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2005 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over from 2004 Session
(CD) Carried over from 2004 session but died in committee on or before December 10th

Headboat and charterboat owners; allows recreational fishing license to cover all passengers on their boats. Amending 28.2-302.8. (Patron-Oder, HB 2816 (Chapter 198))
Law-enforcement officers of Marine Resources Commission; free use of certain toll facilities. Amending  33.1-252. (Patron-Lewis, HB 2068 (Chapter 298))
Marine Resources Commission; includes all structures and improvements built or proposed by riparian property owners in Potomac River appurtenant to shore. Amending  28.2-101. (Patron-Plum, HB 2671 (Chapter 191))
Marine Resources Commission’s Marine Police; authorized to patrol federal security zones. Amending  28.2-106.1. (Patron-Wagner, SB 1232 (Chapter 516))
Menhaden fishery; Governor to issue proclamation to implement measures to manage. Adding  28.2-1000.1. (Patron-Louderback, HB 2809 (Chapter 123))
Menhaden fishery; joint subcommittee to study appropriate means of regulating in Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. (Patron-Purkey, HJR 658 (F))
Menhaden fishery; Marine Resources Commission may adopt regulations governing. Amending  28.2-409 and 28.2-410; adding 28.2-404.1. (Patron-Suit, HB 1795 (F))
Natural aquatic resources; Institute of Marine Science, et al, to study those associated with available water resources. (Patron-Morgan, HJR 226 (CD))
Nonnative oysters; authorizes Commissioner of Marine Resources Commission to allow placement on state-owned bottomlands. Adding  28.2-826. (Patron-Suit, HB 2452 (Chapter 551))
Saltwater fishing and tidal habitat laws; disbursement of moneys from certain Funds for procurement of equipment and supplies. Amending  28.2-208 and 28.2-302.3. (Patron-Gear, HB 2909 (F))
Saltwater recreational fishing; licensure for commercial gear. Amending  28.2-226.1 and 28.2-302.1. (Patron-Oder, HB 2815 (Chapter 124))
Water resources projects; establishing coordinated process to require permit for certain agencies. Adding  28.2-1205.1 and 62.1-44.15:5.01. (Patron-Bolling, SB 1248 (Chapter 49))
Wetlands board, local; allows members that hear cases relating to locally adopted Chesapeake Bay Preservation ordinance to also serve on. Amending  28.2-1303. (Patron-Rapp, HB 2378 (Chapter 104))
Zoning ordinances; protection of commercial fishing operations. Adding  15.2-2307.1. (Patron-Pollard, HB 2695 (Chapter 194))
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