SB 12 Child protective services; pilot multiple response system.
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Child protective services. Requires the State Department of Social Services to establish a three-year pilot multiple response system for responding to reports of child abuse or neglect in three to five areas of the state. Rather than requiring a full-scale investigation of every report, the report will be evaluated by the local department of social services and less serious reports will be subject to a family assessment. The emphasis will be on offering services rather than on determining whether or not abuse or neglect occurred. In family assessment cases no disposition will be entered into the central registry.

This bill is a recommendation of House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions' Special Subcommittee Studying the Death of Valerie Smelser and the Joint Subcommittee Studying the Child Protective Services System in the Commonwealth (HJR 502).

This bill is identical to HB 36.

Full text:
01/10/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 01/10/96 962227760  pdf
01/19/96  Senate: Introduced bill reprinted 962227760  pdf
01/30/96  Senate: Printed as engrossed 962227760-E  pdf
03/21/96  Senate: Bill text as passed Senate and House (SB12ER)  pdf
04/18/96  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0852)  pdf

House amendments
Senate amendments
Conference amendments

01/10/96  Senate: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 01/10/96 962227760
01/10/96  Senate: Referred to Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services
01/19/96  Senate: Introduced bill reprinted 962227760
01/26/96  Senate: Reported from R. & S. S. w/amendments (15-Y 0-N)
01/29/96  Senate: Const. reading disp. (37-Y 0-N), passed by for the day
01/29/96  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (37-Y 0-N)
01/30/96  Senate: Read second time
01/30/96  Senate: Reading of amendments waived
01/30/96  Senate: Committee amendments agreed to
01/30/96  Senate: Engrossed by Senate as amended
01/30/96  Senate: Printed as engrossed 962227760-E
01/31/96  Senate: Read third time and passed Senate (39-Y 0-N)
01/31/96  Senate: VOTE: PASSAGE (39-Y 0-N)
01/31/96  Senate: Communicated to House
02/01/96  House: Placed on Calendar
02/02/96  House: Read first time
02/02/96  House: Referred to Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions
02/15/96  House: Reported from H. W. I. w/amendment (22-Y 0-N)
02/16/96  House: Read second time
02/19/96  House: Read third time
02/19/96  House: Committee amendment agreed to
02/19/96  House: Engrossed by House as amended
02/19/96  House: Passed House with amendment (Block Vote) (100-Y 0-N)
02/19/96  House: VOTE: BLOCK VOTE PASSAGE (100-Y 0-N)
02/21/96  Senate: Reading of amendment waived
02/21/96  Senate: House amendment rejected by Senate (0-Y 40-N)
02/21/96  Senate: VOTE: REJECTED HOUSE AMENDMENT (0-Y 40-N)
02/22/96  House: House insisted on amendment
02/22/96  House: House requested conference committee
02/23/96  Senate: Senate acceded to request (38-Y 0-N)
02/23/96  Senate: VOTE: ACCEDE TO REQ. FOR CONF. (38-Y 0-N)
02/23/96  Senate: Conferees appointed by Senate
02/23/96  Senate: Senators: Woods, Ticer, Lucas
02/26/96  House: Conferees appointed by House
02/26/96  House: Delegates: Brickley, Davies, Hamilton
03/06/96  Senate: Reading of conference report waived
03/06/96  Senate: Conference report agreed to by Senate (39-Y 0-N)
03/06/96  Senate: VOTE: ADOPT CONFERENCE REPORT (39-Y 0-N)
03/06/96  Conference: House amendment accepted by conference committee
03/06/96  House: Conference report agreed to by House (99-Y 0-N)
03/06/96  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (99-Y 0-N)
03/21/96  Senate: Bill text as passed Senate and House (SB12ER)
03/27/96  Senate: Enrolled
03/29/96  House: Signed by Speaker
03/30/96  Senate: Signed by President
04/09/96  Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 852 (effective 7/1/96)
04/18/96  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0852)