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2004 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(C) Carried over to 2005 Session

Career-training schools; regulation. Amending  22.1-319 through 22.1-323, 22.1-324, 22.1-325, 22.1-326, 22.1-328 through 22.1-332, 23-276.1 through 23-276.6, 23-276.10, 23-276.11 and 54.1-3029; adding  23-276.13, 23-276.14 and 23-276.15; repealing  22.1-326.1, 22.1-333, 22.1-334 and 22.1-335. (Patron-Tata, HB 637 (Chapter 991))
Child care; civil immunity for employers providing an on-site facility. Adding  8.01-220.1:5. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 1251 (C))
Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; orientation programs for state government personnel. Amending  2.2-3101; adding  2.2-3100.1 and 2.2-3128 through 2.2-3131. (Patron-Drake, HB 467 (Chapter 134); Bolling, SB 226 (Chapter 392))
Constitutional officers; employment. Amending  15.2-1604. (Patron-Marshall, D.W., HB 934 (Chapter 453))
Correctional facilities; use of store profits for pre-release and post-release employment and housing assistance. Amending 53.1-27, 53.1-115.2 and 53.1-127.1. (Patron-Ticer, SB 613 (I) See SB615)
Correctional facilities; use of store profits for pre-release and post-release reentry and transition services. Amending 53.1-27. (Patron-Bell, SB 615 (Chapter 417))
Employment Commission; conveying certain real property in Petersburg City to such City. (Patron-Bland, HB 1261 (Chapter 571))
Employment Commission; eliminates requirement for development of a workforce plan during times of economic recession, etc. Amending  60.2-113. (Patron-Ruff, SB 9 (Chapter 154))
Employment discrimination based on prior convictions; prohibited. Adding  40.1-28.7:2. (Patron-Ticer, SB 475 (F))
Garnishment; service on a corporation through a managing employee. Amending  8.01-513. (Patron-Reese, HB 979 (Chapter 231))
Government Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Act; collection of administrative fees by political subdivisions. Amending 51.1-602. (Patron-May, HB 551 (Chapter 86))
Grievance procedures; applicability of state and local social service employees. Amending  63.2-219. (Patron-Howell, SB 595 (Chapter 208))
Grievance procedures; hearing decisions. Amending  2.2-3003, 2.2-3005 and 2.2-3006. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 647 (F))
Grievance procedures; revision of state guidelines. Amending 2.2-3000, 2.2-3003 and 2.2-3005; adding  2.2-3005.1. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 201 (Chapter 674))
Grievance procedures; state employee request for administrative review. Amending  2.2-3006. (Patron-Barlow, HB 959 (Chapter 229))
Group life and accident insurance; provisions for state and local employees. Amending  51.1-505. (Patron-Tata, HB 199 (Chapter 102))
Health insurance; abolishes optional supplemental insurance credit for retired state employees. Repealing  51.1-1404 and second enactment of Chapter 385, 1999 Acts. (Patron-Miles, HB 16 (Chapter 76))
Health insurance; coverage for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Amending  2.2-2818 and 38.2-3412.1:01. (Patron-Ware, R.L., HB 294 (C))
Health insurance; credits for retired state employees. Amending 51.1-1400. (Patron-Putney, HB 163 (Chapter 79))
Health insurance; credits for retired state employees, removes cap. Amending  51.1-1400. (Patron-Putney, HB 274 (F))
Health insurance; plan for part-time state employees. Amending 2.2-2818. (Patron-Hogan, HB 525 (Chapter 279))
Health records; release of certain patient information to Commissioner of Department of Labor and Industry due to death or injury while on a work site. Amending  32.1-127.1:03 and 40.1-8. (Patron-Lambert, SB 136 (Chapter 163))
