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Water and Sewer Systems
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  • HB 22 Water and sewer connections; mandatory in Powhatan County.
  • HB 885 Conventional or alternative onsite sewage systems; authority of the Board of Health.
  • HB 887 Onsite sewage systems; adjustment or replacement of sewer lines, etc., is considered maintenance.
  • HB 888 Onsite sewage systems & private wells; VDH to take steps to eliminate evaluation & design services.
  • HB 925 Industrial & high-risk programs; locality to adopt, etc., runoff programs.
  • HB 1217 Waterworks; yield testing of system, monitoring of existing active wells.
  • HB 1374 Sewerage systems; state adoption of federal criteria, ammonia.
  • SB 340 Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund; publicly owned treatment works, nutrient reduction.
  • SB 344 Sewerage systems; state adoption of federal criteria.
  • SB 765 Coal ash ponds; mandatory testing of drinking water wells in Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • SB 782 Richmond, City of; State Water Control Board to report on discharges.