HB 1337 Habitual Offender Act.
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Administrative Habitual Offender Act. Makes the habitual offender process administrative, under the Commissioner of DMV, rather than a judicial process. Local VASAP programs are to make recommendations, after passage of current waiting periods, as to whether habitual offenders are ready for license restoration.

Full text:
01/25/94  House: Presented and ordered printed  pdf

01/25/94  House: Presented and ordered printed
01/25/94  House: Referred to Committee on Transportation
02/01/94  House: Reported from R. & I. N. (21-Y 0-N)
02/01/94  House: Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
02/06/94  House: Continued to 1995 in Courts of Justice (22-Y 0-N)
12/08/94  House: Stricken from docket by C. J. (21-Y 0-N)