HB 950 Testing for controlled substance and alcohol use in public schools.
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Mandatory testing for controlled substance and alcohol use in public schools. Requires the Board of Education, in consultation with the office of the Attorney General, to promulgate guidelines for mandatory testing for controlled substance and alcohol use by students in public schools. Although the guidelines are not subject to the Administrative Process Act, a hearing process is required to obtain public input. The guidelines are to address criteria for developing any school board policies for mandatory testing programs; the propriety and constitutionality of limiting testing to certain students, such as those who have been convicted of drug-related offenses; requirements for student or parental consent; funding sources for such programs; standards for ensuring the confidentiality of test results; models for agreements between participating schools within the school division for joint administration of such programs, and with laboratories or companies providing testing, analysis, and data compilation services; use of test results in any disciplinary actions; any notice and due process procedures required to protect individual rights; and provisions of relevant state and federal laws, and constitutional rights.

Full text:
01/22/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 960898482  pdf

01/22/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 960898482
01/22/96  House: Referred to Committee on Education
01/24/96  House: Assigned to Education sub-committee: 1
02/09/96  House: Continued to 1997 in Education (22-Y 0-N)