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2005 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2004 Session
(CD) Carried over from 2004 session but died in committee on or before December 10th

2004 Capitol Holiday Steering Committee; commending its efforts to provide 2004 Capitol Holiday Tree. (Patron-Saxman, HR 42 (P))
2004 Capitol Holiday Tree Project and Steering Committee; commending its efforts to provide 2004 Capitol Holiday Tree. (Patron-Hanger, SJR 538 (P))
276th Engineer Battalion, Virginia National Guard; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 1001 (P))
Adams, Carole; commending. (Patron-Saxman, HJR 627 (P))
Almquist, Nathan; commending. (Patron-Morgan, HJR 831 (P))
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral; commending. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 519 (P))
Aquarium and Marine Science Center; commending. (Patron-Suit, HJR 834 (P))
Arlington Arts Center; commemorating its 30th anniversary. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 964 (P))
Arlington Community Action Program; commemorating its 40th anniversary. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 740 (P))
Arlington Community Temporary Shelter; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 894 (P))
Armentrout, Olin; commending. (Patron-Puckett, SJR 438 (P))
Arts Enter; commending. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 499 (P))
Augusta County 4-H and FFA Market Animal Show and Sale; commemorating its 60th anniversary. (Patron-Landes, HJR 739 (P))
Augusta County 4-H Home School Envirothon team; commending. (Patron-Landes, HJR 540 (P))
Axselle, Ronald W.; commending. (Patron-Reid, HJR 839 (P))
Bagley, Robert G. “Buddy”; commending. (Patron-Cosgrove, HJR 852 (P))
Baldwin, Robert N.; commending. (Patron-McDonnell, HJR 1002 (P))
Barkhouser, Richard; commending. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HJR 921 (P))
Barraco, Mary Sigillo; commending. (Patron-McDonnell, HJR 878 (P))
Beamer, Frank; commending. (Patron-Shuler, HJR 766 (P); Edwards, SJR 398 (P))
Bell, Lee; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 861 (P))
Berry, Bernice I. “Bea”; commending. (Patron-BaCote, HJR 826 (P))
Bill’s Barbeque; commemorating its 75th anniversary. (Patron-Marrs, HJR 1004 (P))
Bishop Dennis J. O’Connell High School; commemorating its 30th anniversary of SuperDance. (Patron-Whipple, SJR 373 (P))
Blakey, Louis R., Sr.; commending. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 1007 (P))
Blue Star Families; commending. (Patron-Bell, HJR 998 (P))
Bong-Wright, Jackie; commending. (Patron-Hull, HJR 637 (P))
Bowman, Mitch; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 613 (P))
Bowman, William W. “Bill”, Jr.; commending. (Patron-Martin, SJR 535 (P))
Braxton, Grace Anne; commending. (Patron-Howell, W.J., HJR 786 (P))
Breakell, Robert; commending. (Patron-Fralin, HJR 534 (P))
Brooks, Aaron; commending. (Patron-BaCote, HJR 827 (P))
Brooks, Lillian; commending. (Patron-Ticer, SJR 368 (P))
Brown, Edward L., Sr.; commending. (Patron-Miller, SJR 266 (P))
Browne, James E., Sr.; commending. (Patron-Hull, HJR 758 (P))
Buchanan County robotics team #388, Maximum Oz; commending. (Patron-Stump, HJR 830 (P))
Buckley, Donald S.; commending. (Patron-Blevins, SJR 323 (P))
Buena Vista Volunteer Fire Department; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Cline, HJR 1000 (P))
Buffalo Gap High School girls’ outdoor track and field team; commending. (Patron-Saxman, HJR 629 (P))
Burton, Edward T.; commending. (Patron-Ware, O., HJR 935 (P))
Burton, Frank; commending. (Patron-Hall, HJR 784 (P))
C Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, National Guard; commending. (Patron-Morgan, HJR 912 (P))
Campbell, Lang; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 425 (P))
Canaday, Mike; commending. (Patron-Howell, W.J., HJR 844 (P))
Carlisle School field hockey team; commending. (Patron-Armstrong, HJR 951 (P))
Carreras, Frederick Louis; commending. (Patron-Watkins, SJR 461 (P))
Carrico, Willie; commending. (Patron-Cosgrove, HJR 958 (P))
Carter, Mary; commending. (Patron-Hall, HJR 783 (P))
Cash, Juanita; commending. (Patron-Newman, SJR 350 (P))
