HB 1420 Parental notification; abortion.
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Abortion; minors; notification. Creates procedure requiring 24 hours (72 hour by mail) notice to a parent, person standing in loco parentis or duly appointed guardian or custodian of an unemancipated minor or judicial order prior to performing an abortion upon the minor. Exceptions are provided for cases of suspected abuse and neglect and where medically necessary to avert death or serious risk of (i) substantial impairment of a major bodily function or (ii) substantial physical injury.

Full text:
01/11/95  House: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 10/28/94 LD4449324  pdf
02/05/95  House: Committee substitute printed LD5006324-H1  pdf
02/07/95  House: Printed as engrossed LD5006324-EH1  pdf

House amendments
House amendments rejected

01/11/95  House: Presented & ordered printed, prefiled 10/28/94 LD4449324
01/11/95  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
01/13/95  House: Assigned to C. J. sub-committee: 1
02/05/95  House: Reported from C. J. with substitute (13-Y 9-N)
02/05/95  House: Committee substitute printed LD5006324-H1
02/05/95  House: Read first time
02/06/95  House: Passed by for the day
02/07/95  House: Read second time
02/07/95  House: Committee substitute agreed to LD5006324-H1 (54-Y 44-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (54-Y 44-N)
02/07/95  House: Floor amendments agreed to (Cunningham)
02/07/95  House: Motion for pending question agreed to
02/07/95  House: Floor amendment agreed to (Rhodes) (58-Y 42-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (58-Y 42-N)
02/07/95  House: Motion for pending question agreed to
02/07/95  House: Floor amendment rejected (McDonnell) (37-Y 61-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: ADOPTION (37-Y 61-N)
02/07/95  House: Eng. by House - com. sub. w/amds. LD5006324-EH1
02/07/95  House: Printed as engrossed LD5006324-EH1
02/07/95  House: Constitutional reading dispensed
02/07/95  House: Passed House (79-Y 20-N)
02/07/95  House: VOTE: PASSAGE (79-Y 20-N)
02/07/95  House: Communicated to Senate
02/08/95  Senate: Read first time
02/08/95  Senate: Referred to Committee on Education and Health
02/23/95  Senate: Passed by indefinitely in Ed. & Health (9-Y 6-N)