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  • HB 222 Income tax, corporate and state; modification for certain companies, grants.
  • HB 365 Income tax, state and corporate; subtraction for Virginia real estate investment trust income.
  • HB 367 Investment advisors; registration fee review, report.
  • HB 471 Small businesses, new; state and local tax and regulatory exemptions.
  • HB 1039 Nonstock corporations; instructed proxies.
  • HB 1121 Property owners' association; subject to provisions of Va. Nonstock Corporation Act, etc.
  • HB 1205 Nonstock corporations; members' meetings.
  • HB 1268 Health benefits; employees of members of an association.
  • HB 1454 Civil immunity; programs for probationers, nonprofit corporation officials, worksite supervisors.
  • HB 1559 Action without a meeting; articles of incorporation of a public corporation.
  • HB 1573 Income tax, corporate; SCC to adjust base rates of electric utilities for changes in rates.
  • SB 71 Service of process; domestic limited liability company.
  • SB 169 Public schools; robotics team competition program.
  • SB 387 Corporations; annual reports.
  • SB 883 Income tax, corporate & state; modification for certain companies, grants.