SB 169 Cigarette tax; eliminates tax stamps and discount.
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Cigarette tax; eliminate tax stamps and discount. Eliminates the use of cigarette tax stamps and the discount allowed on the sale of the stamps. Instead, the taxes will be paid through a tax return system by the first person receiving the cigarettes for sale, use or consumption in the Commonwealth, which will be either the wholesale or retail dealer.

Full text:
01/16/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 961968809  pdf
02/15/96  Senate: Floor substitute printed 964712749-S1 (Waddell)  pdf
02/15/96  Senate: Printed as engrossed 961968809-E  pdf

Senate amendments

01/16/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed 961968809
01/16/96  Senate: Referred to Committee on Finance
02/13/96  Senate: Reported from Finance with amendment (10-Y 7-N)
02/14/96  Senate: Const. reading disp. (40-Y 0-N), passed by for the day
02/14/96  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (40-Y 0-N)
02/15/96  Senate: Read second time
02/15/96  Senate: Reading of amendment waived
02/15/96  Senate: Committee amendment agreed to
02/15/96  Senate: Reading of substitute waived
02/15/96  Senate: Substitute by Mr. Waddell rejected
02/15/96  Senate: Floor substitute printed 964712749-S1 (Waddell)
02/15/96  Senate: Printed as engrossed 961968809-E
02/15/96  Senate: Engrossed by Senate as amended
02/15/96  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed (39-Y 0-N)
02/15/96  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (39-Y 0-N)
02/15/96  Senate: Defeated by Senate (6-Y 34-N)
02/15/96  Senate: VOTE: DEFEATED (6-Y 34-N)