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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2007 Session

Abortion; informed consent shall include determination by physician of viability of fetus. Amending  18.2-76. (Patron-Cole, HB 1378 (F))
Abortion; physicians to report medical treatment for complication thereof. Adding  32.1-162.23 through 32.1-162.26. (Patron-Janis, HB 1274 (F))
Abortion; type of licensure required of physicians who perform. Adding  18.2-74.3. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SB 580 (F))
Abortion services; requires physicians to reside and practice in State. Adding  54.1-2963.2. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 237 (F))
Anabolic steroids; electronic ordering of Schedule II drugs and additions to Schedules IV and V. Amending  54.1-3401, 54.1-3414, 54.1-3415, 54.1-3450, 54.1-3452, and 54.1-3454. (Patron-Morgan, HB 937 (Chapter 346))
Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects; definitions. Amending  54.1-400. (Patron-Morgan, HB 936 (C))
Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers and Landscape Architects, Board for; continuing education. Adding  54.1-404.2. (Patron-Reid, HB 1054 (Chapter 683))
Attorney fees; clarifies where medical lien is asserted. Amending 8.01-66.9. (Patron-Joannou, HB 950 (C))
Attorneys; continuing legal education credits for members of General Assembly. Amending  54.1-3926; adding  54.1-3915.2. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 54 (F); Marshall, R.G., HB 120 (F))
Attorneys, uninsured; Supreme Court of Virginia and State Bar to consider form of mandatory insurance. (Patron-Joannou, HR 6 (P))
Audiology; Board to issue provisional license. Adding  54.1-2604. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 354 (Chapter 97))
Barbers and Cosmetology, Board for; regulation of laser or light therapy technicians. Amending  54.1-700 through 54.1-703, and 54.1-704.1 through 54.1-706; adding  54.1-703.4. (Patron-Hargrove, HB 1399 (C))
Beekeepers; persons with 50 or fewer hives not required to process honey in certified establishment. Adding  3.1-610.19:1. (Patron-Blevins, SB 101 (C))
Certified nurse midwives; clarifies relationship with licensed physicians. Amending  54.1-2901 and 54.1-2957; adding 54.1-2957.03. (Patron-Quayle, SB 488 (Chapter 750))
Child abuse or neglect; reporting requirements by ministers of religion. Amending  63.2-1509. (Patron-Brink, HB 1434 (F); Howell, SB 253 (Chapter 801))
Common Interest Communities, Adequacy of Training and Disclosure of Financial Information to Consumers by Financially Compensated Professional Managers of Condominium Associations, Property Owners’ Associations and Other Similar; Report of Real Estate Board, and Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (HJR 686, 2005). (HD 3)
Contractor Transaction Recovery Act; streamlines administrative processing of claims. Amending  54.1-1122 and 54.1-2114. (Patron-Houck, SB 201 (Chapter 723))
Contractors, Board for; educational requirements as condition for licensure. Amending  54.1-1102. (Patron-Athey, HB 1118 (Chapter 454); Houck, SB 72 (Chapter 475))
Court Reporting, Board of; created, report. Adding  54.1-4500 through 54.1-4515. (Patron-Quayle, SB 216 (C))
Court-appointed counsel; allows court to waive qualification requirements thereof. Amending  19.2-163.03. (Patron-Griffith, HB 414 (I) See HB1028)
Court-appointed counsel; court may appoint those not on Indigent Defense Commission list. Amending  19.2-159. (Patron-Hurt, HB 1028 (Chapter 680))
Court-appointed counsel; court may appoint those not on Indigent Defense Commission list. Amending  19.2-159 and 19.2-163.03. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 6 (Chapter 708))
Court-appointed counsel; court may waive limit on compensation for certain cases. Amending  19.2-163. (Patron-Putney, HB 176 (C))
