-Rapp, HB 1933 (F))
Overweight coal trucks; penalties imposed on owners thereof. Amending  46.2-1143. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2884 (F))
Overweight permits; authorized for tank wagons. Amending 46.2-1149.3; adding  46.2-1144.1. (Patron-Houck, SB 1321 (Chapter 738))
Overweight permits; exempts fire and emergency apparatus responding to and from emergency calls from weight limits on bridges and culverts. Adding  46.2-1130.1. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1679 (Chapter 177); Miller, SB 742 (Chapter 540))
Overweight permits; underground pipe cleaning, hydroexcavating, and water blasting machinery to be issued. Adding  46.2-1149.5. (Patron-Cole, HB 1645 (Chapter 429))
Parking; if parked in VDOT lot must abide by posted signs. Adding 46.2-1219.2. (Patron-Cox, HB 1986 (Chapter 263))
Parking of certain vehicles; localities to prohibit any truck in any residence district. Amending  46.2-1222.1. (Patron-Ticer, SB 926 (F))
Parking ordinances; local governments may prohibit parking of certain vehicles. Adding  46.2-1222.2. (Patron-May, HB 2387 (Chapter 487))
Pedestrians; motorists to stop for those at marked crosswalks. Amending  46.2-924. (Patron-Moran, HB 2863 (F); Miller, J.H., HB 2945 (F))
Personal Property Tax Relief Act; adds to definition of “qualifying vehicle”. Amending  58.1-3523. (Patron-Caputo, HB 1880 (Chapter 314))
Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998; commissioner of revenue to rely upon DMV information in determining whether vehicle qualifies. Amending  58.1-3523. (Patron-Bell, HB 2975 (Chapter 815))
Photo-monitoring systems; certain counties and cities may establish to enforce traffic light signal. Adding  15.2-968.1. (Patron-Purkey, HB 1762 (I) See HB1778; Bulova, HB 2484 (I) See HB1778; Watkins, SB 871 (I) See SB829)
Photo-monitoring systems; counties and cities may establish to enforce traffic light signals. Adding  15.2-968.1. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1778 (Chapter 836); Devolites Davis, SB 829 (Chapter 903))
Private attorney or collection agency; may collect fines, etc., and have access to DMV records. Amending  19.2-349. (Patron-Miller, P.J., HB 3051 (F))
Private roads; certification of signs and speed limits by licensed engineers for law-enforcement purposes. Amending  46.2-1307 and 46.2-1307.1. (Patron-Sherwood, HB 2025 (Chapter 187))
Private roads as highways; governing body of any county, city, or town may adopt ordinances designating thereas. Amending 46.2-1307. (Patron-Miller, J.H., HB 3046 (Chapter 310); Colgan, SB 1360 (Chapter 74))
Provisional driver’s licenses; restriction on using cellular phones and wireless devices. Amending  46.2-334.01. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HB 2510 (I) See HB1876)
Puncturing of motor vehicle tires; authorizes law-enforcement officers to utilize devices designed therefor. Amending 18.2-147.2. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1785 (Chapter 437))
Rail and Public Transportation, Department of; transfers motor fuels retail sales taxes thereto. Amending  33.1-391.4, 46.2-753, 58.1-638, 58.1-1724, and Chapter 627, 1958 Acts. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1399 (F))
Reckless driving; person must attend alcohol safety action program if driver’s license suspended. Amending  46.2-392. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1708 (Chapter 432))
Reckless driving; raises speed that constitutes regardless of speed limit. Amending  46.2-862. (Patron-Ruff, SB 801 (F))
Records of DMV; eliminates fee to receive driving record abstracts therefrom. Amending  46.2-208 and 46.2-214. (Patron-Williams, SB 1097 (Chapter 156))
Running a red light; increases penalty therefor. Amending 46.2-833. (Patron-Janis, HB 2587 (F))
Running a red light; punishable as reckless driving. Amending 46.2-833. (Patron-Hurt, HB 2761 (I) See HB2587)
Safety inspection requirements; exemptions for vehicles owned by military service members, etc. Adding  46.2-1158.2. (Patron-Suit, HB 1818 (F))