Celebrate 350: Jewish Life in America; commemorating 350th anniversary of Jews in America. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HJR 867 (P))
Cencich, John Robert; commending. (Patron-Stolle, SR 43 (P))
Charlottesville High School boys’ soccer team; commending. (Patron-Van Yahres, HJR 568 (P))
Chesapeake Economic Development Department; commending. (Patron-Cosgrove, HR 48 (P))
Christian, Mary Taylor; commending. (Patron-Ward, HJR 914 (P))
Chubb, Richard L.; commending. (Patron-Ware, O., HJR 942 (P))
Chuckatuck Ruritan Club; commemorating its 75th anniversary. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HJR 735 (P))
Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HJR 733 (P))
Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore (CBES); commemorating its 15th anniversary. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 500 (P))
Clark, Pamela; commending. (Patron-Armstrong, HJR 728 (P))
Clark, Sarah; commending. (Patron-Miller, SJR 264 (P))
Clarke County High School boys’ cross country team; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 280 (P))
Clarke County High School girls’ cross country team; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 279 (P))
Coan Baptist Church; commemorating its 200th anniversary. (Patron-Pollard, HJR 741 (P))
Cochrane, Louise B. and J. Harwood; commending. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 793 (P))
Coffey, Roy D.; commending. (Patron-Frederick, HJR 843 (P))
Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 592 (P))
Community Criminal Justice Association; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 875 (P))
Copeland, John A.; commending. (Patron-Athey, HJR 825 (P))
Corkey, Jack and Laurie; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 887 (P))
Cotton, Dee; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 487 (P))
Courtland High School; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-Houck, SJR 378 (P))
Covington, Douglas; commending. (Patron-Nutter, HJR 893 (P); Edwards, SJR 299 (P))
Crabtree, William, Jr.; commending. (Patron-Hall, HJR 784 (P))
Crittenden, Flora Davis; commending. (Patron-BaCote, HJR 807 (P))
Damascus, Town of; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Johnson, HJR 729 (P))
Darner, L. Karen; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 1017 (P))
Davis, Carol; commending. (Patron-Chichester, SR 26 (P))
Davis, Donald L.; commending. (Patron-Ware, O., HJR 941 (P))
Davis, Nancy; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 888 (P))
Davis, Walter L.; commending. (Patron-Mims, SJR 507 (P))
Day, Maddell; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 859 (P))
Decker, Peter G., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 517 (P))
Deep Run High School golf team; commending. (Patron-Janis, HJR 829 (P))
DeGree, Lillie; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 313 (P))
Delta Dental Plan; commemorating its 40th anniversary. (Patron-Marsh, SJR 395 (P))
Dennehy, Karen; commending. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 858 (P))
Dismal Swamp Canal; commemorating its 200th anniversary. (Patron-Suit, HJR 594 (P))
Dixie Youth Baseball; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 612 (P))
Douglass, Sean; commending. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 525 (P))
Drisko, Melville A., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 581 (P))
du Mee, Matt; commending. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SJR 481 (P))
Duke, Elizabeth A.; commending. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 835 (P))
Duncan, Walter M.; commending. (Patron-Athey, HJR 877 (P))
Echols, Thurman O., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 1008 (P))
Economic development officials in various counties; commending. (Patron-Scott, E.T., HJR 797 (P))
Electronic Commerce Technology Center; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Hamilton, HJR 647 (P))
Ellington, Jane; commending. (Patron-Cline, HJR 993 (P))
Elswick, Stephen A.; commending. (Patron-Nixon, HJR 909 (P))
Equity Office at Reston Town Center; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 889 (P))
Erwin, Scott; commending. (Patron-Stosch, SJR 539 (P))
