HB 849 Virginia Lottery; digital vendors.
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Summary as introduced:
Virginia Lottery; digital vendors. Authorizes the State Lottery Department (the Department) to establish regulations and procedures providing for the sale of drawing game tickets over the Internet by digital vendors. The bill defines drawing game ticket and digital vendor and restricts digital vendors from charging fees or other charges in addition to the price of a drawing game ticket.

The bill provides that no digital vendor may sell a drawing game ticket without first registering with the Department. The bill establishes criteria for applying for registration and for granting or denying registrations, including requiring applicants to show that they have implemented internal controls that ensure that individuals under the age of 18 are unable to buy a drawing game ticket. The bill establishes additional registration requirements similar to those required for existing lottery retailers. Registration as a digital vendor is valid for one year and is renewable.

The bill establishes civil penalties for the violation of regulations governing digital vendors and requires digital vendors either to be bonded or to provide other surety. Digital vendors are required to contract with a testing laboratory for an annual audit of the effectiveness of their internal controls.

Full text:
01/09/18  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18101095D  pdf | impact statement

01/09/18  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18101095D
01/09/18  House: Referred to Committee on General Laws
02/13/18  House: Left in General Laws