Safety inspection stickers and vehicle inspections; required for parked vehicles. Amending  46.2-1157 and 46.2-1163. (Patron-Miller, J.H., HB 3045 (Chapter 137); Colgan, SB 1363 (Chapter 75))
School bus warning devices; requires red lights to be activated whenever bus door is opened. Amending  46.2-1090. (Patron-Peace, HB 3084 (Chapter 421))
School buses; maximum speed limit therefor. Amending  46.2-871. (Patron-Lohr, HB 1729 (Chapter 98))
School buses; requirement of safety belts. Amending  22.1-177. (Patron-Spruill, HB 2903 (F))
Smoking; guilty of a misdemeanor if in certain proximity to gas pumps. Adding  46.2-819.4. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 1653 (Chapter 848))
Special identification cards; provisions shall not apply to certain applicants. Amending  46.2-328.1. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 2471 (Chapter 493))
Specially constructed, replica vehicles, etc.; revises procedures therefor to be titled and registered by DMV. Amending 46.2-100 and 46.2-625; adding  46.2-602.1. (Patron-Rust, HB 2501 (Chapter 325); Williams, SB 1383 (Chapter 393))
Speed determination devices; repeals provision that allows law-enforcement to show motorist readings. Amending  46.2-882. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 2357 (Chapter 231))
Speed limits; analysis of accident and law-enforcement data required before increasing. Amending  46.2-870. (Patron-Fralin, HB 3024 (Chapter 222); Bell, SB 783 (Chapter 544))
Speed limits; provides maximum speed limit in Village of Lucketts. Amending  46.2-870. (Patron-May, HB 2383 (F))
Speeding; increases minimum fine if driving over 20 miles of speed limit. Amending  46.2-947. (Patron-Hurt, HB 2763 (F))
Stopping on highways; makes it illegal to stop in intersections in certain localities. Amending  46.2-888. (Patron-Hurt, HB 2762 (F))
Supplemental funding; dedicates to primary and secondary road construction. Adding  46.2-206.1, 46.2-752.1, 58.1-816.2, and 58.1-3221.2. (Patron-Albo, HB 2434 (I) See HB3202)
Tangible personal property tax relief; repealed on passenger cars, motorcycles, etc. Amending  30-133, 46.2-623, 58.1-3506, 58.1-3506.1, and 58.1-3912; repealing  15.2-1636.20 and 58.1-3523 through 58.1-3536. (Patron-Potts, SB 1365 (F))
Taxes and license fees; law-enforcement officials, etc., exempted therefrom for one vehicle. Amending  46.2-752. (Patron-Scott, E.T., HB 2362 (Chapter 865))
Taxicab service by localities; financial data collected used only for consideration of rates or charges and kept confidential. Amending  46.2-2062. (Patron-Houck, SB 1000 (Chapter 238))
Taxicabs; registration thereof in another state shall be registered in Virginia. Adding  46.2-649.1:2. (Patron-Sickles, HB 3187 (F))
Temporary driver’s permits; limitation on validity. Amending 46.2-344. (Patron-Caputo, HB 1874 (F))
Toll facilities; operation of photo-monitoring or automatic vehicle identification systems. Amending  46.2-819.1 and 46.2-819.3. (Patron-Rust, HB 2462 (Chapter 200); Williams, SB 1100 (Chapter 78))
Towing and recovery operators; eliminates requirement to obtain written authorization from owner of property to tow a vehicle. Amending  46.2-1232. (Patron-Rust, HB 2260 (F))
Towing and recovery operators; exemption from liability when rendering emergency assistance. Amending  46.2-1231.1. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 1042 (Chapter 376))
Towing and Recovery Operators, Board for; review of contracts. Adding  46.2-2826.1. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2129 (F))
Toy vehicles; prohibits use thereof on highways, exception. Amending  46.2-100, 46.2-808, 46.2-905, 46.2-906, 46.2-906.1, 46.2-908.1, and 46.2-932. (Patron-Toscano, HB 2674 (Chapter 209); Deeds, SB 898 (Chapter 366))
Traffic light signal violation-enforcement program; localities may adopt ordinances therefor. Adding  15.2-968.1. (Patron-McQuigg, HB 1683 (I) See HB1778)
Traffic offenses; additional penalty for certain violations. Adding  46.2-902.2. (Patron-Obenshain, SB 332 (CD))