Fairfax County Branch of NAACP; commemorating its 90th anniversary. (Patron-Shannon, HJR 950 (P))
Federation of Virginia Food Banks; commending. (Patron-Whipple, SJR 502 (P))
Fifer, Craig; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 963 (P))
Fire Chiefs Association, Inc.; commemorating its 75th anniversary. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HJR 734 (P))
First Infantry Division, Big Red One; commemorating its 40th anniversary of deployment in Vietnam. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HR 47 (P))
Fishburne Military School rifle team; commending. (Patron-Landes, HJR 582 (P))
Flippo, John F. “Jeff”; commending. (Patron-May, HJR 808 (P))
Forest View Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Watkins, SJR 431 (P))
Frank W. Cox High School; commending. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 979 (P))
Frank W. Cox High School girls’ volleyball team; commending. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 978 (P))
Franklin High School football team; commending. (Patron-Councill, HJR 794 (P))
Galax High School golf team; commending. (Patron-Carrico, HJR 868 (P))
Garcia, Kelvin; commending. (Patron-Houck, SJR 379 (P))
Garner, James W.; commending. (Patron-Abbitt, HJR 838 (P))
Gate City High School girls’ volleyball team; commending. (Patron-Kilgore, HJR 824 (P))
Gilbert, Lowell H.; commending. (Patron-Martin, SJR 423 (P))
Girdhar, Tanya; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 1016 (P))
Giving Circle of Hope; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 886 (P))
Glen Allen Youth Athletic Association; commending. (Patron-O’Bannon, HJR 754 (P))
Goode, David R.; commending. (Patron-Miller, HJR 930 (P))
Goodwin House; commending staff, visitors and residents. (Patron-Moran, HJR 1009 (P))
Governor’s School for Science and Technology; commending. (Patron-Bryant, HJR 788 (P))
Greater Merrifield Business Association; commemorating its 20th anniversary. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 534 (P))
Gretna High School football team; commending. (Patron-Dudley, HJR 737 (P))
Grey, Robert J., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Hall, HJR 785 (P))
Gum Springs Glen; commending. (Patron-Puller, SJR 444 (P))
Guth, Nancy DeVries; commending. (Patron-Callahan, HJR 874 (P))
Haight, Rosalie; commending. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 965 (P))
Hall, Tori; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 614 (P))
Halpern, Caitlin; commending. (Patron-Petersen, HJR 926 (P))
Hampton University football team; commending. (Patron-Locke, SJR 289 (P))
Hanover Club of Ashland; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 610 (P))
Harris, Tom; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 860 (P))
Hartwood Presbyterian Church; commemorating its 180th anniversary. (Patron-Cole, HJR 865 (P))
Harvey, Ricki; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 314 (P))
Harvey, Virginia Ellen Whitten; commending. (Patron-Landes, HR 36 (P))
Harvin, Percy; commending. (Patron-Welch, HJR 976 (P))
Hatrick, Edgar B., III; commending. (Patron-Mims, SJR 540 (P))
Head, Barbara B.; commending. (Patron-Spruill, HJR 962 (P))
Health Care Foundation; commemorating its 13th anniversary. (Patron-O’Bannon, HJR 761 (P))
Heflin, Wilbur; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 863 (P))
Helmly, James R.; commending. (Patron-O’Brien, SJR 476 (P))
Henrico County Office of Emergency Services; commending. (Patron-O’Bannon, HJR 755 (P))
Herrick, Dianne; commending. (Patron-Cline, HJR 992 (P))
Hills, Joseph; commending. (Patron-Dillard, HJR 833 (P); O’Brien, SJR 348 (P))
History, Healing and Hope; commending. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 752 (P))
Hoffman, Brian; commending. (Patron-Griffith, HJR 936 (P))
Hooper, Lynn; commending. (Patron-Amundson, HJR 759 (P))
Hossain, Mukit; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 490 (P))
Howard, Anne Carson Rice; commending. (Patron-McDonnell, HR 39 (P))
Huntington Park Beach Lifeguards and Dive Team; commending. (Patron-Oder, HJR 678 (P))
Iaricci, Peter V., Sr.; commending. (Patron-Ingram, HJR 837 (P))
Ingebritsen, Karl; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 923 (P))
