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Bill List: Vetoed by Governor
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  • HB 1359 Access to health care facilities.
  • HB 1590 Razing of buildings in town of Leesburg.
  • HB 1628 Consumer Protection Act; consumer telephone hotline.
  • HB 1672 Removal, repair or securing of buildings, walls and other structures.
  • HB 1747 Newspapers; unauthorized taking.
  • HB 1950 Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure.
  • HB 2067 Carpal tunnel syndrome and hearing loss; occupational diseases.
  • HB 2088 Dept. of Criminal Justice Services; waiver of compulsory training.
  • HB 2089 Rights of state employees on leave without pay-layoff.
  • HB 2164 Public defender offices.
  • HB 2175 Number of circuit and district court judges.
  • HB 2245 Pickup trucks; transportation of persons in open beds.
  • HB 2327 Implementation of National Voter Registration Act.
  • HB 2347 Sale or lease of surplus state property.
  • HB 2361 Voter registration; mail registration.
  • HB 2584 Correctional facility planning and site selection.
  • SB 759 Commission on Early Childhood and Child Day Care Programs.
  • SB 896 Grievance procedures; exempt positions.
  • SB 911 Implementation of National Voter Registration Act.
  • SB 1086 Economic Development Partnership.
  • SB 1122 Voluntary contribution of income tax refund.