HB 2756 Internet access in Virginia's public schools and libraries.
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Summary as introduced:
Internet access in Virginia's public schools and libraries. Requires local school division superintendents, on or before September 1, 1999, to implement guidelines designed to prevent minors from selecting, acquiring, accessing, or downloading obscenity, child pornography, and other illegal material. The bill defines "obscenity," "child pornography," and "harmful to juveniles," and requires the superintendents to make determinations as to what materials constitute obscenity and child pornography and are harmful to juveniles and otherwise illegal. The bill also requires local public library boards or local governing bodies (where there is no board) to implement guidelines identical to those required of local school division superintendents. The bill stipulates that its provisions shall not be construed to prohibit superintendents, boards, and governing bodies from developing or implementing other lawful guidelines that are more restrictive than the bill.

Full text:
01/26/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 993190324  pdf

01/26/99  House: Consent to introduce
01/26/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 993190324
01/26/99  House: Referred to Committee on Science and Technology
02/10/99  House: No action taken by Science and Technology by voice vote