SB 579 Concealed weapons; abolishes prohib. on carrying in a rest. or club, excep. when alcohol consumed.
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Summary as introduced:
Carrying concealed handgun; alcohol consumption. Repeals the prohibition on carrying a concealed handgun in a restaurant or club and revises the Class 1 misdemeanor provision by providing that it is a Class 1 misdemeanor to carry a concealed handgun in a public place after consuming alcohol or while under the influence of an illegal drug. The bill provides that a blood alcohol level of 0.02 or less is not a violation. The bill provides that anyone who has a concealed handgun permit is deemed to have consented to have his blood and breath samples taken. An unreasonable refusal is grounds for revocation of the handgun permit for five years and subjects the person to a civil penalty of not more than $500.

Full text:
01/15/04  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 040855720  pdf

01/15/04  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 040855720
01/15/04  Senate: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/11/04  Senate: Failed to report (defeated) in C. J. (4-Y 10-N 1-A)