SB 57 Juvenile criminal records.
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Juvenile criminal records. Modifies the provisions governing law-enforcement and court records regarding crimes committed or alleged to be committed by juveniles. The bill provides that proceedings in and records maintained by the juvenile or family courts regarding juvenile crimes and traffic offenses are to be open to the public. The court may, with the consent of the accused, close the proceedings only if it finds that to do so is necessary to protect the interests of a victim or a witness. Fingerprints and photographs of a juvenile of any age charged with a delinquent act (i.e., a crime) are to be taken by the police when the juvenile is taken into custody and will be filed with CCRE if the juvenile is found guilty in the circuit or district court of any offense which, if committed by an adult, would require a report to be made to the CCRE. Limitations on the dissemination of CCRE data on juveniles are eliminated. A juvenile found guilty of a felony in either the district or circuit court is required to have a blood sample taken for purposes of DNA analysis and inclusion of the sample in the state DNA data bank.

This bill is recommended by the Governor's Commission on Juvenile Justice Reform

Full text:
01/10/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 965872843  pdf

01/10/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 965872843
01/10/96  Senate: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/07/96  Senate: Stricken from docket by Courts of Justice by voice vote