Ingo, Police Canine; commending heroic actions and recording sorrow upon death. (Patron-Bell, HJR 872 (P))
Inova Health System; commending. (Patron-Petersen, HJR 928 (P))
J. E. B. Stuart High School; commending. (Patron-Hull, HJR 638 (P))
Jain, Abhishek; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 1016 (P))
James Madison University football team; commending. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HJR 836 (P); Hanger, SJR 443 (P))
James River High School softball team; commending. (Patron-Putney, HJR 560 (P))
Janow, Lawrence; commending. (Patron-Cline, HJR 913 (P))
Johnston Memorial Hospital; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Johnson, HJR 940 (P))
Jones, Cynthia; commending. (Patron-Melvin, HJR 881 (P); Quayle, SJR 473 (P))
Jones, Terrence D.; commending. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 486 (P))
Katcham, Jim; commending. (Patron-Hugo, HJR 977 (P))
Keller, Ted; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 453 (P))
Kelly, Edward L.; commending. (Patron-Parrish, HR 54 (P); O’Brien, SJR 347 (P); Colgan, SR 45 (P))
Kelly, Martha; commending. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HJR 806 (P))
Kidd, Henry E.; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 931 (P))
Kids R First; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 488 (P))
Korean Central Presbyterian Church; commending. (Patron-Petersen, HJR 928 (P))
Lancaster High School Red Devil marching band; commending. (Patron-Pollard, HJR 974 (P))
Landstown High School football team; commending. (Patron-McDonnell, HJR 787 (P))
Lee, G. Robert “Bob”; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 795 (P); Lingamfelter, HJR 864 (P))
Lightsey, Martin and employees of Specialty Blades; commending. (Patron-Saxman, HJR 628 (P))
Litten, Allen; commending. (Patron-Obenshain, SJR 298 (P))
Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company; commending. (Patron-Houck, SJR 326 (P))
Long, Ray, Jr.; commending. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 609 (P))
Loudoun Literacy Council; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-May, HJR 849 (P))
Loudoun Valley High School girls’ volleyball team; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 278 (P))
Loxley-Barnard, Jean; commending. (Patron-Cosgrove, HJR 943 (P))
Lubowski, Yak; commending. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HJR 862 (P))
Mabry, Shaun; commending. (Patron-Fralin, HJR 533 (P))
Manassas Park High School football team; commending. (Patron-Parrish, HJR 603 (P))
Manassas Park High School varsity competition cheerleading team; commending. (Patron-Parrish, HJR 892 (P))
Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Watkins, SJR 430 (P))
Maples, Laura; commending. (Patron-Shannon, HJR 960 (P); Devolites Davis, SJR 526 (P))
Marsh, Kirby; commending. (Patron-Byron, HJR 975 (P))
Marshall-Wythe School of Law; commemorating its 225th anniversary. (Patron-McDougle, HJR 856 (P))
Mathews Market Days Committee; commending. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 501 (P))
Maxey, William E., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 880 (P))
Maxwell, Walter Henry; commending. (Patron-Marsh, SJR 301 (P))
Mayer, Alan E.; commending. (Patron-Puller, SJR 506 (P))
Mays, Kathy L.; commending. (Patron-McDonnell, HJR 1003 (P))
McLean Little League; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HR 50 (P))
McLean Little League girls’ all-star softball team; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 315 (P))
McWilliams, Jody; commending. (Patron-Baskerville, HJR 736 (P))
Meadowbrook High School football team; commending. (Patron-Nixon, HJR 796 (P); Martin, SJR 357 (P))
Medical coders; commending. (Patron-O’Bannon, HJR 753 (P))
Mess, Walter L.; commending. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HJR 961 (P))
Meurlin, Keith Wood; commending. (Patron-Rust, HJR 995 (P))
Miller, Heath; commending. (Patron-Puckett, SJR 439 (P))
Mitchell, Travis; commending. (Patron-Puckett, SJR 528 (P))
Morgan, R. Scott; commending. (Patron-Joannou, HJR 676 (P))
Moss, P. Buckley; commending. (Patron-Landes, HJR 738 (P))
Municipal Clerks Association; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 591 (P))
