SB 862 Alcoholic beverage control; drinking in a public place.
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Alcoholic beverage control; drinking in or on public school grounds. Provides an exception to the prohibition against drinking in or on public school grounds for approved areas of a city-owned performing arts center located in any city having a population between 100,000 and 105,000 (Portsmouth), provided the organization operating the center has a license granted by the Board.

Full text:
01/14/97  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 971975726  pdf
01/24/97  Senate: Committee substitute printed 977852726-S1  pdf
02/26/97  Senate: Reenrolled bill text (SB862ER)  pdf
04/02/97  Senate: Reenrolled bill text (SB862ER)  pdf
04/04/97  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0784)  pdf

Governor's recommendation

01/14/97  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 971975726
01/14/97  Senate: Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services
01/24/97  Senate: Reported from R. & S. S. with sub. (14-Y 1-N)
01/24/97  Senate: Committee substitute printed 977852726-S1
01/27/97  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed (38-Y 0-N)
01/27/97  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (38-Y 0-N)
01/28/97  Senate: Read second time
01/28/97  Senate: Reading of substitute waived
01/28/97  Senate: Committee substitute agreed to
01/28/97  Senate: Engrossed by Senate - comm. sub. 977852726-S1
01/29/97  Senate: Read third time and passed Senate (37-Y 2-N)
01/29/97  Senate: VOTE: PASSAGE (37-Y 2-N)
01/29/97  Senate: Communicated to House
01/30/97  House: Placed on Calendar
01/31/97  House: Read first time
01/31/97  House: Referred to Committee on General Laws
02/04/97  House: Assigned to General Laws sub-committee: 3
02/17/97  House: Reported from General Laws (19-Y 3-N)
02/18/97  House: Read second time
02/19/97  House: Read third time
02/19/97  House: Passed House (70-Y 25-N)
02/19/97  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (70-Y 25-N)
02/26/97  Senate: Reenrolled bill text (SB862ER)
03/04/97  Senate: Enrolled
03/05/97  House: Signed by Speaker
03/06/97  Senate: Signed by President
03/24/97  Senate: Governor's recommendation received by Senate
04/02/97  Senate: Reading of Governor's communication waived
04/02/97  Senate: Senate concurred in Gov's recommendation (37-Y 2-N)
04/02/97  Senate: VOTE: AGREE TO GOV'S RECOMM. (37-Y 2-N)
04/02/97  House: House concurred in Gov's recommendation (94-Y 2-N)
04/02/97  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (94-Y 2-N)
04/02/97  Governor: Governor's recommendation adopted
04/02/97  Senate: Reenrolled
04/02/97  Senate: Reenrolled bill text (SB862ER)
04/02/97  Senate: Signed by President as reenrolled
04/02/97  House: Signed by Speaker as reenrolled
04/02/97  House: Enacted, Chapter 784 (effective 7/1/97)
04/04/97  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0784)