Court-appointed counsel; removes monetary caps on fees. Amending 16.1-267 and 19.2-163. (Patron-Albo, HB 313 (F); Stolle, SB 573 (F))
Court-appointed counsel; written request for compensation. Amending  19.2-163. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 127 (Chapter 332))
Criminal history background checks; required for applicants for license in real estate. Amending  54.1-2105. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 285 (F))
Dealers in firearms; expands definition of firearms show. Amending  54.1-4200 and 54.1-4201.1. (Patron-Watts, HB 1447 (F))
Defense counsel; certificate of analysis available thereto at no charge. Amending  19.2-187. (Patron-Shannon, HB 987 (I) See HB1469)
Dental clinics; issuance of temporary permits for clinicians serving Department of Corrections. Amending  54.1-2715. (Patron-Hanger, SB 416 (Chapter 176))
Dental hygienists; can administer certain Schedule VI analgesia and anesthesia under dentist’s direction. Amending  54.1-2722 and 54.1-3408. (Patron-Brink, HB 996 (Chapter 858))
Dentists and dental hygienists; not required to display licenses when volunteering for charitable organization. Amending 54.1-2721 and 54.1-2727. (Patron-Rerras, SB 281 (Chapter 823))
Dialysis patient care technician; definition thereof. Amending 54.1-2729.2, 54.1-2729.3, and 54.1-3408. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 618 (Chapter 75))
Dietitians and nutritionists; requirements for licensure by Board of Health Professions. Amending  54.1-2731; adding 54.1-2730.1 through 54.1-2730.5. (Patron-Reid, HB 1056 (C))
Dogs and cats; licensed veterinarians to collect license fee and provide owners with pet license receipt when administering rabies vaccination. Amending  3.1-796.86 through 3.1-796.90 and 3.1-796.97; adding  3.1-796.87:1. (Patron-Orrock, HB 339 (Chapter 836))
Emergency medical services agencies; exempt from surface transportation and removal services. Amending  54.1-2819. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1145 (Chapter 555))
Employees and residents, local; right to express opinions to elected officials on matters of public concern. Adding 15.2-1512.4 and 15.2-2511.2. (Patron-Albo, HB 781 (Chapter 597))
Equine dentistry; provides exception from practice of veterinary medicine for practice thereof. Amending  54.1-3801. (Patron-Scott, E.T., HB 644 (C))
Fire and rescue squad volunteers; Department of Fire Programs and Office of Emergency Medical Services to initiate efforts to improve recruitment and retention thereof, report. (Patron-Herring, SJR 206 (F))
Fire and rescue squad volunteers; joint subcommittee to study income tax incentives therefor in an effort to recruit and retain qualified individuals. (Patron-Rust, HJR 76 (F))
Firefighters; shall not require minor who achieved certification to repeat after 16th birthday. Amending  27-14 and 40.1-79.1. (Patron-Hogan, HB 1390 (Chapter 462))
Foreign language interpreters; Joint Commission on Health Care to study use thereof in medical settings. (Patron-Brink, HJR 42 (F))
Funeral services licensees, funeral directors, and embalmers; continuing education requirements. Amending  54.1-2816.1. (Patron-Alexander, HB 1300 (C))
Gamete donors; anonymous donations thereof prohibited in medical procedures. Adding  54.1-2403.4. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 412 (C))
Healing arts; unprofessional conduct in practice thereof. Amending  54.1-2915. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 1531 (F))
Healing arts, practitioners of; Board of Medicine authority to issue restricted volunteer licenses. Adding  54.1-2928.1. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1487 (Chapter 881))
Health care; determination of data concerning safety and quality services rendered by physicians. Amending  32.1-276.4 and 32.1-276.5. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 760 (Chapter 426))