Municipal League; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Parrish, HJR 604 (P))
Narrows, Town of; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Keister, HJR 804 (P))
National Education Association and Education Association Art and Essay Contest; commending student winners. (Patron-Marsh, SJR 514 (P))
National Guard; commending. (Patron-Cox, HJR 853 (P))
National Guard’s Commonwealth ChalleNGe Program; commending. (Patron-Suit, HJR 593 (P))
New Point Comfort Lighthouse in Mathews County preservation committee; commending. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 529 (P))
Newport News Fire Department; commending. (Patron-Oder, HJR 994 (P))
Noe, Robert S., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Mims, SJR 306 (P))
Norfolk Public Library; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Alexander, HJR 811 (P))
Norfolk Saints; commending. (Patron-Miller, HJR 929 (P))
North of the James magazine; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Baskerville, HJR 832 (P))
Northern Virginia Congressional delegation; commending. (Patron-Frederick, HJR 553 (P))
Occoquan Watershed Coalition; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Hugo, HJR 866 (P))
Ocean View Coordinating Committee; commemorating its 30th anniversary. (Patron-Rerras, SJR 518 (P))
Papke, Rayel; commending. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SJR 481 (P))
Patrick Henry College moot court team; commending. (Patron-Cuccinelli, SJR 481 (P))
Paul VI Catholic High School baseball team; commending. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 485 (P))
Phillips, William M.; commending. (Patron-Cline, HJR 999 (P))
Pierce, Leola Beavers; commending. (Patron-Quayle, SJR 472 (P))
Pine Spring Elementary School; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HJR 997 (P))
Pitts, Jennifer; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 611 (P))
Plaintiffs, attorneys and other civil rights giants; commending efforts to promote racial equality and justice. (Patron-Lucas, SR 42 (P))
Plaugher, Edward P.; commending. (Patron-Whipple, SJR 369 (P))
Potomac Falls High School girls’ soccer team; commending. (Patron-Black, HJR 545 (P); Mims, SJR 303 (P))
Powers, James W.; commending. (Patron-Houck, SJR 377 (P))
Price, Johnny T.; commending. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 479 (P))
Primary Care Association; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-Pollard, HJR 911 (P))
Prince William County Department of Economic Development; commending. (Patron-Frederick, HJR 595 (P))
Randall, Bryan; commending. (Patron-Rapp, HJR 902 (P))
Randolph-Macon College; commemorating its 175th anniversary. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 983 (P))
Red Top Cab; commemorating its 40th anniversary. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 1018 (P))
Reston Times; commending. (Patron-Howell, SJR 489 (P))
Retail Merchants Association; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-O’Bannon, HJR 756 (P); Ruff, SJR 446 (P))
Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond; commending. (Patron-Janis, HJR 810 (P))
Rice, Mariah Elizabeth; commending. (Patron-Hargrove, HJR 608 (P))
River Basin Grand Winners of Clean Water Farm and Bay Friendly Farm Awards; commending. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HJR 854 (P))
Robertson, Benjamin W.; commending. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 981 (P))
Rotary Club of Alexandria; commemorating its 77th anniversary. (Patron-Ticer, SJR 464 (P))
Rotary International; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Watts, HJR 1020 (P))
Rubin, Joel; commending. (Patron-Miller, SJR 267 (P))
Ryan, Debbie; commending. (Patron-Van Yahres, HJR 851 (P))
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School; commemorating its 50th anniversary. (Patron-Hull, HJR 636 (P))
Smith, Darryl C.; commending. (Patron-Rust, HJR 732 (P))
Smith, Kenny; commending. (Patron-Devolites Davis, SJR 478 (P))
Smith, Patricia L.; commending. (Patron-Van Yahres, HJR 927 (P))
Stafford County Youth Driver Task Force; commending. (Patron-Howell, W.J., HJR 850 (P))
