HB 1838 Triennial census of school population.
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Triennial census of school population. Requires the Board of Education to promulgate regulations governing the triennial census of the school population, and directs that the next decennial census (2000) be the basis for the first triennial census taken after the year 2000 data are available. Thereafter, the University of Virginia Center for Public Service (CPS) is to supply the population and statistical data necessary for the completion of the triennial census.

Currently, pursuant to 58.1-638, net revenues generated by a one-percent sales and use tax are apportioned to localities based upon the number of children in each county and city according to the most recent triennial census of the school-age population. The census includes all persons of school age, not just those actually enrolled in the public schools. The Department of Education is statutorily directed to adjust the school-age population figures in years in which no statewide census is taken, to reflect annual changes in the total population as estimated by CPS. Local school boards are now responsible for the compilation of data for the triennial census; local school funds support any special services retained in connection with the census. CPS collects a variety of population data, some of which are already used to adjust the apportionment of sales and use tax revenues.

The Department of Education recommended in its 1994 report, House Document 22 (HJR 611, 1993), that CPS develop “the most accurate estimates possible of local school-age population for the purpose of distributing revenue from the one-percent sales tax for education.”

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01/19/95  House: Presented & ordered printed LD7580324  pdf

01/19/95  House: Presented & ordered printed LD7580324
01/19/95  House: Referred to Committee on Education
01/27/95  House: Assigned to Education sub-committee: 1
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