Health care provider; definition includes marriage and family therapists, and professional counselors. Amending  8.01-581.1, 8.01-581.13, 38.2-602, and 38.2-3412.1. (Patron-Shuler, HB 443 (Chapter 638))
Health insurance; assignment of benefits to emergency care physicians. Amending  2.2-2818; adding  38.2-3407.12:1. (Patron-Morgan, HB 946 (C))
Health insurance; assignment of benefits to emergency room physicians. Adding  38.2-3407.12:1. (Patron-Norment, SB 161 (F))
Health insurance; members of volunteer fire departments and rescue squads to enroll in state employees plan. Amending  2.2-2818; adding  2.2-2818.1. (Patron-Bell, HB 1346 (F))
Health insurance; refusal to accept assignments from patients or physicians prohibited. Adding  38.2-3407.13:3. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 253 (C))
Health professions; reinstatement hearing for mandatory suspension or revocation of license. Amending  54.1-2409. (Patron-Edwards, SB 214 (Chapter 367))
Health regulatory boards; investigations of licensees, certificate holders or registrants thereby. Amending  54.1-2400.2. (Patron-Callahan, HB 1501 (Chapter 155); Devolites Davis, SB 702 (Chapter 184))
Health regulatory boards; prohibition of certain transfers of moneys collected on behalf thereof. Amending  54.1-113 and 54.1-2505. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 351 (Chapter 631))
Home Care Consumer and Worker Protection Act; created. Adding 59.1-459.1 through 59.1-459.6. (Patron-Nutter, HB 425 (C))
Hospitals and health care practitioners; use of reprocessed single-use medical devices, penalty. Adding  32.1-135.3 and 54.1-2403.001. (Patron-Sickles, HB 768 (C))
Income tax, state; credit for certain health care practitioners. Adding  58.1-339.11. (Patron-Shannon, HB 246 (F); Devolites Davis, SB 458 (F))
Insurance agents; compliance with continuing education requirements. Amending  38.2-1868.1 and 38.2-1869. (Patron-Hargrove, HB 261 (Chapter 589))
Landscape architects; acceptance of plans by state and local authorities. Amending  54.1-409. (Patron-Oder, HB 521 (Chapter 643))
Law practices; allows those who are not active members of State Bar to render professional services. Amending  54.1-3902. (Patron-Albo, HB 776 (Chapter 198); Norment, SB 482 (Chapter 230))
Law-enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical personnel; persons using abusive language towards therefor mentioned guilty of misdemeanor. Amending  18.2-416. (Patron-Carrico, HB 371 (F); Bell, HB 1344 (F))
Librarians, professional; qualifications. Amending  42.1-15.1. (Patron-Suit, HB 382 (Chapter 539))
Literary Fund; distribution of punitive damages thereto and not to be used for attorneys’ fees. Amending  8.01-38.1. (Patron-Chichester, SB 68 (F))
Medical and health services to minors; notification to parents. Amending  54.1-2969. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 173 (F))
Medical assistant; administration of drugs or devices. Amending 54.1-3408. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 1455 (F))
Mold inspectors and remediators; licensure. Amending  54.1-300, 54.1-500, 54.1-500.1, 54.1-501, and 54.1-516; adding 54.1-517.3, 54.1-517.4, and 54.1-517.5. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 1498 (F))
Morning-after pill; parental consent for minors required, penalty. Amending  54.1-2969; adding  54.1-2969.1. (Patron-Byron, HB 868 (F))
Naturopathy; establishes licensure requirements. Amending 54.1-2900, 54.1-2901, 54.1-2914, and 54.1-3401; adding 54.1-2956.12 through 54.1-2956.16. (Patron-Phillips, HB 1389 (C); Puckett, SB 517 (C))
Nonresident pharmacies; inspections for those seeking registrations to conduct business. Amending  54.1-3434.1. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 302 (Chapter 397))
Nurse practitioners; expands prescriptive authority. Amending 54.1-2957.01. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SB 456 (Chapter 494))