Jury panel; employee not to be penalized for service. Amending 18.2-465.1. (Patron-Joannou, HB 734 (Chapter 800))
Labor and Industry, Commissioner of; definition. Amending  40.1-2. (Patron-Morgan, HB 687 (Chapter 294))
“Living wage” provisions; no local governing body may establish without approval of General Assembly. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 290 (C))
Long-term care insurance; development for state employees. Adding 2.2-1208. (Patron-Bryant, HB 1179 (Chapter 312))
Lottery Board; criminal background checks for members, officers and employees of lottery vendors. Amending  58.1-4008 and 58.1-4009. (Patron-Albo, HB 1028 (Chapter 555))
Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Board and Migrant Worker Policy Committee; under auspices of Employment Commission. Amending 2.2-2407, 40.1-6 and 60.2-113. (Patron-Watkins, SB 363 (Chapter 592))
Military reserves; protection of job security of members. Amending  44-93.5. (Patron-Cole, HB 481 (I) See HB618; Carrico, HB 618 (Chapter 147))
Minimum wage; increased. Amending  40.1-28.10. (Patron-Miller, SB 22 (F))
Minimum wage; public bodies prohibited from requiring payment that exceeds minimum standards. Amending  40.1-28.10. (Patron-Wagner, SB 428 (F))
Parental leave for school involvement; employer requirement. Amending  40.1-28.1 through 40.1-28.5. (Patron-Potts, SB 27 (F))
Prescription drugs; purchasing option for insured state employees. (Patron-Black, HB 190 (F))
Public safety officers; joint subcommittee to study current benefits for those who suffer catastrophic personal injuries in line of duty. (Patron-Carrico, HJR 274 (I) See HJR34)
Public school teachers and administrators; Board of Education to study granting state employee status. (Patron-Ruff, SJR 63 (C))
Retirement System; benefits of state employees not to be reduced. Adding  51.1-124.13. (Patron-Armstrong, HB 1075 (F))
Retirement System; increases retirement allowance for certain state employees and law-enforcement officers. Amending  51.1-155, 51.1-206 and 51.1-217. (Patron-Callahan, HB 500 (F); Nutter, HB 711 (F))
Retirement System; procedure when employer in default. Amending 51.1-139. (Patron-Stosch, SB 541 (Chapter 207))
Retirement System; service credit for state employees when no general salary increase. Amending  51.1-142.2. (Patron-Nutter, HB 244 (F); Wagner, SB 431 (F))
Sickness and Disability Program; changes in long-term disability benefits for state employees. Amending  51.1-1112. (Patron-Ingram, HB 699 (Chapter 96))
Sickness and Disability Program; changes in long-term disability benefits for state employees. Amending  51.1-1113 and 51.1-1124. (Patron-Ingram, HB 701 (Chapter 97))
Sickness and Disability Program; changes in short-term and long-term coverage for state employees. Amending  51.1-1103. (Patron-Watts, HB 1300 (F))
Sickness and Disability Program; changes in short-term coverage for state employees. Amending  51.1-1110. (Patron-Devolites, SB 628 (Chapter 1019))
Sickness and Disability Program; collection of disability overpayments. Amending  51.1-1114. (Patron-Ingram, HB 703 (Chapter 99))
Sickness and Disability Program; program actuary. Amending 51.1-1117, 51.1-1123 and 51.1-1133. (Patron-Ingram, HB 702 (Chapter 98))
State agencies; establishment of alternative work schedule and telecommuting policy. Amending  2.2-203.1 and 2.2-2817.1. (Patron-Moran, HB 1094 (Chapter 755); Whipple, SB 468 (Chapter 701))
State employees; establishing supplemental pay for those called to active military service. (Patron-Spruill, HB 1334 (F); Ward, HB 1352 (F))
State Vehicle Fleet, Review of Management of and Use by State Employees; Report of Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (HJR 518, 2003). (HD 5)
Sunday closing laws; abolishes “Blue laws.” Repealing  18.2-341, 18.2-342, 18.2-343 and 40.1-28.5. (Patron-Quayle, SB 659 (Chapter 608))
