HJ 207 Study; small water or sewer public utilities, rate changes.
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Study; Small water or sewer public utilities; rate changes. Establishes a joint subcommittee to determine whether the current means by which small water and sewer companies implement rate increases or other changes in rates, fees, and charges prior to public hearings, affords appropriate due process and protection for such utilities' customers.

Under current law, a small water or sewer utility may initiate rate changes upon 45 days' prior notice to its customers and the SCC. Thereafter, a public hearing on any proposed rate change will be held only if the SCC, a specified number of affected customers (the lesser of 25 percent or 250) or the utility itself requests one. When a hearing is ordered, the SCC may suspend any utility-initiated rate increase or other changes for up to 60 days; thereafter (pending the disposition of the new rate's review) such rate increases must be declared interim and subject to refund (with interest). Referred by Speaker's letter to the House Corporations, Insurance and Banking Committee to conduct the study.

Full text:
01/26/98  House: Presented & ordered printed 980495354  pdf

01/26/98  House: Presented & ordered printed 980495354
01/26/98  House: Referred to Committee on Rules
01/29/98  House: Assigned to Rules sub-committee: 3
02/11/98  House: Passed by indefinitely in Rules (13-Y 0-N)
02/11/98  House: Letter to House Committee Corporations, Insurance & Bank.