HB 183 Sales tax exemption; ABC store sales.
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Sales and use tax exemptions; ABC store sales. Provides a sales and use tax exemption from July 1, 1996, through June 30, 2000, for alcoholic beverages sold by the Virginia ABC stores. An exemption for such sales existed in the Code of Virginia until the 1992 Session, when it was repealed.

Full text:
01/10/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 967117232  pdf
01/12/96  House: Introduced bill reprinted 967117232  pdf

01/10/96  House: Presented & ordered printed 967117232
01/10/96  House: Referred to Committee on Finance
01/12/96  House: Introduced bill reprinted 967117232
01/16/96  House: Assigned to Finance sub-committee: 1
02/13/96  House: No action taken by Finance by voice vote