SJ 119 Constitutional amendment; initiative and referendum.
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Constitutional amendment; initiative and referendum (first resolution). Establishes procedures for indirect initiative measures to amend state statutes, initiative measures to amend the Constitution of Virginia, and referenda to nullify laws or sections of laws enacted by the General Assembly. The amendment also requires the General Assembly to provide for local initiative and referendum powers. The number of voter signatures needed to call for an initiative on legislation or a referendum equals at least five percent of the total vote cast for governor in the last gubernatorial election including at least 1,000 signatures from each congressional district. The parallel signature requirement for an initiative for a constitutional amendment equals at least eight percent of such total vote.

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01/25/94  Senate: Presented and ordered printed  pdf

01/25/94  Senate: Presented and ordered printed
01/25/94  Senate: Referred to Committee on Privileges and Elections
02/17/94  Senate: Continued to 1995 in P. & E. (11-Y 0-N)
12/20/94  Senate: Left in Privileges and Elections