Targeted Jobs Grant Program; created. Adding  63.2-2300 and 63.2-2301. (Patron-Locke, SB 440 (F))
Tax information; may be provided to assist in collecting overpayments of income to injured workers. Amending  58.1-3. (Patron-Colgan, SB 403 (Chapter 594))
Tax information; release to help facilitate collection of unpaid wages. Amending  58.1-3. (Patron-Colgan, SB 165 (Chapter 166))
Unemployment compensation; allowed two weeks of benefits if terminated before resignation date. Amending  60.2-612. (Patron-Reynolds, SB 194 (Chapter 496))
Unemployment compensation; applicable to a military spouse. Amending  60.2-528 and 60.2-618. (Patron-Tata, HB 1288 (C))
Unemployment compensation; benefit charges resulting from a temporary work closure forced by a disaster. Amending 60.2-528. (Patron-Blevins, SB 179 (Chapter 583))
Unemployment compensation; benefit eligibility for good cause. Amending  60.2-618. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 177 (I) See HB1288)
Unemployment compensation; definition of employment services as it relates to prison inmates. Amending  60.2-219, 60.2-528 and 60.2-618. (Patron-Hogan, HB 529 (Chapter 977))
Unemployment compensation; disqualification for benefits. Amending  60.2-618. (Patron-Griffith, HB 288 (Chapter 525); Griffith, HB 329 (F))
Unemployment compensation; eliminates offset for retirement benefits. Amending  60.2-604. (Patron-Watkins, SB 128 (C))
Unemployment compensation; minimum qualifying earnings. Amending 60.2-602. (Patron-Wagner, SB 621 (C))
Unemployment compensation; penalties for late filing. Amending 60.2-513. (Patron-Watkins, SB 130 (Chapter 495))
Unemployment compensation; provision for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Amending  60.2-528 and 60.2-618. (Patron-Baskerville, HB 840 (F))
Unemployment compensation; representation at hearings. Amending 60.2-500. (Patron-Watkins, SB 129 (F))
Unemployment compensation; weekly benefit amount. Amending 60.2-603. (Patron-Keister, HB 505 (F))
Wages and salaries; deposit into employee account. Amending 40.1-29. (Patron-Nixon, HB 472 (Chapter 358))
Workers’ compensation; allows choice of physician. Amending 65.2-101 and 65.2-603. (Patron-Miller, SB 56 (F))
Workers’ compensation; deposit to be made by self-insurers in order to secure payment for liabilities. Amending  65.2-801. (Patron-Nixon, HB 474 (Chapter 44); Stolle, SB 323 (Chapter 173))
Workers’ compensation; eligibility of AmeriCorps members and certain Food Stamp Employment and Training Program participants. Amending  65.2-101, 65.2-500, 65.2-502 and 65.2-512. (Patron-Puckett, SB 547 (Chapter 888))
Workers’ compensation; lien by employer on settlement or verdict. Amending  65.2-309 through 65.2-311. (Patron-Byron, HB 864 (Chapter 914); Norment, SB 558 (Chapter 941))
Workforce Development, Department of; created. Amending  2.2-204, 2.2-703, 2.2-2669, 2.2-2670, 15.2-1308, 22.1-227, 40.1-117, 40.1-118, 51.5-9, 60.2-110, 60.2-115, 60.2-613, 63.2-608 and 63.2-801; adding  2.2-904.1 through 2.2-904.8; repealing 2.2-904, 60.2-309, 60.2-310, 60.2-318 through 60.2-322 and 60.2-400. (Patron-Hogan, HB 526 (C))
Workforce Development, Special Advisor to the Governor for; created, reports. Amending  2.2-2670; adding  2.2-435.1, 2.2-435.2 and 2.2-435.3. (Patron-Whipple, SB 460 (C))
Workforce Development, Special Advisor to the Governor for; created, reports. Amending  2.2-2670; adding  2.2-435.1 through 2.2-435.5 and 37.1-207.1. (Patron-O’Brien, SB 304 (Chapter 686))
Workforce, Joint Commission on Management of; reestablished. (Patron-Lambert, SJR 48 (F))
Workforce Transition Act; eligibility for transitional severance benefits. Amending  2.2-3202. (Patron-Morgan, HB 267 (C))
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