HB 1216 State agency pollution prevention plans.
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State agency pollution prevention plans. Requires each agency of the Commonwealth which uses or generates toxic chemicals listed under the federal SARA Title III and Superfund laws to prepare a plan to reduce or eliminate their use or generation. Agencies using or generating a minimal amount of such substances, as determined by criteria to be developed by the Department of Environmental Quality, are exempt from the planning requirements. The Department is required to establish criteria and procedures for the agency plans by January 1, 1996, and agencies will then have two years to prepare and file plans. Agencies will be required to file annual progress reports outlining their progress in achieving the goals outlined in their plans. Updated plans will be required to be submitted every five years. Plans will also be required as part of the existing impact reports required for major state projects. The Department will review the plans and annual reports, and noncomplying agencies will be given 90 days to remedy specified deficiencies. This bill is a recommendation of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Pollution Prevention (SJR 207, 1993).

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01/25/94  House: Presented and ordered printed  pdf

01/25/94  House: Presented and ordered printed
01/25/94  House: Referred to Committee on Conservation and Natural Resources
02/09/94  House: Continued to 1995 in Cons. & Nat. Res. (21-Y 0-N)
09/29/94  House: Stricken from docket by C. N. R. (20-Y 0-N)