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2004 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2005 Session

Controlled substances; eliminates certain required inventory by Division of Forensic Science. Amending  54.1-3404. (Patron-McDougle, HB 783 (Chapter 51))
Counterfeit controlled substance; definition. Amending  18.2-247. (Patron-Stolle, SB 325 (Chapter 688))
Criminal history records check; applicable to adult substance abuse treatment facilities. Amending  37.1-183.3 and 37.1-197.2. (Patron-Devolites, SB 93 (F))
Divorce; grounds include child abuse, and drug or alcohol use. Amending  20-91, 20-103, 20-124.2 and 20-124.3. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 386 (C))
Drug cases; procedure when accused consents to deferred disposition. Amending  18.2-251. (Patron-McDougle, HB 775 (C))
Drug offenders; testing for infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Adding  18.2-252.1 and 32.1-35.1. (Patron-Lingamfelter, HB 954 (F))
Drug Treatment Court Act; created, report. Adding  18.2-254.1. (Patron-Lucas, SB 636 (C))
Drug Treatment Court Act; created, report. Amending 16.1-69.48:1, 16.1-69.48:3, 17.1-275, 17.1-275.8 and 18.2-251.02; adding  18.2-254.1. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1430 (Chapter 1004))
Drug treatment facility; jurisdiction when person charged with escape. Amending  18.2-254. (Patron-Griffith, HB 324 (Chapter 130))
Drugs; penalty for first time possession. Amending  18.2-251. (Patron-Hurt, HB 764 (F))
Health care and prescription drugs; Joint Commission on Health Care to study improving services and lowering costs to Medicaid recipients through public-private partnerships. (Patron-Bell, SJR 58 (P))
Health insurance; allows for pharmacy of choice. Amending 38.2-3407.7. (Patron-Nutter, HB 1416 (C))
Health insurance; allows for pharmacy of choice. Amending 38.2-3407.7, 38.2-4209.1 and 38.2-4312.1. (Patron-Athey, HB 1455 (C))
Health insurance; coverage for prescription contraceptives. Amending  38.2-3407.5:1. (Patron-Van Yahres, HB 469 (C); Howell, SB 594 (F))
Health insurance; policies not to prohibit coverage due to intoxicants or narcotics. Amending  38.2-3504. (Patron-Scott, J.M., HB 1196 (C))
Hospital pharmacies; filling and stocking of automated drug dispensing systems by pharmacy technicians. Amending 54.1-3434.02. (Patron-Morgan, HB 690 (Chapter 140))
Mental health or substance abuse treatment initiative; Departments of Corrections and of Juvenile Justice to include an evaluation and reporting component that is established for offenders in their custody. (Patron-Martin, SJR 88 (P))
Mental Illness or Substance Abuse Disorders, Treatment Options for Offender Who Have; Report of Joint Commission on Health Care (HJR 142 and SJR 97, 2002). (SD 9)
Methadone clinics; conditions for licensure of certain designed for treatment of persons with opiate addiction. Adding 37.1-179.2. (Patron-Ware, O., HB 745 (Chapter 845); Wampler, SB 607 (Chapter 823))
Methadone clinics; licensure conditions for certain. Adding 37.1-179.2. (Patron-Fralin, HB 304 (I) See HB745; Bell, SB 312 (I) See SB607)
Methadone clinics; licensure notice requirements for provider who treats person with opiate addiction. Adding  37.1-179.1:01. (Patron-Edwards, SB 134 (F))
Nurse practitioner prescriptive authority; Board of Nursing to collect information thereon. (Patron-Bryant, HJR 205 (P))
Nurse Practitioners Prescriptive Authority; Report of Joint Commission on Health Care (Chapter 924, 2000 Acts). (HD 10)
Pharmaceutical assistance programs and discount purchasing cards; development of a single application form, Commissioners of Health and of Department for Aging to report on development. Amending  32.1-23.1. (Patron-Cline, HB 1202 (Chapter 318))
Pharmaceutical information; dissemination of Medicare benefits and training of senior citizen volunteers. Amending  32.1-23.1. (Patron-Potts, SB 158 (Chapter 73))
Pharmaceutical services; established for certain low-income patients. Adding  32.1-73.8. (Patron-BaCote, HB 359 (F))
Pharmacists; allowing collaborative agreements with practitioner of medicine, osteopathy, or podiatry to continue. Repealing second enactment of Chapters 895 and 1011, 1999 Acts. (Patron-Jones, S.C., HB 851 (Chapter 853))
Pharmacy, School of; established in Buchanan County. (Patron-Stump, HJR 118 (P))
Pharmacy technicians; registration of those who work in free clinics. Amending  54.1-3321. (Patron-Orrock, HB 623 (Chapter 47))
Prescription claims; electronic funds transfers to pay benefit provider. Amending  38.2-3407.4:2. (Patron-Morgan, HB 266 (C))
Prescription Drug Payment Assistance Program; created, annual report on effectiveness. Adding  32.1-366 through 32.1-372. (Patron-Deeds, SB 377 (C))
Prescription drugs; assistance for senior citizens. Adding 32.1-366 through 32.1-370. (Patron-Purkey, HB 197 (F))
Prescription drugs; purchasing option for insured state employees. (Patron-Black, HB 190 (F))
Prescription drugs; unlawful to assist individuals in procuring from a pharmacy or other source. Adding  18.2-258.2. (Patron-O’Bannon, HB 632 (Chapter 620))
Prescriptions drugs; memorializing Congress to remove restrictions on purchasing from Canada. (Patron-Armstrong, HJR 199 (C))
Respiratory care practitioners; authorization to administer controlled substances within scope of practice. Amending 54.1-2901 and 54.1-3408. (Patron-Byron, HB 870 (F))
Sentencing guidelines; modification for multiple drug convictions. Adding  17.1-807. (Patron-Phillips, HB 912 (F))
Sentencing guidelines; modification for use of methamphetamine. Adding  17.1-807. (Patron-Obenshain, SB 484 (C))
Synagis (palivizumab) for treatment of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); Health Department and Academy of Pediatrics to adopt recommendations issued by American Academy of Pediatrics on use thereof. (Patron-Baskerville, HJR 156 (F))
Wildlife; prohibits use of drugs thereon. Adding  29.1-508.1. (Patron-Hawkins, SB 261 (Chapter 171))
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