HB 248 REAL Parenting Pilot Program; DSS to establish.
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Summary as introduced:
Department of Social Services; Responsible Employed Active Loving Parenting Pilot Program. Directs the Department of Social Services (the Department) to establish a two-year pilot program, to be referred to as the Responsible Employed Active Loving Parenting Pilot Program (REAL Parenting Pilot Program or the Program), beginning in 2018 for the purpose of providing noncustodial parents an opportunity to reduce amounts owed for accrued interest on child support arrears to the Commonwealth. The bill directs that a maximum of 50 individuals be selected to participate in the Program and limits participation to individuals who are (i) in arrears of at least $2,000 on child support payments and accrued interest, (ii) unemployed, and (iii) receiving public assistance. Individuals participating in the program are eligible for a 25 percent decrease in the amount of interest owed to the Commonwealth upon completing 40 hours of certain classroom instruction, an additional 25 percent reduction of accrued interest upon securing and maintaining employment for 90 days, and a reduction of accrued interest to the amount of $500 upon making child support payments in full for a period of 12 months. The bill requires the Department to report to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than December 1 of each year of the Program regarding participant outcomes and the effectiveness of the Program.

Full text:
01/02/18  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18103210D  pdf | impact statement

01/02/18  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/10/18 18103210D
01/02/18  House: Referred to Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions
01/17/18  House: Assigned HWI sub: Subcommittee #3
02/02/18  House: Subcommittee recommends passing by indefinitely (5-Y 0-N)
02/13/18  House: Left in Health, Welfare and Institutions