Nursing education programs; to include instruction in child abuse recognition and intervention. Adding  54.1-3013.1. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SB 703 (Chapter 528))
Nursing education programs; to report to Board of Nursing annually their enrollment, graduation rate, etc. Amending  54.1-3005. (Patron-Toscano, HB 332 (Chapter 190))
Optometrists; allowed to locate practice within commercial or mercantile establishments. Amending  54.1-3205, 54.1-3205.1, and 54.1-3215. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 1330 (F))
Oral contraceptives; requirements for prescribing for minors. Adding  54.1-2403.4. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 1199 (C))
Parasail operators; localities by ordinance to regulate. Adding 15.2-912.4. (Patron-Purkey, HB 747 (C))
Pawnbrokers; required to keep accurate record of each resale of goods, etc. at place of business. Amending  54.1-4009. (Patron-Bell, HB 1355 (F))
Pharmacy benefits managers; requirements for regulation and registration. Amending  38.2-3407.4:2, 38.2-3407.5, 38.2-3407.5:1, 38.2-3407.6:1, 38.2-3407.7, 38.2-3407.9:01, 38.2-3407.9:02, 38.2-3407.15, 38.2-4209.1, 38.2-4214, 38.2-4312.1, 38.2-4319, and 38.2-4509; adding  38.2-1365 through 38.2-1384. (Patron-Morgan, HB 945 (C))
Pharmacy, Board of; specific powers and duties. Amending 2.2-4006 and 54.1-3307. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 355 (Chapter 632))
Pharmacy, Board of; specific powers and duties. Amending 54.1-3307. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 290 (I) See HB355)
Physical therapy; prohibits anyone not licensed from advertising services thereas. Amending  54.1-3481. (Patron-Athey, HB 1111 (F))
Physical therapy; removes referral and supervision requirements for practice thereof except in specific instances. Amending 54.1-3473, 54.1-3481, and 54.1-3482. (Patron-Athey, HB 1112 (F))
Physician assistants; provides that they may sign various forms and certificates, and provide medical information, etc. Amending 2.2-2818, 22.1-178, 32.1-46, 32.1-50, 32.1-60, 32.1-138, 32.1-325, 45.1-161.70, 45.1-161.292:43, 46.2-208, 46.2-322, 54.1-3812, 59.1-297, 59.1-298, 63.2-1716, and 63.2-1808. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 300 (Chapter 396))
Physicians; adds podiatry to definition thereof. Amending 8.01-581.18. (Patron-Bell, HB 1352 (Chapter 877))
Physicians; definition of office practice. Amending  54.1-2410. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 620 (C))
Physicians; extends immunity for failure to review and respond to report or result of test. Amending  8.01-581.18. (Patron-McDougle, SB 660 (F))
Physicians; extends sunset provision to purchase medical malpractice insurance. Amending third enactment of Chapter 822, 2004 Acts. (Patron-Newman, SB 610 (Chapter 580))
Physicians; immunity thereof for failing to review or act on any laboratory tests, etc., exception. Amending  8.01-581.18; adding  8.01-581.18:1. (Patron-Athey, HB 1110 (Chapter 684))
Physicians and Hospitals, Joint Subcommittee Studying Risk Management Plans for; continued. (Patron-Athey, HJR 183 (P); Newman, SJR 90 (P))
Pounds, shelters, and pet stores; State Veterinarian to inspect annually. Adding  3.1-796.76:1. (Patron-Eisenberg, HB 1168 (F))
Pounds, shelters, and pet stores; State Veterinarian to inspect annually, observance of euthanasia procedure. Adding 3.1-796.76:1 and 3.1-796.76:2. (Patron-Amundson, HB 1095 (F))
Practitioners of natural foods, etc.; exemptions to licensure requirements. Amending  54.1-2901. (Patron-Lucas, SB 422 (C))
Precious metals dealers; required to obtain thumbprints of both hands of individual selling item. Amending  54.1-4101 and 54.1-4104. (Patron-Stolle, SB 654 (C))
Preneed Funeral Contract Recovery Fund; created. Amending 54.1-2800, 54.1-2803, 54.1-2806, and 54.1-2822.1; adding 54.1-2824.1. (Patron-Alexander, HB 1299 (C))
