HB 210 Library in Nelson County; use of moneys.
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Disputes regarding regional library hours and budget. Directs the board of supervisors of any county having a population larger than 12,550 but no greater than 12,830 (Nelson County) and the governing board of the regional library serving that county to agree to the use of moneys appropriated to the library by such board of supervisors and the hours of operation for such library. If these boards cannot agree, either board may request that a three-member panel be selected to resolve the dispute. The panel is to be comprised of a member of the regional library board and the board of supervisors, and one impartial member appointed by the chief judge of the circuit court of the jurisdiction in which the regional library is located. The measure establishes a hearing procedure and specifies that the decision of the panel shall be final and binding upon the board of supervisors and the regional library board. Panel members serve without compensation. The board of supervisors and the regional library shall each bear its own expenses and shall share equally the expenses, if any, of the panel. Under current law, two or more local governing bodies may establish regional library systems; agreements to create these regional systems are contingent upon State Library Board approval as a "region" and a minimum required appropriation as may be required by the State Library Board. Funds and expense of each regional library are apportioned among the participating localities by contract; pursuant to 42-41, the funds are to be expended only for the library service for which the locality contracted and for no other purpose.

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01/10/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 960880100  pdf

01/10/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 960880100
01/10/96  House: Referred to Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns
01/22/96  House: Assigned to C. C. T. sub-committee: 3
01/26/96  House: Continued to 1997 in C. C. T. (22-Y 0-N)