Stone Bridge High School cheerleading team; commending. (Patron-Mims, SJR 305 (P))
Stonewall Brigade Band; commemorating its 150th anniversary. (Patron-Saxman, HJR 626 (P); Hanger, SJR 386 (P))
Sunderland, Philip; commending. (Patron-Ticer, SJR 527 (P))
Sydnor, Charles W., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Watkins, SJR 429 (P))
Texas Tavern; commemorating its 75th anniversary. (Patron-Fralin, HJR 876 (P))
Tharpe, Donald R.; commending. (Patron-Potts, SJR 274 (P))
Thomas, Nancy White; commending. (Patron-Marrs, HJR 973 (P))
Thompson-Deahl, Claudia; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 890 (P))
Threewitts, Susan; commending. (Patron-Obenshain, SJR 312 (P))
Triad/S.A.L.T.; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Scott, E.T., HJR 731 (P))
Tuggle, Robert A. “Alf”; commending. (Patron-Janis, HJR 1006 (P))
Tunstall High School baseball team; commending. (Patron-Hurt, HJR 895 (P))
Turner Ashby High School softball team; commending. (Patron-Obenshain, SJR 465 (P))
United Christian Parish of Reston; commending. (Patron-Plum, HJR 901 (P))
University of Richmond; commemorating its 175th anniversary. (Patron-Stosch, SJR 466 (P))
University of Virginia women’s lacrosse team; commending. (Patron-Fralin, HJR 538 (P))
Urick, Meredith Saunders “M. S.”; commending. (Patron-Weatherholtz, HJR 805 (P))
VFA-83 Rampagers; commending. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 897 (P))
Vick, Michael; commending. (Patron-BaCote, HJR 828 (P))
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry; commending. (Patron-Marsh, SJR 450 (P))
Virginia Intermont College equestrian teams; commending. (Patron-Johnson, HJR 730 (P))
Virginia Tech football team; commending. (Patron-Shuler, HJR 764 (P); Edwards, SJR 300 (P))
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine; commemorating its 25th anniversary. (Patron-Shuler, HJR 765 (P))
Virginians for Racing Hall of Fame; commending efforts to bring NASCAR Hall of Fame to Greater Richmond Metropolitan area. (Patron-Nixon, HR 51 (P); Bolling, SR 46 (P))
Virginians with Disabilities Act; commemorating its 20th anniversary. (Patron-Whipple, SJR 372 (P))
Voting Rights Act of 1965; commemorating its 40th anniversary. (Patron-Miles, HR 53 (P); Lucas, SR 44 (P))
W. T. Woodson High School football team; commending. (Patron-Saslaw, SJR 374 (P))
Wakefield High School boys’ basketball team; commending. (Patron-Eisenberg, HJR 996 (P))
Wallace, Cameron; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 963 (P))
Wallace, Hillary; commending. (Patron-Ebbin, HJR 963 (P))
Wallops Island Flight Facility; commemorating its 60th anniversary. (Patron-Lewis, HJR 580 (P))
Walton, Kirkland R.; commending. (Patron-Jones, D.C., HJR 982 (P))
Ward, Harry M.; commending. (Patron-Morgan, HJR 984 (P))
WBTM radio station; commemorating its 75th anniversary. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HJR 1005 (P))
Weber, Kent J.; commending. (Patron-Wardrup, HJR 677 (P))
Welsh, Cynthia H. “Cindy”; commending. (Patron-May, HJR 809 (P))
Werner, Charles L.; commending. (Patron-Deeds, SJR 448 (P))
West Lynchburg Baptist Church; commemorating its 100th anniversary. (Patron-Newman, SJR 433 (P))
West Potomac High School step team; commending. (Patron-Amundson, HJR 760 (P))
Whitworth, Claudia A.; commending. (Patron-Ware, O., HJR 910 (P))
William and Mary football team; commending. (Patron-Barlow, HJR 896 (P))
Williams, Claude A.; commending. (Patron-O’Brien, SJR 477 (P))
Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College; commemorating its 10th anniversary. (Patron-Hanger, SJR 349 (P); Hanger, SJR 480 (P))
Wood, William H. “Bill”; commending. (Patron-Cosgrove, HJR 980 (P))
Woodall, Robert M., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HJR 922 (P))
Yarbrough, Edwin Richard “Ed” and Barbara Jean “Barb”; commending. (Patron-Black, HJR 546 (P))
Yates, Elwood F., Jr.; commending. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HJR 879 (P))
Young, Donald G.; commending. (Patron-Carrico, HJR 869 (P))
Zierden, Bill; commending. (Patron-Houck, SJR 328 (P))
Zion Hill Baptist Church; commemorating its 125th anniversary. (Patron-Orrock, HJR 891 (P))
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