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Fisheries and Habitat of the Tidal Waters
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  • HB 56 Crab scraping; possession of hard crabs, characteristics of scrape.
  • HB 264 Oyster-planting ground; transfer or assignment of lease to locality.
  • HB 487 Oyster planting-ground lease; transfer or assignment to localities.
  • HB 577 Crab scraping; possession of hard crabs.
  • HB 584 Oyster-planting ground; Lynnhaven River and its tributaries.
  • HB 822 Menhaden; adjusts annual total allowable landings.
  • HB 853 Saltwater recreational fishing license; member of an American Indian tribe exempt.
  • HB 1488 Marine Resources Commission; oyster dredge, sanctuary area.
  • HB 1610 Menhaden; total landings.
  • SB 214 Purse net fishing; prohibited, civil penalty.
  • SB 552 Crab pots and peeler pots; marine-biodegradable escape panels, penalty.