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2003 Session - Frames Version or No Frames Version    
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(P) Passed (F) Failed (V) Vetoed (I) Incoporated into other legislation
(CD) Carried over from 2002 session but died in committee on or before December 9th

Buckingham Correctional Center; Department of Corrections to exchange certain parcel of land adjacent thereto. (Patron-Abbitt, HB 2719 (Chapter 746))
Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for felons (first reference). Amending Section 1 of Article II. (Patron-Jones, J.C., HJR 16 (CD); Moran, HJR 635 (Chapter 958); Miller, Y.B., SJR 10 (CD); Miller, Y.B., SJR 283 (Chapter 956))
Constitutional amendment; restoration of civil rights for non-violent felons (first reference). Amending Section 1 of Article II. (Patron-Jones, J.C., HJR 17 (CD))
Correctional Enterprises Advisory Board; abolished. Amending 2.2-2101, 53.1-10 and 53.1-45.1; repealing  53.1-45.2 through 53.1-45.5. (Patron-Hugo, HB 2427 (Chapter 854); Ruff, SB 764 (Chapter 94))
Correctional facilities, local; funds available for operating costs. Amending  53.1-84. (Patron-Ruff, SB 1317 (F))
Correctional facilities, local; medical costs for prisoners. Amending  53.1-83.1. (Patron-Jones, J.C., HB 70 (CD))
Correctional inmates; to receive photo identification card upon release from facility. Amending  53.1-10. (Patron-Athey, HB 2394 (F))
Correctional inmates and mental patients; to receive identification papers upon release. Amending  37.1-42.1 and 53.1-10. (Patron-Alexander, HB 2309 (Chapter 516))
Courthouse and courtroom security; assessment of cost in criminal and traffic cases. Amending  53.1-120. (Patron-Cosgrove, HB 1382 (Chapter 26); Rerras, SB 1069 (Chapter 44))
Criminal convictions; study collateral consequences thereof. (Patron-Maxwell, SJR 86 (CD))
Death penalty; moratorium on executions. (Patron-Darner, HB 2657 (F); Marsh, SB 709 (F))
Felons; restoration of civil rights to be eligible to register to vote. Amending  53.1-231.2. (Patron-Jones, J.C., HB 60 (CD); Bell, HB 2020 (Chapter 946))
Freedom of Information Act; access by inmates. Amending  2.2-3705. (Patron-Spruill, HB 2626 (F))
Good conduct allowance; mandatory functional literacy requirement. Adding  53.1-151.1. (Patron-Devolites, HB 2293 (F); Maxwell, SB 1254 (F))
Home/electronic incarceration; allows good conduct credit, etc., to accrue during assignment. Amending  53.1-131.2. (Patron-Melvin, HB 2734 (F))
Home/electronic incarceration; eligibility requirements. Amending 53.1-131.2. (Patron-Bell, HB 2001 (F))
Home/electronic incarceration; no good conduct credit, etc., shall accrue during assignment. Amending  53.1-116 and 53.1-131.2. (Patron-Bell, HB 2003 (F))
Inmate collect call system; eliminating impact of commissions and rebates thereon. (Patron-Almand, HB 805 (CD); Crittenden, HB 1115 (CD))
Inmates; participation in furloughs not be counted as time served. Amending  53.1-37 and 53.1-132. (Patron-Bell, HB 2004 (Chapter 846))
Inmates; sheriffs not responsible for medical treatment for prior illness, exception. Amending  53.1-126 and 53.1-133.01:1. (Patron-Keister, HB 2222 (Chapter 928); Puckett, SB 1169 (Chapter 1019))
Jail processing costs; collection. Amending  15.2-1613.1. (Patron-Deeds, SB 696 (Chapter 623))
Jails; policies. Amending  53.1-116 and 53.1-129. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 2180 (Chapter 818); Stolle, SB 1146 (Chapter 820))
Juveniles; placement in a secure facility if older than age 10. Amending  16.1-284.1. (Patron-Darner, HB 1246 (CD))
Law Officers’ Retirement System; includes internal investigator of Department of Corrections. Amending  51.1-212. (Patron-Landes, HB 950 (CD); Jones, D.C., HB 968 (CD); Jones, D.C., HB 1801 (F))
Misdemeanor cases; discharge and dismissal for service in a community-based corrections program. Amending  9.1-173, 9.1-174, 9.1-182, 19.2-303.2 and 19.2-303.3. (Patron-Watkins, SB 642 (CD); Watkins, SB 894 (F))
Misdemeanors; to serve minimum length of sentence. Amending 53.1-116. (Patron-Bell, HB 2002 (F))
Pardons, Commutations, Reprieves and Other Forms of Clemency; List of. (SD 2)
Parenting programs; created within Department of Correctional Education. Adding  22.1-345.1. (Patron-Hamilton, HB 1574 (F); Watts, HB 2246 (I) See HB1574)
Parole; eligibility requirements. Amending  53.1-151. (Patron-Lambert, SB 1085 (F))
Parole; notice of release of inmate on discretionary parole. Amending  53.1-136. (Patron-Almand, HB 1924 (Chapter 132))
Prisoner work forces; liability. Amending  53.1-128. (Patron-Suit, HB 2218 (F))
Prisoners; allows sheriff or jail superintendent to charge for keep. Adding  53.1-131.3. (Patron-Drake, HB 2765 (Chapter 860))
Prisoners; participation in residential community programs prior to release on parole. Adding  53.1-155.1. (Patron-Watts, HB 2245 (Chapter 850))
Prisoners; shall not procure, sell, etc., any tobacco product. Amending  53.1-203. (Patron-Keister, HB 2223 (F))
Prisoners; transportation by auxiliary police. Amending 53.1-31.1. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2716 (Chapter 154))
Probation and investigation officers; sealing of reports. Amending  9.1-177.1 and 19.2-299. (Patron-Griffith, HB 2500 (Chapter 146))
Probation and parole officers; modifies appointment process. Amending  53.1-140, 53.1-142, 53.1-143, 53.1-144 and 53.1-145. (Patron-Kilgore, HB 1782 (Chapter 944))
Probation officers; duties and responsibilities. Adding 9.1-176.1. (Patron-Cline, HB 2230 (Chapter 142))
Public officials; certain employees of Department of Corrections allowed unpaid leave to attend meetings. Adding  2.2-2821.3. (Patron-Phillips, HB 2162 (F))
Rehabilitation passport; issuance to certain persons with criminal convictions. Amending  24.2-231; adding  53.1-231.3 through 53.1-231.9. (Patron-Byrne, SB 928 (F))
Roadway litter pick-up programs; civil immunity of officials for participation by probationers. Adding  8.01-226.8. (Patron-Wampler, SB 84 (CD))
Warning lights on law-enforcement and Department of Corrections vehicles; eliminates approval by State Police. Amending 46.2-1022. (Patron-Gear, HB 236 (CD); Gear, HB 2743 (F))
Weapons; penalty for delivery to prisoners. Amending  18.2-474.1. (Patron-Pollard, HB 2235 (F))
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