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2005 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2004 Session
(CD) Carried over from 2004 session but died in committee on or before December 10th

276th Engineer Battalion, Virginia National Guard; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 1001 (P))
Air installations compatible use zones; prohibition on certain legal actions against any locality, etc. Adding  15.2-2294.1. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 2901 (F))
Boy Scouts; expressing sense of General Assembly to support right to assemble and use facilities of all State military installations of National Guard. (Patron-Fralin, HJR 706 (P))
C Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, National Guard; commending. (Patron-Morgan, HJR 912 (P))
Constitutional amendment; different rates of taxation for military members in combat (first reference). Amending Section 1 of Article X. (Patron-Cole, HJR 762 (F))
Division of Military Aides-de-Camp; created. Amending  2.2-102. (Patron-Callahan, HB 1720 (F))
Federal Burial Allowance; Congress urged to increase. (Patron-Saslaw, SJR 441 (F))
Higher education; hiring and admission of military personnel. Adding  23-7.1:03. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1659 (F); O’Brien, SB 1251 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to persons serving in, honorably discharged or retired from U.S. Army. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Frederick, HB 2776 (Chapter 929))
License plates, special; issuance to recipients of National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, to unremarried surviving spouses of U.S. Marine Corps veterans, to members of U.S. Naval Construction Force (Seabees), to Veterans of Foreign Wars of U.S. organization, to supporters of Shenandoah National Park Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, Robert Russa Moton Museum, Salem Avalanche baseball team, to members of United Daughters of Confederacy, to members and supporters of Mustang Club of America, Northern Virginia Swim League, to quilters, Master Gardeners, scuba divers, to persons who desire to contribute to Housing Partnership Revolving Fund, of those promoting lung cancer research, awareness, and prevention, of those bearing seal, symbol, emblem, or logotype of counties, cities, and towns, of those bearing legend: DRIVE SMART, VIRGINIA WINES, and to commemorate 100th anniversary of City of Galax. Amending 46.2-743, 46.2-749.2:10 and 46.2-749.4; adding  46.2-742.5, 46.2-742.6, 46.2-746.2:3.1, 46.2-746.2:6, 46.2-746.23, 46.2-749.49:1, 46.2-749.56:1 and 46.2-749.118 through 46.2-749.129; repealing  46.2-749.49 and 46.2-749.56. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1501 (Chapter 273))
License plates, special; issuance to those awarded Combat Infantryman Badge. Adding  46.2-742.5; repealing  46.2-742.4. (Patron-Louderback, HB 2179 (F))
License plates, special; issuance to unremarried surviving spouse of U.S. Marine Corps veterans. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Melvin, HB 2530 (I) See HB1501)
License plates, special; issuance to Veterans of Foreign Wars members. Adding  46.2-746.2:6. (Patron-Barlow, HB 2387 (I) See HB1501)
License plates, special; one-time fee plus prescribed cost of plates for certain military veterans. Amending  46.2-743. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1058 (Chapter 264))
Line of Duty Act; disabled person to include any state employee, additional benefits for state and local employees called to active military duty. Amending  9.1-400 and 44-93.1. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1738 (Chapter 907); Cox, HB 1793 (Chapter 910))
Motor vehicle safety inspection approval stickers; allows extension for military personnel. Adding  46.2-1158.1. (Patron-Hargrove, HB 1688 (F); Wardrup, HB 2186 (Chapter 582))
National Guard; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 853 (P))
Payday loans; cannot make loan to any consumer residing in State, restrictions on loans made to spouses of military personnel. Amending  6.1-444, 6.1-445 and 6.1-459. (Patron-Morgan, HB 1156 (Chapter 571))
Political campaign advertisements; unauthorized use of military medals and decorations, penalty. Adding  24.2-945. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 1657 (F))
Public school attendance; children of military personnel. Amending  22.1-5. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1679 (F))
Public schools; free admission to children of certain military personnel. Amending  22.1-3 and 22.1-5. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1678 (F))
Public schools; military dependents to receive educational benefits. Adding  22.1-199.5. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 2568 (F))
Real estate tax; deferral for certain disabled military veterans. Amending  58.1-3211. (Patron-Deeds, SB 248 (CD))
Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; early termination of rental agreement by military personnel. Amending  55-248.21:1. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 968 (Chapter 742))
Resources Authority; expands projects to be financed to include construction at federal facilities. Amending  62.1-198 and 62.1-199. (Patron-Locke, SB 1256 (Chapter 769))
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; attorneys’ fees. Amending 8.01-15.2 and 8.01-428. (Patron-Janis, HB 1757 (Chapter 909))
Sitter-Barefoot Veterans’ Care Center; Governor to request federal funds to expand capacity by an additional 80 beds. (Patron-Cox, HB 2850 (Chapter 852))
Tuition, in-state; applicable to certain military personnel and dependents. Amending  23-7.4:2. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 2567 (F))
Unemployment compensation; applicable to a military spouse. Amending  60.2-528 and 60.2-618. (Patron-Tata, HB 1288 (CD); Tata, HB 1491 (F); Tata, HB 1495 (F); Tata, HB 1700 (F))
Veterans; Commissioner of Department of Veterans Services to appoint personnel to process benefit claims on weekly basis. Amending  2.2-2002; adding  2.2-2002.1. (Patron-Cox, HB 2851 (Chapter 888))
Veterans; State to give additional consideration in hiring to certain. Amending  2.2-2903 and 15.2-1509. (Patron-Parrish, HB 2064 (I) See HB2428; Cole, HB 2428 (Chapter 413))
War of 1812, Society of; disbursement of funds for care of cemeteries and graves. Adding  10.1-2211.2. (Patron-Rust, HB 2798 (F))
War Orphan Education Program; created. Amending  23-7.4:1. (Patron-Janis, HB 1682 (Chapter 783); Stolle, SB 1288 (Chapter 773))
War veterans memorials; includes Operation Iraqi Freedom. Amending  15.2-1812. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 2012 (Chapter 390))
Water and sewer systems; waiver of charges for families of active duty National Guard members and Reservists. Adding 15.2-2119.2. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HB 2591 (F))
Workers’ compensation; eligibility for National Guard, State Defense Force or naval militia. Adding  65.2-103. (Patron-Ruff, SB 1035 (Chapter 223))
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