Preneed funeral contracts; clarifies deposits in trust accounts thereof. Amending  54.1-2822. (Patron-Nixon, HB 571 (C))
Prescription drugs; provides an exception to requirement for patients in certain correctional institutions. Amending 54.1-3408.01. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 622 (Chapter 195))
Prescription drugs; training and regulations for administering to child in child day program. Amending  54.1-3005 and 54.1-3408. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1147 (Chapter 686))
Prescription Monitoring Program; modifies reporting requirements. Amending  54.1-2521. (Patron-Wampler, SB 187 (Chapter 167))
Pseudoephedrine; licensed pharmacist only to dispense, etc. Adding  18.2-248.8. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1149 (I) See HB1040)
Public Guardianship Program; authorizes public guardian or conservator to make funeral or burial arrangements upon death of incapacitated person. Amending  2.2-713. (Patron-Ebbin, HB 856 (Chapter 854))
Public Procurement Act; contractors responsibility for performance and payment bonds. Amending  2.2-4337. (Patron-Janis, HB 1259 (Chapter 694))
Real Estate Board; duties of licensees and limited service representatives. Amending  54.1-2105, 54.1-2130 through 54.1-2134, 54.1-2138, and 54.1-2141; adding  54.1-2138.1 and 54.1-2145. (Patron-Albo, HB 316 (Chapter 627))
Real Estate Board; educational requirements for licensure. Amending  54.1-2105. (Patron-Cox, HB 211 (Chapter 61))
Real Estate Brokers, Rental Location Agents etc.; limitations upon recovery from fund. Amending  54.1-2116. (Patron-Shannon, HB 1605 (C))
Registered nurses; Board of Health to require circulator duties during surgical procedures be performed thereby. Amending 32.1-127. (Patron-Cox, HB 555 (F))
Registered pharmacy technicians; authorized to accept oral prescriptions for diagnostic, non-patient specific radiopharmaceuticals under direct supervision of qualified nuclear pharmacist. Amending  54.1-3320. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 299 (Chapter 626))
Resident trainee; name changed to funeral service interns. Amending  54.1-2800, 54.1-2803, 54.1-2806, 54.1-2813, and 54.1-2817. (Patron-Alexander, HB 151 (Chapter 56))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for funeral expenses. Amending  58.1-609.10. (Patron-Morgan, HB 328 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include certain contractors. Amending  58.1-610. (Patron-Shannon, HB 248 (F); Parrish, HB 536 (F); Hugo, HB 1251 (F); Frederick, HB 1315 (F); Howell, SB 254 (F); Colgan, SB 478 (F))
Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include personal property purchased by contractor. Amending  58.1-609.3. (Patron-Blevins, SB 96 (F))
Retirement System; benefits for emergency medical technicians. Amending  51.1-138. (Patron-Tata, HB 37 (Chapter 388))
Secondhand dealers; adds regulation thereof to current statutes regulating pawnbrokers. Amending  54.1-4000 through 54.1-4003, 54.1-4008 through 54.1-4011, and 54.1-4014; adding  54.1-4015. (Patron-Stolle, SB 653 (C))
Social Work, Board of; increases membership. Amending  54.1-3703. (Patron-Orrock, HB 1146 (Chapter 685))
Unmarried women; prohibition on provision of certain intervening medical technology. Adding  54.1-2403.4. (Patron-Marshall, R.G., HB 187 (F))
Vaccines; authorizes hospitals to provide for administration thereof for influenza and pneumococcus. Amending  54.1-3303 and 54.1-3408; adding  32.1-126.4. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 851 (Chapter 432))
Veterinarians; pro bono tax credit for certain procedures. Adding 58.1-339.11. (Patron-Welch, HB 835 (F); Athey, HB 1113 (F); Hull, HB 1367 (F))
Volunteer Firefighters’ and Rescue Squad Workers’ Service Award Fund Board; change in membership. Amending  2.2-2101 and 51.1-1201. (Patron-Cline, HB 1579 (Chapter 707))
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