HB 1914 Supplemental payments to federal retirees.
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Summary as introduced:
Supplemental payments to federal retirees. Provides for the payment of 23.4541 percent of the amount of the overpayment of state income taxes paid by federal and military retirees on federal pension benefits during the period 1985 through 1988, if the retirees have previously agreed to accept 76.5459 percent of the amount of this overpayment. These retirees, who settled their claims against the Commonwealth under the settlement legislation enacted in 1994, have received less than the 14,300 retirees who rejected the settlement offer and, following the result of the Harper case, received a refund of 100 percent of their overpayment. The supplemental payment will be made, if funds are appropriated, on July 1, 1999, or as soon thereafter as practical.

Full text:
01/18/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 990758264  pdf

01/18/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 990758264
01/18/99  House: Referred to Committee on Finance
01/21/99  House: Assigned to Finance sub-committee: 1
02/01/99  House: Passed by indefinitely in Finance (22-Y 2-N)