SENATE OF VIRGINIA                                          MINUTE BOOK

                         Wednesday, January 11, 1995

Called to order at 12 m. by Lt. Governor, Donald S. Beyer, Jr.

Prayer offered by The Rev. Robert A. Edwards, Minister
  First United Methodist Church, Norfolk, Virginia.

ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS - Quorum Present.

  1st District: Sharri Dishaun Mapp
  2nd District: John Carter Sinclair
  3rd District: Devon A. Cone
  4th District: Amanda Paige Franks
  5th District: Nancy Amanda Redd
  6th District: Marianne Arlene Daughtrey
  7th District: Joseph-Marcel Rollins Kay
  8th District: Sarah May McQueen
  9th District: Julie Anne Montgomery
 10th District: James Branchford Echols
 11th District: Laura Elizabeth Jones

MESSAGE FROM HOUSE:  House is duly organized and ready to proceed.

  Gilbert Roscoe Swink, IV, Norfolk, Virginia
  Thomas Windle Webster, Martinsville, Virginia
  William Chapman Andrews, IV, Hampton, Virginia
  Thomas Marquardt Spahn, Richmond, Virginia
  Shaun Roderick Dance, Richmond, Virginia

  Jerena Nicole Bailey, Chesterfield, Virginia
  Matthew Aaron Bradley, Newport News, Virginia
  Victor Pierre Clark, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  Sarah Elizabeth Edwards, Norfolk, Virginia
  Lea Graff Gessaman, Manassas, Virginia
  Catherine Sanders Goode, Rocky Mount, Virginia
  Kevin Andrew Graham, Falmouth, Virginia
  Joshua Brandon Hawkins, Fairfax, Virginia
  Abigail Sarah Higgins, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  Marcia Elizabeth Houseman, Blackstone, Virginia
  Laura Ellen Teany, Christiansburg, Virginia
  Mary Duncan Wadsworth, Alexandria, Virginia
  David Edmond Weand, Calverton, Virginia
  Stephanie Alice Witt, Hampton, Virginia

RESOLUTIONS REPORTED From Rules: SR 23 rereferred to Finance. From Finance: SR 23. S.R. 23, Rules suspended, readings waived, taken up for immediate consideration (39-Y 0-N), agreed to (39-Y 0-N). MESSAGE FROM HOUSE: House agreed to HJR 407. H.J.R. 407 (Notifying the Governor of Organization) taken up and agreed to (voice vote). House informed. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE GOVERNOR AND THE JUDICIARY: Appointments (Readings waived 39-Y 0-N). BILLS AND RESOLUTION REPORTED From Commerce and Labor: SB 537, 553S; HB 220S, 1031S. From Courts of Justice: SB 288S, 360A, 364A; HB 446S, 945, 1301A. From Local Government: SB 97S; HB 1088. From Privileges and Elections: SJR 16A rereferred to Finance. From Rehabilitation and Social Services: HB 465S. Bills and Resolutions prefiled, ordered printed and referred under 30-19.3 of the Code of Virginia: See January 12 Senate Calendar. Bills and Resolutions presented, ordered printed and referred under Senate Rule 11(b) and 26(g): See January 12 Senate Calendar. MESSAGE FROM HOUSE: House agreed to HJR 399. H.J.R. 399, Rules suspended, committee discharged, readings waived, taken up for immediate consideration (39-Y 0-N), Trumbo floor amendment rejected (18-Y 22-N), resolution rejected (21-Y 18-N, 2/3 of those elected needed), reconsideration of failure to agree to rejected (16-Y 24-N). Senate recessed at 12:50 p.m. to reconvene at 1:05 p.m. Senate reconvened at 1:08 p.m. On motion of Senator Walker, the Senate adjourned at 1:18 p.m. to convene Thursday, January 12 at 12 m. Key: A = Amendment(s); S = Substitute; SA = Substitute with Amendment(s)

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