Transportation funding; authority to certain localities to impose additional fees therefor, report. Amending  2.2-1514, 10.1-1188, 15.2-2317 through 15.2-2327, 15.2-2403, 15.2-4839, 15.2-4840, 33.1-3, 33.1-13, 33.1-19.1, 33.1-23.03, 33.1-23.03:8, 33.1-223.2:12, 33.1-268, 33.1-269, 33.1-277, 46.2-694, 46.2-694.1, 46.2-697, 46.2-1135, 58.1-605, 58.1-606, 58.1-811, 58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2403, 58.1-2425, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; adding  15.2-2223.1, 15.2-2328, 15.2-2329, 15.2-2403.1, 15.2-4838.1, 30-278 through 30-282, 33.1-23.4:01, 33.1-391.6 through 33.1-391.15, 46.2-206.1, 46.2-702.1, 46.2-755.1, 46.2-755.2, 46.2-1167.1, 58.1-625.1, 58.1-802.1, 58.1-815.4, 58.1-1724.2 through 58.1-1724.7, 58.1-2402.1, 58.1-2531, 58.1-3221.2, and 58.1-3825.1; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Howell, W.J., HB 3202 (Chapter 896))
Transportation funding and reform; provides statewide funding of projects through current and additional funds, report. Amending  2.2-1514, 10.1-1188, 15.2-2403, 33.1-1, 33.1-2, 33.1-3, 33.1-13, 33.1-19.1, 33.1-23.03, 33.1-23.03:8, 33.1-67, 33.1-69, 33.1-72.1, 33.1-223.2:12, 33.1-268, 33.1-269, 33.1-277, 46.2-694.1, 46.2-697, 46.2-1135, 58.1-2217, 58.1-2249, 58.1-2289, 58.1-2701, and 58.1-2706; adding  15.2-2223.1, 15.2-2286.2, 15.2-2328, 15.2-2329, 15.2-2403.1, 30-278 through 30-283, 33.1-23.4:01, 46.2-206.1, 46.2-702.1, 58.1-2531, and 58.1-2532; repealing tenth enactment of Chapters 1019 and 1044, 2000 Acts. (Patron-Norment, SB 1417 (F))
Treasurers; make list of uncollected balances of previously billed tangible personal property taxes on certain vehicles. Amending 58.1-3921. (Patron-Ingram, HB 2390 (Chapter 867))
Truck climbing lanes; requiring trucks and combination vehicles to keep to right on interstate highway system. Amending  46.2-804. (Patron-Landes, HB 2534 (Chapter 501))
Vehicle detection devices; motorcycles to proceed through steady red signals if controlled thereby. Amending  46.2-833. (Patron-Bowling, HB 2916 (F))
Vehicle Emissions; Report of Department of Environmental Quality on Use of On-Road Remote Sensing Devices in Northern Virginia (HJR 208, 2006). (HD 13)
Vehicle registration; increases fees for those not designed to transport passengers for farming. Amending  46.2-694.1, 46.2-697, and 46.2-698. (Patron-Watts, HB 2610 (F))
Vehicle registration fees; additional fee to support Land Conservation Fund. Amending  46.2-694. (Patron-Ticer, SB 243 (CD))
Vehicle safety inspections; not required to make appointment therefor. Amending  46.2-1158 and 46.2-1165. (Patron-Bell, HB 3032 (F))
Vehicle titling and registration; exemptions for certain military service members. Amending  46.2-600. (Patron-Suit, HB 1817 (Chapter 934))
Vehicle warning lights; allows chaplains to equip their vehicles therewith. Amending  46.2-1020. (Patron-Puckett, SB 1094 (F))
Vehicle window tinting; certain allowed because of person’s medical condition. Amending  46.2-1053. (Patron-Callahan, HB 405 (CD))
Violation of right-of-way; guilty of reckless driving if cause death of another. Adding  46.2-863.1. (Patron-Obenshain, SB 909 (F))
Visual displays; permits visual displays if driver’s view is enhanced. Amending  46.2-1077. (Patron-Carrico, HB 2108 (Chapter 110))
Voter registration; copy of application to be maintained at DMV and registration records. Amending  24.2-411.1 and 24.2-445. (Patron-Dance, HB 46 (CD); Ingram, HB 356 (CD); Watkins, SB 80 (CD))
Voter registration; if not shown on pollbooks proof of registration at DMV, etc., required to vote. Amending  24.2-653. (Patron-Dance, HB 3168 (Chapter 692))
Weight limits for gravel trucks; extends sunset provision. Amending  46.2-1143. (Patron-Bowling, HB 2917 (Chapter 523))
Wildlife Center; authorizes vehicles owned thereby to rescue or euthanize injured wildlife when requested by law-enforcement agency. Adding  46.2-920.2. (Patron-Landes, HB 3075 (Chapter 139))
Wireless telecommunications devices; prohibits use thereof by certain drivers. Amending  46.2-334.01 and 46.2-335. (Patron-Caputo, HB 1876 (F); Miller, P.J., HB 3066 (F))
Yielding right-of-way; driver to yield when approaching certain vehicles. Amending  46.2-921.1. (Patron-Hogan, HB 2248 (F))
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