HB 1698 Transient occupancy tax; additional amount for Town of Rocky Mount.
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Summary as introduced:
Transient occupancy tax; additional amount for towns. Allows any town with a population of at least 4,000 but no greater than 4,100, to impose the tax at a rate of up to five percent with any excess over two percent designated and used only for tourism and attracting tourism to the town.

Full text:
01/13/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 990709220  pdf

01/13/99  House: Presented & ordered printed 990709220
01/13/99  House: Referred to Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns
01/20/99  House: Assigned to C. C. T. sub-committee: 3
02/06/99  House: Failed to report (defeated) in C. C. T. (4-Y 18-N)