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Police, State
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  • HB 32 Hate crimes; reporting to State Police.
  • HB 43 Firearms; reporting when lost or stolen.
  • HB 260 Virginia Critically Missing Adult Alert Program; created.
  • HB 266 Hate crimes; gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, penalty.
  • HB 381 Virginia State Police Electronic Summons System Fund; created.
  • HB 498 Concealed handgun permits, out-of-state; reciprocity.
  • HB 603 Concealed handgun permits, nonresident; fee.
  • HB 648 Transfer of multiple firearms; report to the Department of State Police.
  • HB 681 Nonresident concealed handgun permits; time of issuance.
  • HB 717 Firearms; criminal history record information check on transferee, penalties.
  • HB 721 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
  • HB 881 Background checks; Department of State Police to recommend options to expedite process.
  • HB 938 Cold case searchable database; Superintendent of State Police may establish and maintain.
  • HB 1143 Handguns; transfer permit required, penalties.
  • HB 1394 Firearms show; list of vendors or exhibitors submitted to State Police.
  • HB 1572 Crash reports; disclosure to emergency medical services agencies.
  • SB 5 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
  • SB 32 Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established.
  • SB 45 Hate crimes; disability, civil action, penalty.
  • SB 432 Firearms, transfer of; criminal history record information check, penalties.
  • SB 502 Virginia Public Procurement Act; State Police, exemption for purchase of aviation equipment.
  • SB 508 Unmanned aircraft systems; use by Department of State Police and Department of Transportation.
  • SB 509 Handheld photo speed monitoring devices; State Police may operate a device in or around work zones.
  • SB 517 False and fraudulent insurance claims; civil penalties and damages.
  • SB 903 Electronic toll collection device; contributions to Virginia State Police Association General Fund.