HB 2258 Criminal Sentencing Commission; impact statements.
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Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission; impact statements. Requires the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission, in conjunction with its duties under 17-235, to detail the impact of each bill considered by the General Assembly to which the provisions of 30-19.1:4 apply. These bills are also required to be filed by the first day of session. The impact statement shall include, but not be limited to, details as to any increase or decrease in adult offender population and any necessary adjustments in guideline midpoints for crimes affected by the bill as well as adjustments in guideline midpoints for other crimes related to the implementation of the bill which, in the opinion of the Commission, are necessary and appropriate. The Commission is required to forward copies of the impact statements to the Department of Planning and Budget and to the Clerk of the House of Delegates for transmittal to patrons and committee chairmen.

Full text:
01/23/95  House: Presented & ordered printed LD0111112  pdf
02/05/95  House: Committee substitute printed LD6570112-H1  pdf
02/07/95  House: Printed as engrossed LD6570112-EH1  pdf
02/19/95  Senate: Committee substitute printed LD6572112-S1  pdf
02/28/95  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB2258ER)  pdf
03/23/95  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0462)  pdf

House amendments
House amendments rejected

01/23/95  House: Presented & ordered printed LD0111112
01/23/95  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/27/95  House: Assigned to C. J. sub-committee: 1
02/05/95  House: Reported from C. J. with substitute (16-Y 6-N)
02/05/95  House: Committee substitute printed LD6570112-H1
02/05/95  House: Read first time
02/06/95  House: Passed by for the day
02/07/95  House: Read second time
02/07/95  House: Committee substitute agreed to LD6570112-H1
02/07/95  House: Motion for pending question agreed to
02/07/95  House: Floor amendment rejected (McClure) (42-Y 55-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (42-Y 55-N)
02/07/95  House: Floor amendment agreed to (Almand)
02/07/95  House: Engrossed by House - com. sub. w/amd. LD6570112-EH1
02/07/95  House: Printed as engrossed LD6570112-EH1
02/07/95  House: Constitutional reading dispensed
02/07/95  House: Passed House (68-Y 31-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (68-Y 31-N)
02/07/95  House: Communicated to Senate
02/08/95  Senate: Read first time
02/08/95  Senate: Referred to Committee on Rules
02/17/95  Senate: Reported from Rules with substitute (14-Y 0-N)
02/19/95  Senate: Committee substitute printed LD6572112-S1
02/20/95  Senate: Constitutional reading dispensed (39-Y 0-N)
02/20/95  Senate: VOTE: CONST. READING DISPENSED (39-Y 0-N)
02/21/95  Senate: Read third time
02/21/95  Senate: Reading of substitute waived
02/21/95  Senate: Committee substitute agreed to LD6572112-S1
02/21/95  Senate: Engrossed by Senate - comm. sub. LD6572112-S1
02/21/95  Senate: Passed Senate with substitute (40-Y 0-N)
02/21/95  Senate: VOTE: PASSAGE (40-Y 0-N)
02/22/95  House: Placed on Calendar
02/23/95  House: Senate substitute agreed to by House (94-Y 4-N)
02/23/95  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (94-Y 4-N)
02/28/95  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (HB2258ER)
03/07/95  House: Enrolled
03/08/95  House: Signed by Speaker
03/10/95  Senate: Signed by President
03/20/95  Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 462 (effective 7/1/95)
03/23/95  Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0462)