HB 1889 Arson of a church; penalty.
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Crimes; arson. Adds churches to the list of dwellings, buildings or facilities that if maliciously burned fall within the crime of arson. Also, the bill adds "to commit arson of a church" to the list of felonies required for a statutory burglary conviction.

Full text:
01/08/97  House: Presented & ordered printed 973352843  pdf
02/02/97  House: Committee substitute printed 974332146-H1  pdf
02/13/97  Senate: Committee substitute printed 974362146-S1  pdf
03/05/97  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB1889ER)  pdf
04/02/97  House: Reenrolled bill text (HB1889ER)  pdf
04/07/97  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0832)  pdf

Conference amendments
Governor's recommendation

01/08/97  House: Presented & ordered printed 973352843
01/08/97  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/15/97  House: Assigned to C. J. sub-committee: 1
02/02/97  House: Reported from C. J. with substitute (22-Y 0-N)
02/02/97  House: Committee substitute printed 974332146-H1
02/02/97  House: Read first time
02/03/97  House: Passed by for the day
02/04/97  House: Read second time
02/04/97  House: Committee substitute agreed to 974332146-H1
02/04/97  House: Engrossed by House - com. sub. 974332146-H1
02/04/97  House: Constitutional reading dispensed (98-Y 0-N)
02/04/97  House: Passed House (Block Vote) (100-Y 0-N)
02/04/97  House: VOTE: BLOCK VOTE PASSAGE (100-Y 0-N)
02/04/97  House: Communicated to Senate
02/06/97  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed (40-Y 0-N)
02/06/97  Senate: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/12/97  Senate: Reported from Courts of Justice w/sub. (15-Y 0-N)
02/13/97  Senate: Const. reading disp., passed by for the day (39-Y 0-N)
02/13/97  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (39-Y 0-N)
02/13/97  Senate: Reconsideration of passed by for the day (40-Y 0-N)
02/13/97  Senate: VOTE: (40-Y 0-N)
02/13/97  Senate: Passed by for the day
02/13/97  Senate: Committee substitute printed 974362146-S1
02/14/97  Senate: Read third time
02/14/97  Senate: Reading of substitute waived
02/14/97  Senate: Committee substitute agreed to 974362146-S1
02/14/97  Senate: Engrossed by Senate - comm. sub. 974362146-S1
02/14/97  Senate: Passed Senate with substitute (40-Y 0-N)
02/14/97  Senate: VOTE: PASSAGE (40-Y 0-N)
02/17/97  House: Placed on Calendar
02/18/97  House: Senate substitute agreed to by House (98-Y 1-N)
02/18/97  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (98-Y 1-N)
02/19/97  House: Reconsideration of Senate substitute agreed to by House
02/19/97  House: Senate substitute rejected by House (15-Y 85-N)
02/19/97  House: VOTE: ADOPTION #2 (15-Y 85-N)
02/20/97  Senate: Senate insisted on substitute (39-Y 0-N)
02/20/97  Senate: VOTE: INSIST & REQUEST (39-Y 0-N)
02/20/97  Senate: Senate requested conference committee
02/20/97  House: House acceded to request
02/20/97  House: Conferees appointed by House
02/20/97  House: Delegates: Cantor, Cranwell, Jones, J.C.
02/20/97  Senate: Conferees appointed by Senate
02/20/97  Senate: Senators: Marsh, Lucas, Stosch
02/21/97  House: Conference report agreed to by House (100-Y 0-N)
02/21/97  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (100-Y 0-N)
02/22/97  Conference: Senate sub. accepted by conf. committee 974362146-S1
02/22/97  Conference: Amended by conference committee
02/22/97  Senate: Reading of conference report waived
02/22/97  Senate: Conference report agreed to by Senate (40-Y 0-N)
02/22/97  Senate: VOTE: CONFERENCE COMMITTEE RPT (40-Y 0-N)
03/05/97  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB1889ER)
03/11/97  House: Enrolled
03/12/97  House: Signed by Speaker
03/13/97  Senate: Signed by President
03/24/97  House: Governor's recommendation received by House
04/02/97  House: House concurred in Gov's rec. (Block Vote) (99-Y 0-N)
04/02/97  House: VOTE: BLOCK VOTE ADOPTION (99-Y 0-N)
04/02/97  Senate: Senate concurred in Gov's recommendation (38-Y 0-N)
04/02/97  Senate: VOTE: (38-Y 0-N)
04/02/97  Governor: Governor's recommendation adopted
04/02/97  House: Reenrolled
04/02/97  House: Reenrolled bill text (HB1889ER)
04/02/97  House: Signed by Speaker as reenrolled
04/02/97  Senate: Signed by President as reenrolled
04/02/97  House: Enacted, Chapter 832 (effective 7/1/97)
04/07/97  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0832)